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Exercises Build Chest

How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home By Wayne Hopkins When most people think of building up their chest, they think of exercises that include weight machines and a series of weights which they

How Effective is Bodyweight Training?

You ever watch that show “Ninja Warrior?” Ninja Warrior is a tournament held in Japan that has individuals try to get through a nearly impossible obstacle course. These obstacle courses don’t require brute strength and incredible endurance. What they require is the ability to move

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Bodyweight Exercise Revolution

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution is a recent eBook published by Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should grab your copy today: The biggest problem with traditional bodyweight programs is that they lack variety. Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan

Insane Bodyweight Workout to Make you a Better Athlete

Bodyweight training is the perfect choice for athletes. Most sports require you to be fast, strong, and powerful. Heavy weight lifting makes an athlete slow and bulky. However, bodyweight training teaches an athlete to better control his or her own bodyweight for better performance. When