Suspension Work Out

I’ve been publishing since 2008. They’ve helped thousands of people (about 27,000 hits per month, to be exact), get into amazing shape. However, at some point, you need to take it to the next level.

Suspension allows you to make your harder WITHOUT adding any additional weight. You can take any bodyweight movement and turn it into a suspension to make it harder.

Some , such as the 1-leg Squat, can actually be made easier using a device. Pushups, on the other hand, will be super hard using a suspension .

Most suspension trainers are quite expensive, such as a TRX system. If you have one , GREAT! But, you can easily create one at for just $5-$10.

I’ll give you link showing you how to use a rope to do Supesnion training. But before that, here is your suspension work out:

Now, as promised, here’s the link to show you how to build a suspension training device at home PLUS some unique movements you don’t see with other suspension methods: