Here is a Method that is Helping People Finally Reveal Their Six Pack Abs without Situps or Crunches!

For years, Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training (the MOST popular in-home fitness program in the world) has been warning People about Excessive Cardio and Too many Situps.

Now he brings his BEST abdominal workouts to You in DVD format!

Don’t believe you can reveal your six pack abs without cardio or situps? I didn’t either. That was until I came across this full, all-out 19 DVD Set showing you EXACTLY how to do it!

After grabbing this DVD set, you’ll NEVER look at abdominal training the same again.

The “TT Abs” Workouts

Craig Ballantyn’s Abdominal workouts are extremely unique, as he actually focuses on both direct and indirect abdominal work. Most people perform only direct abdominal work, which is where you perform lots of crunches, and situp variations.

  • However, indirect abdominal work is actually more important the direct abdominal work. Indirect abdominal work stresses your abs without actually performing a crunch or situp. The idea is to choose movements that engage your abdominals.
  • Craig realizes that movements such as pushups and pullups do work your abdominals harder than crunches or situps. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, do a set of pushps or pullups and feel how much your abdominals are engaged.
  • Even with the direct abdominal workouts, he avoids using crunches or situps. Instead, he performs unique and extremely difficult movements such as stability ball jacknives and planks.
  • And finally, instead of steady state cardio, Craig makes you perform super high intensity interval training. Combine all this direct ab work, indirect ab work, interval training with solid nutrition, and you’ve got a recipe for six pack abs!

Complete TT for Abs Package

This is an enormous package that Craig has put together. Here’s what you get:

  • The TT for Abs Workouts (12 individual workouts @ $39.95 each) – Total Value: $599.25
  • The TT Total Torso Training DVD (3 individuals workouts @ $39.95 each) – Total Value: $119.85
  • TT Express DVD Workout (6 individual workouts @ $29.95 each) – Total Value: $179.70
  • The TT Simple Nutrition DVD – $39.95 Value

Total Value of the TT for Abs Home Personal Training DVD Set = $938.75

I now you are going to love this DVD set and benefit from it tremendously. His workouts have already helped hundreds of thousands of world over get into incredible shape in the comfort of their own home.

Want to achieve your goals in 2010? Then get Craig Ballantyne’s DVD set and put the information to work today  and do not stop until December 31.

Craig Ballantyne won’t charge you $938.75 for this set. Instead, he’s willing to offer it to you for just $299.95! Thats a 68% discount!

You’re Too Late!! => Unfortunately, the TT for Abs DVDs are no longer on sale. However, you can still grab all the workouts in eBook format for much cheaper! Click Here to Grab Turbulence Training for Abs Program Today!

Why Craig Ballantyne is the Guy You need to Trust:

I’ve bought guides before where they show you how to perform hundreds of abdominal movements. I diligently followed these workouts, and all I got was a sore lower back and not definition at all!

  • However, Craig Ballantyne actually shows you the best of the best. He has included all of his best abdominal exercises, workouts, and training tips into his DVD set.
  • The benefit of a DVD set is that it’s like having Craig right there with you, coaching you along in the comfort of your own home.
  • He will also show you how to make a movement easier or difficult. For example, if in a particular workout one of the exercises starts to become too easy for you, you can easily substitute that movement for a difficult variation.

You’re Too Late!! => Unfortunately, the TT for Abs DVDs are no longer on sale. However, you can still grab all the workouts in eBook format for much cheaper! Click Here to Grab Turbulence Training for Abs Program Today!

Advanced Abdominal Training

There are enough workouts in this package, including exercise variations and training techniques to challenge even the most advanced trainee. If you’ve been training using Craig’s workouts in the past, then you probably feel like you’ve been challenged by all of his best workouts.

Well, Craig routinely comes out with better and better workouts. This is best shown by the fact that he comes out with 1-2 brand new workouts each month. He simply takes what he’s learned in the past and applies it to design new training programs.

He’s constantly educating himself to give you the best.

  • All in all, I feel that the TT for Abs DVD Set is a comprehensive, sound program. Craig Ballantyne, once again, over delivers.
  • No one in their right minds would charge just $299.95 for over 21 workouts!
  • That’s ridiculous. You’re only paying $14.28 per month for Craig’s abdominal workouts.
  • My suggestion is to grab a copy of Craig Ballantyne’s abdominal workouts before he regains his sanity and decides to charge a higher price for his program.

If you want to make sure that you are maximizing the results of abdominal training or get on the right track from day one, then Craig Ballantyne’s TT for Abs DVD set is for you. This DVD set is for all levels. The manual is on sale right now for only $299.95! (Regular Price: $938.75).

Unfortunately, the TT for Abs DVDs are no longer on sale. However, you can still grab all the workouts in eBook format for much cheaper! Click Here to Grab Turbulence Training for Abs Program Today!

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