Review of Ahmad Hakimi’s Ultimate Blast 5 Muscle Science System – Pros & Cons

We generally set a limit on just how much we can build. When our gains start coming, we start to settle with the results we get…or start complaining about our lack of progress.

If this is your attitude, them Ahmed Hakimi’s Blast 5 is not for you.

Only explore this system if you’re ready to work hard and push through when the going get’s tough…

Ultimate Blast 5 Muscle Science System Workouts

The Blast 5 workouts essentially combine the of a powerlifter and the aesthetics of a powerlifter into one cohesive, multi-step system designed to turn you into a brick house with incredible strength.

This is an ingenious of creating a muscle plan, very similar to old-time strongmen and bodybuilders who competed both in and powerlifting.

You see very few trainees with levels of strength which match their size.

Recreating Old-School Workout Programs

Training both as a powerlifter and bodybuilder was very common during the classic era of bodybuilding.

In fact, both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu competed in powerlifting and strongman events along with excelling as bodybuilders. The strength that they built in powerlifting allowed them to lift harder when training for events.


Pros of Ultimate Blast 5 System:

#1 – Build the strength of a powerlifter.

#2 – Balanced approach towards building both size and muscle.

#3 – Focuses on the big three: Squat, , and Deadlift.

#4 – Very easy to follow system

Cons of Ultimate Blast 5 Muscle System:

The biggest con is that it requires a completely different mindset change. Most people focus only on strength, or only on muscle. Here we focus on both at the same time.

If you want to instead focus only on , then try the following workout plans:

Who should purchase Ultimate Blast 5?

If any one of the following describes you, then you should absolutely definitely order The Blast 5 system now:

  • You are a relative beginner looking for a complete muscle building plan.
  • You feel that your current workout is lacking, and you need something that builds both muscle and strength
  • You want to boost your muscle building hormones.
  • You’re looking to and finally achieve your ideal physique.
  • You’re ready to push the limits of your body to build a physique that both looks good and performs good.



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