Intense Home Cardio Workout: Sledgehammer Swings

Cardio is one of those things that you love to hate. I can tell you that sprinting is superior for fat loss then performing Zumba, but if you dislike sprinting, then you’ll quite on your first day at the track. In other words, I would much rather have someone ENJOY their workouts, at least in the beginning, rather then despise their workouts and have yet another excuse to quite.

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Here are a few cardio options I’ve written about before which may be of interest to you:

Now lets go over an option I’ve mentioned, but have not gone deep into:

Sledgehammer Swings

Grab a sledgehammer from a hardware store, and grab a tire from your mechanic. Set the timer for 1 minute, and smash that tire as hard as you can.

Sledgehammer training is a great option for guys (and gals) who want to let out some angst. You’ll see your forearm veins popping after a few rounds.

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There are two simple methods you can use to swing that sledgehammer:

Diagonal Swing

Stand about 1-2 feet away from the tire in a staggered stance – one foot in front of the other. If you’re swinging from your right side, your left foot should be closer to the tire. Grab the handle of the sledgehammer with both hands – your left hand towards the bottom, and your right hand closer to the head.

From this position, raise the sledgehammer over your right shoulder, then quickly reverse the movement, slamming it down onto the tire. As you slam it down, your right hand should naturally move down towards your left hand. Switch feet and hand positions and repeat on the other side.

Overhead Swings

Start off with standing about a foot away from the tire, facing it. Grab the sledgehammer with two hands towards the bottom of the handle. You can start off with right hand on top of the left, or left hand on top of the right. Be sure to switch hand positions, perhaps after every round. Center yourself. Now, from this position, focus on a point on the tire, and bring arms down so that the hammer makes direct contact the tire.

The Sledgehammer Workout

A sledgehammer workout does not have to be to complex. Simply select one of the two methods from this article, then grab a timer. Set the timer for intervals of 1 minute followed by 30 seconds of rest, and perform 10 rounds.

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