3 more Burpees Workout Routines for the Holidays

Yesterday I presented you guys with 3 burpees workouts to keep you in shape for the holidays. Well, I’ve got three more burpees workouts which are even tougher and more fun to do.

However, with these workouts you will need one more extra piece of equipment: a pullup bar.

Burpees Workout #1: Alternating Sets

Perform a set of burpees, rest 60 seconds, then perform a set of pullups. Rest 60 seconds then go back to burpees.

10 rounds of:

  • 15 Burpees
  • Rest 60 Seconds
  • 8 Pullups
  • Rest 60 Seconds

Burpees Workout #2: Double Supersets

Rest 60 seconds after the first superset. After all rounds are completed in the first superset, move on to the seconds superset.

10 Rounds of:

  • 8 Burpees
  • 4 Pullups
  • 60 Seconds Rest

10 Rounds of:

  • 15 Squat Jumps
  • 8 Pushups
  • 60 Seconds Rest

Burpees Workout #3: Interval Supersets

Perform as many burpees as possible in 100 seconds, then move onto pullups. Rest 100 seconds and repeat.

7 rounds of:

  • Burpees – 100 Seconds
  • Pullups – 100 Seconds
  • Rest 100 Seconds

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Train without a Gym? Only if you hurry…

NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

Remember those two guys I told you about last week–Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock?

Well, they just released their new TACFIT Commando program this morning, and you’ve absolutely gotta check it out!

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I hope you had a chance last week to download their “Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge.” I still can’t believe they were giving it away! Over 11,852 people took them up on it!

I’ve never seen that kind of response to a new workout product. And just yesterday the guys told me they had 896 comments on their blog contest–in a single day!!

If you’re one of the thousands who tried the free Challenge workout, you know this is the real deal. Well let me tell you, I also tried some of the exercises from the full TACFIT Commando program and I was totally floored.

I did the entire session right here in my basement. I didn’t need equipment, so I didn’t waste time with setup. Just straight to work and done in 20 minutes.

And you know what? I was totally smoked! I never imagined 20 minutes could be so tough. But strangely enough, I had more energy at the end of the session than I did going in. It felt like I was walking on air for the rest of the day.

The exercises were also seriously cool. It’ll be a while before I can even think about attempting the most advanced variations, but the basic versions were accessible. They challenged me but I could do them. And I can see how it’s possible to build up to the highest levels–and have a lot of fun getting there!

It’s no surprise that all these tactical teams trust Scott to prepare them for the dangerous work they do. And it’s so amazing that he’s making that same technology available to everyone. I for one can’t wait to get in “commando shape”!

The full TACFIT Commando program is available now, and Scott and Ryan just let me know that they’re doing a special 51% off sale to celebrate.

If you know anything about these guys, you know they’d never stop at 51% off. They’re so excited about this program that they’ve assembled a pile of rare bonus material to go along with it.

Some of these bonus items were buried so deep in Scott’s RMAX International vault that his coauthor Ryan hadn’t even heard of them. He’s been in the vault, and he thought he’d seen it all!

It’s going to be huge, and it’s going to shake the foundations of the fitness industry.

But take note: These bonuses will ONLY be offered during the first three days of sale. After midnight on Friday, February 12th, they’ll go back into the vault forever.

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Purchase TacFit Commando on February 10, 2010

NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

Alright, just found out that Coach’s Sonnan and Murdock will be making their TacFit program available on February 10th. Until then, enjoy the following free content:

  • Sunday, February 7, 2010 – Ryan Murdock shows you an entertaining and educational video which provides with his actual training sessions. This is the best way you’ll get a feel for the TacFit training method.
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Adam Steer Ryan Murdock

12 minutes. Do you have 12 minutes? I have 12 minutes, but how good of a workout can you really get in 12 minutes? From experience I know that you can get an incredible workout in a very short period of time.

I’ve done in the past workouts that last less than 2 minutes. But, I think that’s just a bit too intense for people aren’t in good condition already. If you’re looking for a quick workout that you can do, but are not in super condition to handle some of the tougher stuff, then I suggest you check out one of Adam Steer and RyanMurdocks’ workout.

Their 12 minute workout was featured a while back on a Canadian News Show. Check out this video:

12 Minute Stage Crazy on E-Talk from Ryan Murdock on Vimeo.


Ryan Murdock is actually a traveler. He’s gone around the world to dozens of countries. So, he uses his bodyweight workouts to stay in shape all the time. And as you can see, his workouts don’t even require apullup bar!

On the flip side, Adam Steer, the other half of the brains behind their intense workouts, was a chubby kid all his life. In fact, his college (kind of like me) days were his lowest point.

