Quick Barbell Superset for Fat Loss and Muscle Building

Supersets are extremely useful for losing fat and gaining muscle. There’s a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it.

The right way to do it is to combine a barbell movement with either a dumbbell or bodyweight exercise.

The wrong way to do it is to take two barbell movements and perform them back to back. Now, if you’re doing something like barbell bicep curls and barbell tricep extensions, thats OK.

However, if you’re performing a set of bench press and then a set of barbell squats, then you’re going to have a HARD time recovering from that superset.

Be safe. Don’t hurt yourself.

I want to go over some of the BEST barbell superset combinations per bodypart. These supersets can be found Coach Lomax’s Athletic Body Workout. So, in essence, I’m giving you a sneak peak (ssshhh… don’t tell him)

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Best Dumbbell and Barbell Superset for Shoulders


  • Dumbbell Military Press 3×8, 60 seconds rest, then perform 2nd exercise:
  • Barbell Hang Clean 3×8, 60 seconds rest, then perform 1st exercise

In this superset, you’re performing an overhead pressing movement, followed by an explosive movement. The military press hits primarily the front shoulders, while the hang clean is an all-around shoulder developer.

Best Dumbbell and Barbell Superset for Arms

For five minutes:

  • Dumbbell Alternating Curls x 5 repetitions
  • Barbell Skull Crushers x 5 repetitions

You’ve probably seen these two movements paired together often for arms. What’s unique about this superset is the fact that you are alternating between the two movements for 5 minutes straight. At the end of those 5 minutes of straight arm-pumping, your arms are going to be SCREAMING. This is how you accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

Best Dumbbell and Barbell Superset for Upper Body


  • Barbell Bench Press 3×8, 60 seconds rest, then perform 2nd exercise:
  • Dumbbell One-arm Bent Over Row 3×8, 60 seconds rest, then perform 1st exercise

You’ve probably seen these two movements paired together often as well. This is simply a tried and tested pairing that seems to ALWAYS work to build up your upper body. Make sure it’s part of your routine!

Best Dumbbell and Barbell Superset for Total Body


  • Barbell Front Squat 8×3, 30-45 seconds rest, then perform 2nd exercise:
  • Dumbbell One-arm Floor Press 8×3, 30-45 seconds rest, then perform 1st exercise

Here we have a unique total body pairing from the Fat Loss Workout in the Athletic Body Workout Package. As you can see, the rep-set scheme allows you to use moderate to heavy weights to help you maintain your muscle mass while burning fat.

Have a great workout session today!

Stay strong,

Parth Shah


Parth Shah is the creator of ShahTraining.com which teaches people how to use mental mind tricks to conquer the world and become healthier and awesome in the process. Check out his Book Bodyweight Toughness Thanks, and enjoy the site!

Ben -

Okay… this is going to sound really wacky… but it works for me. I’m interested in “getting more work done.” I’m interested in “moving more weight.”

When I’m doing an upper-body workout, I like to do hack-squats or squats (with pretty light weight) in between my upper-body work sets. This is kind of an “active rest” thing for me… It keeps my heart rate up and generally keeps me energized.

Alternatively, I work in pulldowns between lower-body sets.

With that said… Yeah! Supersets! Trisets! Do it! Feel the love!!!

Chirag -

Ben, ur active rests may actually be hindering you from “moving more weight”… since ur not technically resting…ur using up ur ATP while perferming ur active rest sets…so in otherwords…yes ur keeping ur heart rate up but at the same time ur using up ur energy in ur rest sets, while u could be using that energy in lifting heavier wieghts…Even though ur doing ur lower body…it doesnt really matter…ur still pullin from the same energy pool in ur body…and ur hindering urself from performing optimally on ur main sets..

Ben -

That’s a good point!

Parth -

In terms of ATP, you can actually train your body to create more. Maybe I’ll do a post on this after some more research.

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