3 Methods to Make Your Bodyweight Training More Intense

Is your Bodyweight Training becoming a little STALE? The following are some high intensity methods that are guaranteed to “spice up” your workouts:

Method #1: Ascending PHA Reps

Ascending Reps are where the repetitions gradually increase after each set. PHA is where you alternate between an upper body and lower body exercise. Ascending PHA Reps are where you alternate between an upper body and lower body exercise, but after each set, the repetitions increase slightly.

Method #2: Intervals with the Dice Method

Interval training is where you alternate between periods of high intensity exercise and periods of low intensity exercise. The Dice Method is where you use dice todetermine your sets, reps, and exercise selection for a workout.

The Interval Dice Method is where you choose your intervals, number of exercises, and rest intervals with the dice method. For example, lets you roll a die three times and come up with 3-6-2. This means than you intervals will last 30 seconds (3×10). You will perform 6 exercises, and rest 20 seconds (2×10) between each exercise.

You can assign your own rules to the dice method of training. All this method does is give you a simple, randomized approach to fitness.

Method #3: Interval Up and Down or Random Pyramids

There’s two ways to perform this: with a partner, or with an interval timer.

If you are training with a partner, ask them to keep their eye on a stop watch as you perform the workout. With the up and down scheme, you start off with a 10 second interval, and gradually move up to 60 seconds. Then, go back down to 10 seconds.

With random intervals, you have your friend determine how long you will stay within an interval. But the intervals must be between 20 and 60 seconds.

If you do not have a training partner, you can use an interval time. I have not come across any sophisticated interval timer that allows you to perform an up and down interval scheme. However, if you go to speedbagforum.com/timer, you’ll find a feature that allows you to perform randomized intervals.

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