Best Workout for a Six Pack

It’s time to forget about all the nonsense you’ve been reading about getting a six pack. Getting a six pack isn’t about doing tons and tons of crunches. It’s about using your abs the way they were meant to be used: as a source of stabilization for the rest of the body.

Do a set of pullups. Now think about what’s REALLY working. I don’t know about you, but when I do pullups, and contract my abs. I feel not only tension on my back and arms, but also on my abs. In fact, I once did a workout where I strived to do 100 pullups.

When I woke up the next morning, my chest and abs were sore along with my back and arms. Now what does that tell you? Tells you that compound movements are amazing. You can literally train your entire upper body with just one exercise!

So if your goal is to get a nice six pack, then the first thing I want you to do is to get rid of all your ab exercises. You’re wasting your time. I’d rather you spend 20 minutes on a treadmill than spend 20 minutes crunching your body up and down.

But the real key to developing a leaner physique is to train your body like an athlete. Perform movements that stress the core region indirectly. Things like one one arm overhead squats, and planks will do more for your abs thansitups.

Gradually take your isolation workouts and convert them into full body workouts. So, instead of training your chest and abs one day, your legs the other day, and back another day, train your entire body in one day.

Most people think it’s impossible to train your entire body in one session. Their argument is: if it takes me 2 hours to train my chest, then how long will it take me train my entire body? Well, first of all…2 hours? What the hell are you doing for 2 hours?

Even when I have a workout where I’m performing hundreds of pushups and pullups, my workouts don’t last more than 30 minutes. The problem with most individuals is they don’t push themselves and rest too much.

Instead, focus on condensing your workouts, and training as hard as possible within each training session. So, a great, short full body workout that stresses your abdominals would be to perform one arm dumbbell chest press, pullups, and one-arm overhead dumbbell squats.

You see how we only did three exercises there? That’s all you really need. Sometimes I’ll do as many as 10 exercises in a routine, but that’s only because I’m doing variations of pushups, pullups, and other movements.

The concept is all the same though. Let me summarize the main points here:

  • Stick to compound exercises that place indirect stress on your abs
  • Keep your body moving, resting very little between each set
  • Get rid of all abdominal movements

One of the best movements for losing fat is called circuit training. Circuit Training is all about moving fast between a variety of exercises, and very rarely does an individual spend 30 seconds on a movement. You can choose anywhere from 2 to 10 exercises within a workout.

There are hundreds of other techniques and exercises you can use to drop fat and reveal a nice six pack. One of the best guides to dropping fat without using lots of isolation movements is aneBook titled “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” by Mike Geary.

Mike expands on everything that I’ve mentioned in this article. He even tells you exactly how to eat to get leaner and stronger. Trust me, everything you’ve been taught about getting a six pack is a complete lie. Click here to learn more about Mike’s eBook.


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