This was when he became extremely interested in metabolism, fat loss, and how the body works. In other words, movement. He realized that most training programs are really lacking in that they are very one-dimensional.

So, he set out on a journey to get himself into shape. Discovered the wonders of a unique training system developed by Coach ScottSonnon known as Circular Strength System, and used it on himself.

After he got himself in shape, he became a CST certified coach, put his ideas together with Ryan Murdock, and created an incredible, 3-month fat loss system known as the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

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Workout Routine Without Weights for Fat Loss

The majority of people out there don’t have a lot of time to workout. That is why I developed this site – for average people with busy lives who want to get in or maintain their shape. Fat loss is naturally one of the biggest concerns of most individuals.

As I’ve illustrated numerous times through this site, getting a quick workout is not that difficult. You can create workouts that last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. It’s all based on how much time you have to workout, or how much time you want to spend working out.

Now, through this site, I’ve published numerous bodyweight training programs that employ the fundamentals: pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats. For years, this is all I did. But for the past few months, I’ve been experimenting with Circular Strength Training (CST) bodyweight exercises.

What is CST and How can it help me Burn Fat?

CST is really complex and difficult to define in a few sentences. In fact, I’m still learning on my own what it is and how it effects the human body. But, to try and keep this short CST is all about moving the body through it’s full potential of movement.

CST bodyweight training uses many movements from Prasara Yoga. Prasara Yoga is a “method of physical practice designed to improve flow.” Flow is “the ability to move your body into any position or direction with grace and fluidity.”

All this jargon leads up to one conclusion (well at least in my mind) Prasara Yoga and Circular Strength Training is the next level of bodyweight training. Here is a sample of what Prasara Yoga looks like:

I consider myself a student of fitness, and strive to learn everything thing I can to make my body look and perform better.

Thus, CST is just the next step up in my training. And, as I’ve done for so many years through this blog, my goal is to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. So, with that said, how can CST andPrasara Yoga help you burn fat?

I’ve written a lot about the release of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and Testosterone to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Think about this: these movements are not just linear like pushups,pullups, and squats. It’s not even like doing Burpees, which I would consider a hybrid movement (combining two movements that flow well together).

CST Bodyweight Exercises engage a lot more muscle than traditional and hybrid movements. The more muscle you engage, the more fat you burn and muscle you build. In addition, most CST bodyweight fat loss workouts are organized into a interval scheme.

But you can organize the exercises in any manner you wish. Here’s a sample CST bodyweight workout you can try today:

You’ll feel better right after the first workout. As I mentioned before, you’ll be working muscles that you never even knew you had. After my first workout, I woke up the next morning and my entire body was sore!

If you’re ready to incorporate bodyweight training as part of your fitness plan, then you should check out Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Coach’s Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock show you how to use unique bodyweight movements to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve athletic fitness, and enhance longevity.

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There are no free rides, but…

NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

I was just tipped off about an exciting event, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Okay, “tipped off” isn’t exactly the right term…

I was sitting down to dinner when this guy sorta materialized from behind my sofa. He must have been a secret agent or something. He knew everything about my fitness training, what I ate, and even what brand of bathroom tissue I use.

I don’t remember his face because I spent the entire time staring at his arms. The guy was absolutely shredded, and I knew it wasn’t all “puff”— he coulda torn my legs off before I said “pardon me”!

After grabbing me by the lapel and whispering something about “operational security,” this is what he told me…

For the next few days my good friends and tactical fitness “gurus” Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock are giving away their brand new “Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge” exclusive workout for F.REE.

The entire program is bodyweight-only and can be completed in about the same amount of space you’d need to lie down in.

It only takes 20 minutes, but it’s endowed with an intensity and fat melting power most athletes don’t tap in a full hour of training.

Coolest of all, it doesn’t just include Mission Impossible style moves. It also focuses on the energy systems involved in tactical response. Training that burst-recover-burst with complex movements means you’ll keep thinking and improvising solutions while everyone else is gasping on the floor in a panicked mental shutdown.

There’s no catch and no credit card. Just flat out amazing information about what it takes to sculpt a shredded, functional commando physique that looks great on the beach but is also serious “go muscle”—not just “show muscle”

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Grab it and start training before that commando guy pops up from behind YOUR sofa.

And if he does, don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

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Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss

Now You can Have a Great

Body, Better Health,

and Amazing Fitness by

Exercising with Just

your Bodyweight in the

Comfort of your Own


I’ve been training with my

bodyweight for almost two

years now. For a long time I stuck to

primarily pushups,

pullups, and bodyweight squats. But

once I purchased

Coach Steer and Murdock’s,

Bodyweight Blueprint for

Fat Loss, I’ve been incorporating a

lot of their unique

exercises and workout programs.

