TacFit Commando

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The great thing about Tacfic Commando is that there are different levels in the program. Choose the program that is challenging for you.

On top of that, Scott Sonnon breaks down each movement to explicit detail. They even have a deluxe version that you can download into your iPod so that you have the full exercise library anywhere you go!

Additional Benefits of Tacfit Commando:

  • The program is bodyweight only. Many people have complained that it’s difficult to train your back with just bodyweight movements. However, they have solved that problem by introducing the TacFit ROPE, allowing you to enhance your training with just one piece of equipment.
  • The program focuses on functional fitness. It’s about moving better, moving faster, and improving your overall health and fitness. So if you want to get leaner, but also want to become more athletic, then Tacfic Commando is the one for you!

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