TacFit Rope Workout Wrap-Up

When the dust settles and all the TacFit Rope secrets have been revealed, you realize that TacFit Rope truly is a remarkable system of training. Not only are you saving lots of money on your own home suspension system, but you’re being given a series of progressive bodyweight movements that pales in comparison to what is currently being taught out there in the market.

TacFit Rope was designed with the soldier in mind. A soldier must be able to train anywhere and at anytime using the equipment he has available to him. Being in the military, a soldier may not always have access to a gym, but he will always have access to a piece of sturdy rope. Rope is used for a lot of different tasks.

It’s an important piece of survival equipment. But who thought you could get a complete workout using only a piece of rope? Scott Sonnon, creator of the TacFit Rope system, has decided to bring this system to our living rooms. It’s time to stop making excuses for lack of equipment. If you have $5, then you have a complete training system at your fingertips!

Lets take a look at the introductory video for TacFit Rope: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1JGGi8p2mY&feature=player_embedded

That was an intense presentation! And the workouts are even more intense! I’m sure you could clearly see the benefits of TacFit Rope. However, lets review a few KEY points that TacFit Rope helps you out with:

TacFit Rope is Portable

Bodyweight training is supposed to be portable. However. you can’t exactly carry around a pullup bar with you. If you’re on vacation, then you may or may not have access to a pullup bar, much less a gym. TacFit Rope is your no-cost gym in a bag. Take it anywhere with you. You don’t even have to take anything. Just find a piece of sturdy rope, and you’re good to go!

TacFit Rope is Fun

The exercises you learn with TacFit Rope are fun and exciting! You will never see movements like these done anywhere! The best part of TacFit Rope is that the movement are organized into 3-4 levels. So, you start off with the easiest level (which in itself is hard), and you can add sophistication to the movements to make your workouts harder!

TacFit Rope is Challenging

As I mentioned, with TacFit Rope, you will have a great arsenal of movements that become more and more challenging as you modify them. However, don’t forget that just the fact that you are using a suspension training system is going to make your workouts challenging. For example, there’s a big difference between doing pushups off the floor and doing pushups on a suspension training device.

TacFit Rope Builds Muscle

Bodyweight movements help you build muscle because you are performing compound movements. Compound movements recruit a lot of muscle mass, helping you build solid muscle mass. Now, add in a suspension training device, and you’re recruiting a whole lot more muscle mass, which means you’ll be gaining a lot of lean muscle as well!

TacFit Rope is Fast and Intense

All the workouts in TacFit Rope are based on 8 cycles of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off per exercise. This is known as the Tabata Protocol, a system of interval training that has been proven to burn fat, and enhance your athletic conditioning, speed and power! But, most of all the workouts are super fast, so you’re not spending hours per day working out.

TacFit Rope Gets you Flexible

It’s not going to be like Yoga type flexibility, but it will keep your muscles nice and lean. With suspension training, you get a nice stretch at certain spots of the movement, so you stretch while you build strength and muscle. Most people, especially me, forget to stretch before and after exercise, so we get tight. With TacFit Rope you don’t have to worry about losing your flexibility!

TacFit Rope Get you Strong

I’m a guy who can do 30-40 pushups EASILY. However, doing pushups on a suspension training system is HARD. My first time I was only able to manage 5 pushups. So now building up to doing 30 pushups with a suspension system is going to be hard, but it’s going to make me stronger and bigger!

Make your OWN Suspension Trainer!

Now, I’m sure you’re excited about TacFit Rope and suspension training. However, you’re wondering…how do you make a suspension trainer with a piece of rope?

Well, here is Scott Sonnon to show you how to create your own Suspension Trainer:

That is quite an ingenious way to use the rope! I know you’re dying to try a sample workout. So lets go over one. In the following workout, you will do each movement for 8 rounds. Each round will consist of a 20 second work interval, followed by a 10 second rest interval.

  • Double Row
  • Squat Fly
  • Press Up
  • Single Row
  • Dip-Feet
  • Knee-In Push Up

You start the workout with the Double Row. Grab two ends of the rope, plant your feet on the ground, and tilt back until your body is parallel to the floor, but not touching the ground.

Now pull your body up towards the ceiling as far as it will go. Squeeze your lats to feel your back muscles working. Next we have the Squat Fly. Grab either end of the rope, and stand on your two feet. Lean back and squat down. From the squat position, use your back muscles to pull your self back up to starting position, but keep your arms straight.

You are making a “fly” motion with your arms. A press up is basically a pushup. Grab the rope handles on either end, get into a pushup position, and do a pushup. Get ready to see your entire body shake as you perform the movement. Most likely you will only be able to perform 3-5 repetitions on your first go.

For detailed video descriptions PLUS a follow along video describing the workout, I recommend grabbing the TacFit Rope program. Click here to get started today!

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