For just 77 bucks Coach Steer and Murdock have developed a three – phase fat loss system that will literally blow torch your fat. But not only are the exercises unique, but Coaches Steer and Murdock are the first Coaches that actually include video demonstrations with their products.

What! $77? Is Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat loss REALLY worth your $77?

Benefit #1: Unique Bodyweight Movements

Well, eBooks are half hazardly put together. That is why I will usually purchase a program, and then rely on YouTube to show me how to perform the exercises.

But, most of the exercises in Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss (BBFL) are not featured on YouTube. This is why the video descriptions that they include are so valuable!

Here is a sample unique exercise from Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss:

Benefit #2: Full Recovery Resources

Another drawback to most bodyweight programs is that they provide you with intense workouts, but don’t teach you how to effectively recover from your training. Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss is different.

First, Intu-Flow is a special set of mobility drills designed to loosen up your body after a hard training session.

Before purchasing, Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, I only went through some very basic dynamic stretches. I thought this was enough to get me through my workouts.

Boy was I wrong! Once I started implementing Intu-Flow into my overall workout program, all those aches and pains I was experiencing slowly began to disappear.

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss goes very deep into Intu-Flow with lots of exercises and detail. The same is true for the Prasara Yoga. In fact, the Prasara Yoga video is very simple to follow.

Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss gives you a very clear picture of how to perform the Prasara Yoga poses. I’m still working on my flexibility, but the point is that these two sets of videos will guarantee you better recovery from your intense bodyweight workouts.

Benefit #3: Incredible Nutritional Information

This package features 4 separate audios from experts in 4 separate niches on nutrition. This gives you 4 effective options to better eating habits.

So you have a vegetarian eating expert, an intermittent fasting expert, a primal eating expert, and finally an expert who teaches you how to lose weight while “cheating.” Understand that each of these experts have then own individual eBook.

You’re getting extremely good advice from experts who know what they’re doing. And you don’t even have to go and buy their individual eBooks! You get all the information as part of this incredible fat loss package!

Enough waiting. I suggest you go and grab your copy of the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss today. You won’t be disappointed!

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If you make the commitment today and purchase the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss workout program, then I will send you 3 months of Bodyweight Workouts for Free!

I’ve used the same movements and training style Coach’s Steer and Murdoch teach in their product, and combined them with my own unique high intensity style.

This bonus includes three Bodyweight programs:

  • Bonus Workout Program #1: Ascending Reps
  • Bonus Workout Program #2: Up and Down Pyramids
  • Bonus Workout Program #3: Combination Program

In order to grab this bonus, you just need to follow two simple steps:

  • Step One: Purchase Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

  • Step Two: Forward your receipt number to shah@shahtraining.com

Once I confirm your purchase, I will send you the bonus via email.

P.S. If you made it this far, then you’re definitely ready to purchase Coach Steer and Murdock’s program. Do not hesitate! You need to take charge of your health and this Bodyweight Manual is the perfect for anyone who cares about their health, fitness, and well being.

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A Guide to Using Bodyweight for Working Out

If you’re looking for a unique guide to help you work out with your own bodyweight, then I suggest you check out the one written by Coaches Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer. The name of the guide of Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss, and is a unique, 3-month training program using nothing but your bodyweight.

Now, before you roll your eyes, let me just mention that this program does not include traditional pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats. Well, it does, but it also includes other, unique movements that I promise you will never see before.

Murdock and Steer’s program incorporates movements you would see being performed by dancers, yogis, and gymnasts. When it comes to bodyweight training, these are the athletes that you want to observe.

Gymnasts are clearly the most well-conditioned athletes out there, and they never lift a single weight. All they do is practice their routines on various implements such as rings, balance beams, parallel bars, and the floor.

Well, many coaches mention gymnasts, but they rarely ever prescribe any gymnast-specific exercises. I’m talking exercises that require more than just pushing up and down. I’m talking about movements that engage muscles that you’ve never even known you had.

The great thing about Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss is that it opens up your mind. For someone who’s been training for quite some time with just pushups, pullups, and bodyweight squats (and variations, of course), Steer and Murdock’s workouts were a refreshing step in a new direction.

At first I thought some of their basic workouts were going to be too easy for me. But even the most simplest exercise was a killer for me. This was because, as I mentioned earlier, I was using my body in ways I’ve never trained before.

