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The Shah Training Bodyweight 500 Workout

High rep bodyweight workouts like the Shah Training Bodyweight 500 might not be the best way to build bodybuilder-sized muscle or pure powerlifting-type strength but when it comes to convenience, endurance, fat burning and general fitness, this workout is hard to beat. Add a timed


Putting Cardio to the Test + A Better Solution

You want to have certain criteria in place when choosing the kind of training you want to choose when trying to lose fat. For those that have busy lifestyles, the best criteria is: Must be time-efficient Must elevate metabolic rate for prolonged periods of time


Workout Idea of the Week: Change is Good

Many people are hesitant to change, not only in life, but also in their daily workout routines. To maximize results in your daily workouts, change is inevitable. I know, you have your niche, what seems to be working, and what feels good. Well, I don’t


2 CrossFit Benefits

Do we really need another article on CrossFit? …because…why not? The rest of the internet has had their take on it, why can’t Shah Training weigh in on Crossfit? To be fair, we have written on CrossFit before: Caveman Training vs Crossfit Crossfit vs Turbulence

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15 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Image by abbyjane Here is a really great bodyweight workout using simple, basic movements that’ll take just 15 minutes of your time: Perform 5 rounds of: 2 minute interval: Pullups, 5 reps Pushups, 10 reps Bodyweight Squat, 20 reps 1 minute rest Here’s how to

Turbulence Training Workouts for Obese People

Obese individuals can still follow typical Turbulence Training workouts. However, they just need to lower the intensity and change around some of the exercise selection. The main Turbulence Training principles remain the same: Use Multi-Muscle Exercises Organize them into Supersets Use Interval Training for Cardio