Advanced Muscle Building

If you’re looking for an advanced muscle building program, then you’ve come to the right place. I have come across a unique muscle building workout that will make your legs scream, and will produce thicker arms, chest and back unlike anything else you’ve ever tried! Ballantyne’s Day Muscle Massacre is a brand new muscle building

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Renegade Row for Killer Abs

If you want to get ridiculously hard abs, then the Renegade Row is the way to go! The renegade row forces you to stabilize your abdominals, which are their primary function. Your abs are not meant to crunch or twist, they are there to stabilize the rest of your body. Benefits of the Renegade Row

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Kettlebell Workout for Men

It’s back to school time! Which means my girlfriend starts her Student Teaching (employers welcome!) Unfortunately, this also means I’ll be seeing less of her (sucks), but it will give me more time for my business and workouts. Lately, I’ve mostly been sticking to bodyweight workouts, but now it’s time to add in some Kettlebell

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Metabolic Conditioning Workouts

I’ve been talking a lot about metabolic conditioning workouts. The topic needs another article simply because this style of training is so amazing! If you’re not doing metabolic conditioning workouts, then you’re missing out on a lot of fat burning and muscle building benefits! Craig Ballantyne explains this method of training the best: Craig has

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