Time Interval Training

Time interval training is a great method of intensifying your workouts. A basic time interval workout would consist of one minute of work followed by one minute of rest. However, I personally feel that when I time my work sets I always end up looking at the clock, and I’m not motivated to try to

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Hints For Simple Fat Loss

Before we get into today’s blog post, I want to refer you to this free fat loss presentation. Make sure you check it out soon, because there’s not telling how much longer it’ll be up: Fat Loss Factor presentation.  Fat loss shouldn’t be as hard as many people try to make it. People who are

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Stop Rationalizing and Lift!

I trained a few guys over the summer. Not one of them came back after the workout I gave them. They made great promises, but still they never came back. Many people realize that they need to change certain aspects of their life, but when they realize just how difficult it is, they rationalize their

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