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What Does it Mean to Conquer?

From the moment we are born, we are given two choices: to either be defined by others, or define ourselves. Many, if not most, choose to be defined by others – parents, religion, peers, society – and conform themselves to what is considered normal. This


Review – The Beta Switch Manual

Stubborn fat and cellulite plague many women – even those who exercise regularly and follow a strict diet. Many write off these problems as genetic and never manage to eliminate fat from their thighs and other problem areas or ditch those dreaded dimples. If this

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The 9 Fat Loss Tips You’ll Ever Need

I’ll be honest. I’ve tried some crazy diets and workouts in my day. All of them worked, but not for very long. You see, when you chase the “quick” solution, you’ll get results fast, but those results won’t last because they are not sustainable. Instead

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The Shah Training Bodyweight 500 Workout

High rep bodyweight workouts like the Shah Training Bodyweight 500 might not be the best way to build bodybuilder-sized muscle or pure powerlifting-type strength but when it comes to convenience, endurance, fat burning and general fitness, this workout is hard to beat. Add a timed

burpees mass

Burpees Mass: Is it Possible?

Burpees are one of the cornerstones of bodyweight training. Taking little space and no equipment, they can be performed just about anywhere and can be modified so that they provide an appropriate challenge for beginner, intermediates and advanced exercisers alike. There is no doubting their

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How to Safely Navigate the Grocery Store

Whether you are trying to get leaner, build muscle or simply be healthier, the food you eat is paramount to your success. Unless your own private chef makes all your meals, you most likely will have to brave the aisles of your local supermarket from