TACFIT King of Clubs

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• Gladiatorially muscled pulling power, with the wide, triangular back renown among world class grapplers, arms, shoulders and traps resembling the trees that they encourage you to climb, an iron core repellent of the dangerous attacks, and legs that root like boulders to the Earth resisting the Clubbell’s intent to yank you from your firm stance.

• Complete sphere of functional balance, by utilizing Coach Sonnon’s application of advanced aeronautics into the biomechanics of Clubbell swinging. No weakness will hide from the Clubbell, and it will “heal the holes” in your strength. You cannot imagine yet what it will feel like to have not merely range of motion restored, but POWERFUL RANGE of motion use! This describes the difference between people being stuck on remedial corrective exercise because they were never given the ability to move into the generative progressions of strength development.

• Specifically, scientifically selected sequences of building the systemic rather than segmental strength. (Now that’s alliteration, Coach would be proud of!) You see, Scott’s trademarked “slow learner’s fast track” allows you to exercise the entire body all the time, but these 7 key components must be practiced in the precise way that he describes for you to receive 100% of the health benefits, strength development, and mass gain in this program.

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