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  • 19-Minute No-Gym Necessary Fat Loss Workout


    Around this time of the year, most people have the “aah it’s the holiday season. Let me enjoy, then I’ll set a new years resolution to get back into shape.” You’re different, because you understand that fitness is a life-long pursuit. Although you should take some time away from the gym, you shouldn’t just completely […]

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  • Announcement: ShahTraining.com looking for Yoga Bloggers


    Yoga is a great form of bodyweight exercise. Unfortunately, I do not know much about it. In fact, I don’t know everything there is to know about health and fitness. This is why I am opening my site up to individuals who are subject-matter experts in different areas, starting with yoga. The description and how […]

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  • 7 Important Benefits of a Bodyweight Exercise Routine


    Here are 7 reasons why I love bodyweight exercise routines: Organize bodyweight exercises into high intensity circuits, and you’ll drop fat like magic. Gymnasts train with bodyweight exercise workouts, exclusively. Yet they’re stronger than most bodybuilders. They have a nice, lean physique to compliment their athletic skills, because body control is an important aspect of […]

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  • How To Design an Effective Bodyweight Training Program, Part 3

    Image by Rockin’ Rob In the last installment, we went over how to choose the right training split and how to organize your exercises based on that split. I hope now you have a rough schedule set up.The next step is to determine how many repetitions to perform per exercise. Use the following table as […]

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  • Workout Without Weights: Use The Gym You Were Born With

    We all know how much I love bodyweight training. When I first began this blog, I was going to focus my training specifically on portable equipment such as dumbbell, kettlebells, and resistance bands. Over time, questions such as, “What kind of workouts can I design for people who are unable to perform a single push up?” […]

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  • Bodyweight Tabata Training For Beginner Athletes


    Are you ready for 4 minutes of pain? It might not seem like much, but there is TON of work you can get done within just 4 minutes of exercise. There are two reasons why exercise takes so long for most people: Too many exercises Too much rest between sets Tabata training helps your resolve these […]

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  • 4 Great Ways to Get Fit at Home With Little to Nothing

    Getting fit doesn’t necessarily require a gym – in fact, it’s actually better to get in shape without needing to rely on a gym. If you feel as though you HAVE to go to the gym, then what are you going to do if your car doesn’t work, or if you have to be at […]

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  • Bodyweight Training – Strong, Fast, and Lean

    When I began training with just my bodyweight, I began with a lot of hindu push ups and hindu squats. This high volume training got me bigger, faster, and leaner. My shoulders and quads blew up. I was able to move faster in Karate. It was also easier to keep my weight down while performing […]

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  • Exercises Build Chest

    How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home By Wayne Hopkins When most people think of building up their chest, they think of exercises that include weight machines and a series of weights which they do have at their own home. However, if you want […]

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  • How Effective is Bodyweight Training?

    You ever watch that show “Ninja Warrior?” Ninja Warrior is a tournament held in Japan that has individuals try to get through a nearly impossible obstacle course. These obstacle courses don’t require brute strength and incredible endurance. What they require is the ability to move your own bodyweight effectively through space. The athletes who actually […]

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