Click here for more information on Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution vs. Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER) and Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss (BBFL) are two bodyweight eBooks written by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Individuals who have purchased BER have all rushed to purchase BBFL.

However, people who are not familiar with Coach Steer or Murdock’s work are often confused as to which eBook to purchase. This article will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

Comparison: Workouts and Content

First, lets talk about the workouts. BER gives you 5 unique workouts, each one for mass gain, fat loss, strength, longevity, and athleticism. That’s 5, 28-day training programs or 5 months of training.

BBFL, on the other hand, only gives you 3 months of training. However, these 3 months are devoted solely to fat loss. You will gain strength and mass, however the primary concern withBBFL is to help you lose as much fat as possible.

So, if your goal is to get a general overview of how you can use bodyweight training to achieve your goals, then BER is the right choice. But if your goal is just fat loss, thenBBFL is the right choice.

Now lets talk about content. BER is a single 165-page manual manual which features 5 unique workouts, as mentioned earlier. Each workout has it’s own video, so that you can get a better sense of how to perform the unique exercises.

It also features a Prasara Yoga demo workout video and a Inti-Flow Joint Mobility video. These two pieces are extremely important for your 4×7 programming. The manual itself gives you a great introduction to the 4×7 programming template and other CST concepts such as the 6 degrees of Freedom.

BBFL also features videos for each of the workouts they provide. But they have more videos and information regarding the Prasara Yoga and Intu-Flow mobility.

As mentioned before, these two pieces are very important if you want to maximize your recovery and progress with bodyweight training. In addition to these videos, Coach Murdock and Steer have contacted 4 nutrition experts and have provided audio reports to give you an introduction into their unique approach to nutrition.

So you have 4 different dieting options: Mark Sisson’s Primal Fat Loss, Joel Marion’s Cheating Ways, Brad Pilon’s Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle, and Kardena Pauza’s Vegetarian Lifestyle.

For the sheer content alone, it would seem that BBFL is the obvious choice. However, you must ask yourself – do you want lots of info, or lots of workouts? BER features more workouts, butBBFL features more information.

The Cost of Fitness

Now, lets talk about the price of each product. BER costs $47. You’re getting 5 workout programs with videos, plus 2 videos with sampleintu flow and prasara yoga videos.

BBFL costs $77 for a 3-month fat loss program, with videos for each workout. In addition, you’re getting 2 full Intu Flow recovery workouts, and 3 prasara yoga videos.

Which is the better program? Well, it depends on you and what you’re looking for in a bodyweight training program.

Click here for more information on Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

Click here for more information on Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

How to Do a One Arm Push Up

The following is a guest post from  bodyweight coach Adam Steer, co-author of Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

Perhaps the most famous one arm push ups are those performed by the Italian Stallion in the Rocky movies. But a reader reminded me that G.I. Jane gives Mr Balboa a good run for his money.

No matter who your money is on for the most impressive Hollywood one arm push up, you have to admit there is a certain cool factor associated with this bodyweight strength exercise.

Where does this mystique come from? It’s probably due to the fact that these things are just plain tough! They’re a mix of strength, coordination and balance.

3 Tips For The One Arm Push Up

The Tighter the Lighter
Have you ever tried to pick up someone who has passed out? Did you notice how much “heavier” they seem. Compare that to picking up the same person once they have stiffened up all their muscles… To become tighter and lighter, stretch the crown of your head in one direction and your heels in the other. This will force all your stabilizer muscles into action to lengthen you out – and it’ll tighten your whole structure up too.

Lock and Load
Whether under a bench press or doing a push up, one of the big mistakes I often see is letting the shoulders drift up towards the ears. Keep your shoulders locked down away from your ears if you want to optimize the involvement of the powerful pecs and triceps. You’ll also greatly reduce your chance of injury by concentrating the force in your shoulder through structural elements instead of soft tissue.

Go Wide
Spread your feet wider apart than for a regular push up. This is part of the balancing act required for a great one arm push up. You’ll also have bring your working arm closer in to your center line.

There you go. Three tips to get your one arm push up coolness going. If you need a bit more help, you can check out this build up exercise for one arm pushup training.

Visit BodyweightExerciseRevolution.com for a free bodyweight workout the likes of which you’ve never seen before. We’re the home of Circular Strength Training bodyweight exercise.

Adam Steer is a Head Coach of the Circular Strength Training system. He’s also a fitness trainer and coach in Quebec city and an avid blogger on the subject of health first fitness. Adam has delivered workshops to fitness professionals in Singapore, Australia, Washington State, Philadelphia and New York City.

Click here to check out my review of his eBook, Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.