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    Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is a recent eBook published by Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should grab your copy today: The biggest problem with traditional bodyweight programs is that they lack variety. Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock have included the most innovative bodyweight movements I have […]

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  • Bodyweight Exercise Revolution vs. Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss

    Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER) and Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss (BBFL) are two bodyweight eBooks written by Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Individuals who have purchased BER have all rushed to purchase BBFL. However, people who are not familiar with Coach Steer or Murdock’s work are often confused as to which eBook to purchase. This […]

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  • For the Best Female Body, Stop Reading Fitness Magazines

    I’m really tired of these fitness magazines. Each week, I help my father out at his convenience store at the city. The other day, I picked up a female fitness magazine, simply because there was an attractive actress on the cover. As I flipped through it, I noticed how many garbage articles were being published […]

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  • How to Do a One Arm Push Up

    The following is a guest post from¬† bodyweight coach Adam Steer, co-author of Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Perhaps the most famous one arm push ups are those performed by the Italian Stallion in the Rocky movies. But a reader reminded me that G.I. Jane gives Mr Balboa a good run for his money. No matter who […]

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  • Ryan Murdock and Adam Steer’s Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER): The Softer Side of Bodyweight Training

    Bodyweight training can be tough and hardcore. In fact, all of my workouts are at a high intensity. However, one of the biggest lessons I learned from Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER) is that you need to balance the hard stuff with the soft stuff.

    I’ve started practicing the mobility and yoga drills presented in the eBook. I’ve already noticed a great improvement in my overall flexibility and recovery abilities. Walking around sore all day is not fun, but these drills make it easier. What I found really interesting was the connection betweenflexibility drills and recovery ability.

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  • Bodyweight Exercise Revolution: Try this High Intensity Bodyweight Routine For Intense Fat Burning

    Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER) is a system of bodyweight training developed by Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. BER is based off of Circular Strength Training (CST) developed by Coach Scott Sonnon.

    BER is a manual designed to teach individuals how to develop their own effective bodyweight routines using the famous 4×7 system, again made popular by Coach Scott Sonnon. The eBook also features 5 additional training programs focused on 5 seperate goals.

    Personally, I’m more interested in the exercises themselves rather than the philosophy. Don’t tell me it works,

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  • Increasing Strength with Bodyweight Training

    Most people use bodyweight training to lose fat. And I’ve already written quite a few articles on building muscle mass with bodyweight training. However, one thing I have not yet written about is increasing strength. The obvious way to increase your overall strength using bodyweight training is to make the exercise more difficult. For example, […]

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  • CST: More than Just an Intense Workout You Can Do at Home

    Hey guys, did a guest post on BodyweightCoach.com, a bodyweight training website developed by Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Click here to read the guest post.

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  • Bodyweight Routine for Busy Dads

    Well, in reality this routine can be useful for just about anyone. First, lets look at the exercise: So what you’re going to do is get down into pushup position. Bring your right hand and touch the left side of your body, without twisting. Just a quick tap is enough. Repeat with the other hand […]

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  • Fat Loss Workout Without Using Weights For the Busy Traveler

    Losing fat while you’re constantly going from one business trip to the next is tough. Especially in this economy where you need to work harder and longer to make the same amount of money as you did before, and don’t have the time and money to get in a great, fat burning workout. Well, that’s […]

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