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How to Get Bigger Muscles Without Weights

This is the ultimate question…no? Well, building lean muscle mass should also be complemented with burning fat. Jeff Cavaliere, author of the Athlean-X program shows you a great bodyweight-only workout that will help you build lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same time.

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MMA Workout Routine using Kettlebells

Eric Wong is one of the best MMA coaches out there. He is also the author of Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning. In this video, he shares with your 7 important Kettlebell movements you can use to create an intense MMA Workout Routine. Click here

Advanced Upper Body Workout

As an individual gets stronger, he or she requires tougher workouts to improve their strength, physique, and endurance. I constantly research new exercises and training methods to help me create challenging workouts. The following is a sample advanced upper body workout using some really unique

Abs 300 Workout for Your Clients

by Craig Ballantyne The other night I finished up filming on my TT for Abs DVD’s, and one of the programs we did was the “TT Abs 300? workouts. There were several versions, but I wanted to share the Beginner version with you, because it

5 Best Fitness Bootcamp Workout Methods

The key to a great fitness boot camp workout is to “bring the energy”. Your clients are there for a fun workout and to escape the stress of the real world. They don’t care about equipment – they only care about results and having a