Kettlebell Workout for Men

According to Jason C. Brown, creator of, the reason why Kettlebells training is becoming so popular because, “It’s user friendly and doesn’t require as much wrist, shoulder, or upper back flexibility as barbells and dumbbells do. You speed your metabolism and burn more calories by adding more total muscle.”

Kettlebell training is hard, but it works. For complete beginners, it’s important to start with the basics. Try and get a spotter or perform the movements in front of a mirror so you can spot yourself.

It’s also a good idea to tape yourself. This way you can review the tape and see what you need to work on. There are also some great programs out there you can grab to help you learn basic Kettlebell moves.

But for the most part, all Kettlebell movements require you to do one thing: to keep your back straight. Everyone that I coach, I tell them to squeeze their shoulder blades. This prevents you from loosing your balance while performing any Kettlebell movement.

Brown also suggests that you, “Keep your weight on your heels during almost all Kettlebell exercises.” This will help recruit your glutes and hamstrings. For sports, this means more strength, power, and muscle mass.

Here’s  great lower body workout for men to use to help them burn fat and build muscle:

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3 circuits of:

  • Two Hand Kettlebell Swings, 30 seconds
  • Kettlebell One arm Snatch, 30 seconds each hand
  • Two Kettlebell Front Squat, 30 seconds
  • Rest 60 seconds

This workout only takes 9 minutes to perform, but will be one of the toughest lower body workouts you’ve done. As you can see, Kettlebells allow you to design, short, quick workouts. These short, quick workouts allow you to schedule your program around a busy schedule.

Here are a few tips to help prevent injury while performing Kettlebell workouts:

  • Keep your wrist straight. Most newbies bend their wrist back when lifting Kettlebell. Bending your wrist will cause injury.
  • When performing cleans and snatches, don’t let the bell fall over and hit your wrist. Learn “punching through” and “catching’ the Kettlebell before it hits your wrist.

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