• Putting Cardio to the Test + A Better Solution


    You want to have certain criteria in place when choosing the kind of training you want to choose when trying to lose fat. For those that have busy lifestyles, the best criteria is: Must be time-efficient Must elevate metabolic rate for prolonged periods of time Must be fun Must be safe So lets put three […]

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  • 2 Simple Workout Strategies to Break Through a Fat Loss Plateau


    Earlier this week we discussed 2 simple strategies you can use to break through a fat loss plateau. Today, we will discuss a few strategies you can apply to your workouts to help restart fat loss. #1 – Switch up your Workouts By switching up your workouts, it literally means trying something completely new. So, […]

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  • Use Supersets Training to Torch Those Love Handles

      Stubborn fat is a bitch. Through my years of through research, I’ve discovered that there is only one real way to destroy stubborn fat: make your workouts more intense! Work harder. Sweat like you’ve never sweat before, and really kill yourself under those weights. My all time favorite training methods is superset training. Superset training […]

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  • Kettlebell Finishers – Metabolic Stimulation

    DESCRIPTION This is a finished called “Metabolic Stimulation” STEPS 1) Rack Carry Right Arm x 20yards 2) Rack Carry Left Arm x 20yards 3) Spiderman Crawl x 20yards 4) Sprint x 20yards Click here for more intense Kettlebell Workout.

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  • Double Kettlebell Complex Workout – Mr. Clean Squared

      Description Use this double kettlebell complex to pack on metabolism-spiking muscle to burn fat over the holidays. STEPS Use 2 kettlebells of the same size that you can comfortably press for 6-8 reps. Perform the following complex without putting the kettlebell down Double KB Clean x 5 Double KB Front Squat x 4 Double […]

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  • How can I build an effective fat burning workout plan?

    In recent years, a new industry has been given birth: the factual-sounding fluff-full fitness information industry. You read that right. Now, more than ever, you have self-proclaimed YouTube buffs promising you extraordinary results in an extraordinary amount of time. No one wants to tell you the truth: that it takes hard work, consistency, and desire […]

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  • Announcement: Shah Training is looking for Mind/Motivational Bloggers


    We’re looking for a blogger that write posts that really motivate and ignite the reader to get up and exercise. If this describes you, then you need to write for us! The description and how to apply are below: Description If you have your own blog, own a training studio, or work in a gym –  then […]

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  • 12 Combo Exercises for Women


    Time is limited. Work is plenty. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, making time for exercise becomes a secondary ambition. In addition, if you work in a  9-5 office where the majority of your day is spent sitting, you are much more likely to be overweight or obese. This is no good. So […]

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  • Announcement: Shah Training looking for Suspension/TRX Bloggers

    Suspension Training

    Suspension/TRX training is a great form of exercise. Unfortunately, I do not know much about it. In fact, I don’t know everything there is to know about health and fitness. This is why I am opening my site up to individuals who are subject-matter experts in different areas. The description and how to apply are below: […]

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  • The Manhattan Beach Kettlebell Workout


    Workout Description Workout will be based on the Tabata 20-10 model. Perform 20 seconds of each exercise, followed by a 10 second rest: Kettlebell Snatches with Left Hand Kettlebell Snatches with Right Hand Kettlebell Goblet Squats Kettlebell Halos Kettlebell Clean and Press with Left Hand Kettlebell Clean and Press with Right Hand Kettlebell Swings Repeat […]

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