Intensity is King

If your main goal is fat loss, then intensity is the king. And therein lies the problem: most people don’t push themselves enough. How do you know whether or not your workouts are intense enough? Here are a few hints: #1 – You don’t see any results The higher the intensity, the more results you […]

What do you guys think of my new layout?

Image by jhhwild Hey guys,I’d thought I’d end this week with asking you guys what you think of my new layout. This new layout is approximately three weeks old (I think). I’ve been tweaking it steadily, and I believe it is finally where I want it to be. Here is why I decided to change […]


2 Feats of Strength with Bodyweight

Sometimes you just need a break from your normal fat loss and muscle building goals and set a performance goal. A performance goal forces you to rethink your training, and may even jump start a stale training program. The following are 2 feats of strength and endurance you can perform with just your bodyweight: 10 […]


45 Pushups in 1 minute with 100 lbs Backpack

On Saturday, July 21, 2012, law student Brandon Gatto set the Guinness World Record for the most pushups performed in one minute with a 100 lb backpack. He did 45 pushups. That’s a shame to many of us who can’t even perform 45 pushups in a minute with our own bodyweights! “If I could put […]


How to Maintain your Muscle while Traveling

Most people lose fat while traveling, but there are those that lose muscle while traveling. If you’re someone who has trouble maintaining their muscle mass, then this article is for you! We are going to assume worst case scenario that you will not have access to weights. So here are some great muscle building movements […]


High Frequency Bodyweight Exercises

High frequency training has both muscle building and fat loss benefits. The following are 4 of the best bodyweight exercises to use if you wish to include high frequencing training into your program: Planks The plank is a great movement that should be performed more often. In fact, you should do it everyday. A 1-minute […]


A Lower Body Workout Without Squats

Are you bored with squats? There are many other options for training your legs other than squat. Lets take a look: Step Up This exercise is popular with women’s workouts, but men should do it too. You can make the movement harder by moving to a higher elevation. You can also try to add resistance […]