Best Exercises for Chest

One of the best home fitness programs out there is Turbulence Training. Author Craig Ballantyne shows you five of the best chest bodyweight exercises: When most people start training, they follow a typical bodybuilding program they find in some random fitness magazine. Then they wonder why they’re not getting results. One of the fundamental aspects […]

2 Kettlebells Workouts You can Do at Home

Hey guys, so here’s today’s Kettlebell workout: KB Clean, 3×10 Spiderman Pushups, 3×5 30 Sec Rest KB Swing, 3×10 KB Chest Press, 3×10 30 Sec Rest KB Snatch and OH Squat, 3×5 Pullups, 3×5 30 Sec Rest As you can see, I didn’t need as much rest as I need on Monday’s workout. The last […]

The Benefits of Dumbbell and Bodyweight Workout Routines for Women

Women these days are extremely busy. Most have full time careers, and need to raise a family. However, there is no reason why you can not stay in shape despite a busy schedule. You do not need to join a gym or perform hour long workouts for exceptional fitness. All you need is a pair […]

2010 Fitness Predictions

This past year, more and more people have been replacing their long, boring workouts with higher intensity, short intense workouts. Busy individuals all over the world finally giving up on their excuses and taking their health into their own hands by training with high intensity bodyweight, dumbbell, and kettlebell workouts all in the comfort of […]

The New Rules of Bodyweight Training

Strong and physically fit young woman doing triceps dips on parallel bars at park. Caucasian fitness female exercising outdoors.

Thrive Leads Shortcode could not be rendered, please check it in Thrive Leads Section! I’m tired of all the garbage written about how one should train in the gym. Oh, you need to do this, and you need to do that. Forget the rules, and create your own set of parameters. The following three are […]

Increasing Strength with Bodyweight Training

Most people use bodyweight training to lose fat. And I’ve already written quite a few articles on building muscle mass with bodyweight training. However, one thing I have not yet written about is increasing strength. The obvious way to increase your overall strength using bodyweight training is to make the exercise more difficult. For example, […]

Caveman Training vs. Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Workouts: A Side by Side Comparison

Caveman Training (CT) and Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER) are two very recent methods of training that I have written about on this website. CT is a high intensity training protocol using “caveman” tools such as sandbags, sledgehammers, and large tires. BER, on the other hand is a complete bodyweight program, which literally requires no equipment. […]

A Call to Building Muscle and Strength with Bodyweight Exercises


Fitness magazines have evolved dramatically in the past few years. The popularity of Crossfit and “300” style workouts have forced magazines to make a change from only interviewing bodybuilders to interviewing athletes from all walks of life, as well as celebrities and their celebrity trainers. You have average joes performing “The Spartacus Workout” and doing […]

5 Steps to Losing More fat with Bodyweight Training

Are you struggling to burn fat with your bodyweight programs? Follow these five basic steps to get re-started on your fat loss goals: Step #1: Simplicity is the Key This is something that we all need to be reminded of. You need to approach your fitness plan in small, simple steps. If you suddenly sit […]

Naked Commando System

Naked Commando System is a Military-Inspired bodyweight training program developed by Emille Jarreau. 7 Things You should expect from Naked Commando System: It’ll build Stamina – high intensity bodyweight workouts performed in a boot camp format will get your heart rate up. When you train your heart in this manner, you build up a lot […]