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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is a recent eBook published by Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should grab your copy today: The biggest problem with traditional bodyweight programs is that they lack variety. Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan

How to Do a One Arm Push Up

The following is a guest post fromĀ  bodyweight coach Adam Steer, co-author of Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Perhaps the most famous one arm push ups are those performed by the Italian Stallion in the Rocky movies. But a reader reminded me that G.I. Jane gives Mr

Increasing Strength with Bodyweight Training

Most people use bodyweight training to lose fat. And I’ve already written quite a few articles on building muscle mass with bodyweight training. However, one thing I have not yet written about is increasing strength. The obvious way to increase your overall strength using bodyweight

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Bodyweight Routine for Busy Dads

Well, in reality this routine can be useful for just about anyone. First, lets look at the exercise: So what you’re going to do is get down into pushup position. Bring your right hand and touch the left side of your body, without twisting. Just