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Women’s Dumbbell Workout for Fat Loss

Many women are told not to workout with weights. This is absolutely false. One of the biggest misconceptions is that women who lift weights will develop bulky, ugly muscle mass. Trust me, it’s very tough to build lean muscle mass. It takes a combination of

How to Get a Six Pack with a Dumbbell

Let me tell you something that may shock you – those gadgets you see on TV don’t work. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those ab belts. Those abdominal contraptions. They do nothing but waste your time and money. Here’s the truth that you

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Get Your 6 Pack with a Dumbbell Workout

In my opinion, a good, full body dumbbell workout is the best way to get your 6 pack. Most people perform tons of cardio and abdominal exercises when trying to get their 6 pack. However, what people don’t understand is the role that your abdominals

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Is Coach Lomax’s Gladiator Body Workout Worth It?

If you haven’t heard of the program yet, Gladiator Body Workout is a home fitness program which combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises to create 6, 4-week programs. Gladiator Body Workout has a few competitors, however the one thing that separates Gladiator Body Workout from other

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How to Set Up an Upper Body Workout Plan

Most guys are only concerned with their upper body. In actuality, you should be training your entire body. Training your legs is very important, since you release lots of human growth hormone and testosterone when training large muscle groups. And legs are the biggest muscle

Ab Workouts for Women you can Do at Home

Strong abs are extremely important for daily life and sports, especially for women. However, much about what is written about abdominal training is misleading or completely false. First of all there needs to be a distinction made between getting strong abs and revealing your abdominals.