Workout Compound Exercises

If you have very little time in your schedule to weight train, then you should try to maximize your time in the gym. Maximizing your time means sticking to compound exercises and picking a set/rep scheme based on your goals.

Compound Exercise per Bodypart:

Chest – Bench Press (Barbell, Dumbbell, Flat, Incline), Arm Pull-overs (Barbell, Dumbbell)

Back – Rows (Dumbbell, Barbell)

Legs – Squats (Barbell, Dumbbell, Back, Front, Overhead),

Shoulders – Clean & Press (Power, Hang), Shoulder Press (Barbell, Dumbbell, Push Press, Push Jerk, Arnold)

Sample 3-day template for Size and Strength:

Day One

Squat Variation 8×3

Bench Variation 8×3

Row Variation 8×3

Press Variation 8×3

Day Two

Squat Variation 5×5

Bench Variation 5×5

Row Variation 5×5

Press Variation 5×5

Day Three

Squat Variation 3×8

Bench Variation 3×8

Row Variation 3×8

Press Variation 3×8

Now, this is just a general template for you to use for increasing your strength and size with compound movements. If you’re looking for a more well-rounded fitness program using compound movements, than I suggest you check out Athletic Body Workout.

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Intervals Exercise

My friend Harry asked me to develop a workout with the following specs:

1. Eight-exercise inverval
2. Challenging to the whole body
3. Doable at home with limited, inexpensive equipement
4. Fast
5. Can benefit all levels of fitness

So lets take this step by step. These are the pieces of equipment I have at home:

1. Jump Rope
2. Pull-up Bar
3. 300 lb Barbell Set
4. 15 LB Medicine Ball
5. 15 LB Dumbbell

Before we choose our exercises, we first need to figure out what interval pattern we’re using. My friend’s current workout is 1 minute work, with 1 minute rest. So the total workout would last 16 minutes. Not bad, but I think I can do better.

I remember reading about Alwyne Cosgrove’s Complex Training methods on Mike Mahler’s website. The idea is to do a bunch of exercises in a row with light weights and no rest. After the end of each circuit you rest and repeat the circuit. Here are the two complexes from Mike’s website:

Complex One
• Dead lift – 6 reps
• Romanian Dead lift – 6 reps
• Bent Over Row – 6 reps
• Power Clean – 6 reps
• Front Squat – 6 reps
• Push Press – 6 reps
• Back Squat – 6 reps
• Good Morning – 6 reps

Complex Two
• Snatch Grip Dead lift – 6 reps
• Snatch Pull – 6 reps
• Upright Row – 6 reps
• Power Snatch – 6 reps
• Reverse Lunge – 6 reps each leg
• Push Jerk – 6 reps
• Jump Squat – 6 reps

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So lets develop these workouts using limited equipment:

Bodyweight Only Workout:

Hindu Push-ups
Bodyweight Squat
Incline Pushups
Leg Raises
Plyometric Pushups
Squat Jumps

Bodyweight + Pull-up Bar:

Hindu Pushups
Bodyweight Squat
Incline Pushups
Inverted Row

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Dumbbell Only Workout:

One-arm DB Clean and Press
One-arm DB Bent-over Row
One-arm DB Swing
One-arm DB Overhead Squat
One-arm DB Snatch
One-arm Renegade Row
Incline T-pushups

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Medicine Ball and Dumbbell Workout:

One-arm DB Clean and Press
Medicine Ball Wood chop
One-arm DB Bent-over Row
Medicine Ball Hay baler
One-arm DB Swing
One-arm DB Overhead Squat
Medicine Ball Overhead Squat

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Ok, so the combinations are endless. Now lets take these workouts to the next level. Mike Mahler also has a workout on his website called HOC, or High Octane Cardio. It revolves around alternating between short cardio intervals and resistance training. I think jump roping is the best form of high intensity cardio. Here are my versions:

Beginner Routine:

Hindu Pushups
1 minute regular Jump Roping
Bodyweight Squat
1 minute regular Jump Roping
1 minute regular Jump Roping
1 minute regular Jump Roping
One-arm DB Clean and Press
1 minute regular Jump Roping
One-arm DB Bent-over Row
1 minute regular Jump Roping
Medicine Ball Wood chop
1 minute regular Jump Roping
Medicine Ball Hay baler
1 minute regular Jump Roping

Intermediate/Advanced Routines:

There are two Jump Roping tricks that I can do. These are the Cross-overs and Double Under. Cross-Overs are where you cross-over your arms across your chest and jump. Double unders are where you perform two jump for one swing of the rope. I also like to do some footwork drills.

Progression, sets and reps:

Start off the circuits with a cautious number of reps per exercise. The first round should be pretty easy and act as a warm-up. The next two or three rounds should be tougher. If you can do 5 rounds without sweating, then increase the reps.

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Crossfit Plans

Crossfit is a brand new training regimen that everyone is flocking to. But is it really a safe and effective way to improve your body?

When I was in high school, I loved to experiment. I still like to experiment, although my principles are more grounded than they were back then. I came across a website called Crossfit and was immediately mesmerized.

Their idea of constantly challenging yourself with a new stimuli and doing crazy things by combining forms of exercise that you wouldn’t normally combine drew me immediately to the WOD’s (Workout of the Day). I followed Crossfit WODs on and off throughout the years.

There are definitely certain things I love about Crossfit, but there are also things I don’t like:


1. Trains your entire body in one session
2. Very good crossover between gym, real life, and sports
3. Incredibly effective method of burning fat
4. Very challenging and fun
5. Randomized stimuli keeps your body guessing


1. Too much randomness
2. Not something a beginner can jump right into
3. Not very optimal for pure muscle mass
4. Athlete may have problems with recovery if they are not used to high intensity training
5. Does not seem to have a singular goal
6. Can be very confusing and frustrating to a typical gym goer
7. Huge learning curve

These are my personal beliefs about Crossfit. Overall, it is a very good program, but I have a problem with the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be much of a “program.” It seems like a bunch of workouts thrown in together. Over the years I’ve studied the programs both by reading message boards, comments on the main website, and trying out workouts on myself.

Hands down, a Crossfit approach to fitness is much more effective than a bodybuilding approach. Crossfit will help more people in their daily lives, and deliver faster results than a Bodybuilding approach.

This is because bodybuilding is a very specific form of training. A regular housewife has no business trying to put on a half inch on her arms, unless she’s training for a figure competition.

A truck driver has no business jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes every morning, unless he’s cutting for a bodybuilding competition. What average people need is an exercise program that focuses on developing skills that carry over to normal life.

One program that uses the same form of athletic Crossfit training and workouts, without all the randomness, is the Athletic Body Workout. This is a program that beginners, intermediate, and advanced individuals can easily perform.

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