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The Secret Formula to Living a Good Life

Take a moment to reflect on the following quotes:  “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet, death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And


What Does it Mean to be Strong?

I love being angry. I love how it makes me feel. It’s almost like a drug running through my veins. I have no idea what happens to me when I’m angry. I feel like a roaring lion. A workout is best when I’m angry. I


More On Protein for Fat Loss

I recently wrote an article called The NINE Fat Loss Tips You’ll Ever Need and, to be honest, I was AMAZED with the response I got from readers wanting to know more – especially about tip number one; eat protein first thing in the morning.

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What Does it Mean to Conquer?

From the moment we are born, we are given two choices: to either be defined by others, or define ourselves. Many, if not most, choose to be defined by others – parents, religion, peers, society – and conform themselves to what is considered normal. This


Review – The Beta Switch Manual

Stubborn fat and cellulite plague many women – even those who exercise regularly and follow a strict diet. Many write off these problems as genetic and never manage to eliminate fat from their thighs and other problem areas or ditch those dreaded dimples. If this

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The 9 Fat Loss Tips You’ll Ever Need

I’ll be honest. I’ve tried some crazy diets and workouts in my day. All of them worked, but not for very long. You see, when you chase the “quick” solution, you’ll get results fast, but those results won’t last because they are not sustainable. Instead