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Iron Man 2 Workout: Get Jacked like Tony Stark

I’m sure you’re probably seen Iron Man 2 already (or are about to see it soon). Robert Downey Jr. really stepped it up this time to develop a lean and athletic physique. Jeff Cavalierre puts you through an Iron Man 2 inspired routine: Click here

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More Abs Workouts from Arnel

Here’s yet another great abdominal workout you can do at home: Arnel just came out with a great free report which shows you 5 ways to make your workouts more intense and effective. Grab your free report at

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Abs Workouts for Men: 300 Workout

Everyone has their own version of the 300 workout. Well Arnel’s got a version that you can do at home with minimal equipment: Arnel also has a free report he wants to share with everyone. It shows you 5 ways to make your workouts more

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Killer Core Circuit without a Single Situp

I hate situps. I love ab workouts that don’t require any situps. Here’s one of Arnel’s ab workouts: Make sure you grab his free report which shows you 5 ways to make your workouts more effective and intense. You can grab it at

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Arnel Ricafranca Shows you the Best Abs Exercises for Men

Here’s a 30 minute circuit you can use to help you drop fat and reveal your six pack abs: Arnel’s got a great free manual that shows you five ways to make your workouts more effective and intense. Get your free manual at

Best Kettlebell Workout for Fat Loss

Sorry to break it to you, but there is no “BEST” Kettlebell workout for fat loss. However, there is a “BETTER” Kettlebell workout for fat loss. Your Kettlebell training should gradually progress to become more challenging and more intense. So how do you make a

Kettlebell Workout Routines for Women

Women love Kettlebell’s because they do a great job of targeting trouble spots important to women: hips, thighs, and butt. Almost every single Kettlebell movement adequately targets these muscle groups. But women need to be careful not to overwork these muscle groups. I don’t believe

Kettlebell Workout Routines for Fat Loss

Now this is what people are REALLY after! Fat loss. The question is….can Kettlebells ACTUALLY help you burn fat? The answer is simple – YES! Now, lets cut through all the hoopla that more Kettlebell trainer talk about and realize why Kettlebell are so effective