For Fast Mass Gain, Train to Failure

When your hard work and dedication to improving your body and mind does not pay off, you start to second guess yourself. You start to wonder what you did wrong and how you can go about fixing it. You start to wonder if you actually did work hard, or were you just going through the […]


How to Design an Effective Quick Workout

Image by Somewhat Frank I spend a lot of time on this website talking about quick workouts. It’s time to give you guys a primer on how to design such a workout: Step One: How long will the workout last? Determine how long you want the workout to last and make that your time period […]

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Expert Friday: Robert Marting

Thrive Leads Shortcode could not be rendered, please check it in Thrive Leads Section! Every Friday, we interview a different expert. This week, we have Robert Marting, fitness model and author of the Ultimate Abs, Awesome Body program. Parth: Can you introduce yourself to my readers? How did you get into fitness modeling? Robert: I’m […]


Anti-Aging Tips with Steve Holmon

We’re back with Part 2 of my interview with Ironman Magazine Editor-In-Chief Steve Holmon. You can check out part 1 here in case you missed it. Parth: What separates Old School New Body from other anti-aging programs? Steve: I think what separates it is the moderate-weight, high-fatigue approach and the brevity of the workouts. Both […]

Fat Loss without Cardio

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of losing fat without cardio. When I lost the first 15lbs of fat last summer, I lost half of it with steady state cardio, and the second half with short, intense workouts. So, in actuality both methods work exactly the same. Here are the pros and cons of […]

Fat Loss is a Battle – Workout Three

This is the third workout of the Fat Loss is a Battle series: Substitutions: You can substitute the running for any cardio option. Make sure you perform the cardio exercise for 2 to 3 minutes. The other exercises may be sustituted for easier variations. You can also use kettlebell or dumbbell exercises and perform the […]


Bodyweight Flow Tyler Bramlett Review

Are you one of the many thousands of people trying to lose fat? ==> NEW PROGRAM: Bodyweight Flow – Watch this video Bodyweight Flow has stirred up a load of excitement and buzz all over the Internet – and it’s not coming from just bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts.  In fact, it’s getting so much positive review […]