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Gladiator Workout: Look Good, Feel Good, Perform Good

Here is a Method that is Helping People Look Better, Feel Better, and Perform Better

Many men and women these days have the desire to develop a strong, muscular body like that of a modern day Gladiator.

Especially after the 2006 “300” movie, people began to search for alternative methods of training. They began to realize that the typical bodybuilding routines they were being spoon fed were not effective for the complete package: a body that looks good, feels good, and performs good.

The Problem with Typical Workouts

Bodybuilding workouts can help you create a body that looks good, but not necessarily one that feels or performs good.

From personal experience, I followed a bodybuilding routine for 6 months and didn’t look good, feel good, or perform good.

First of all, my athletic performance dwindled. I was slow, bulky, and became tired quickly, despite all the cardio I was doing.

Second, I didn’t feel good. Eating 6 times a day made me feel bloated a gassy. I felt sluggish and tired, even though I was getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Finally, I didn’t look good at all. The heavy lifting made me bigger, but the cardio wasn’t the right way for me to burn off the fat.

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Women’s Dumbbell Workout for Fat Loss

Many women are told not to workout with weights. This is absolutely false. One of the biggest misconceptions is that women who lift weights will develop bulky, ugly muscle mass.

Trust me, it’s very tough to build lean muscle mass. It takes a combination of proper exercise, diet, and hormonal processes. The fact is that women just do not have the same amount of testosterone that men do to build the kind of bulky muscles that men have.

On top of that, women also have high levels of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is a fat-storing hormone, which is why women often find it more difficult to lose weight then men.

However, weight training, done properly, can help women lose weight, and maintain it in the long term. Women will build lean muscle mass, however the muscle mass will help them increase their metabolic rate and shape their physique.

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories. Hence, the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you will burn at rest. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, which means it requires more calories to maintain a pound of muscle than a pound of fat.

Weight training can also help shape your physique. Bodybuilders do this all the time. But women can learn some things from bodybuilders without having to worry about building huge muscles, as I mentioned earlier.

When bodybuilders want to bring up a particular body part, they engage in a specific program to target that muscle group and to improve it. This is why they perform split training routines.

Now, I’m actually an advocate of full body workouts. However, once you have developed a good base of fitness, it’s a good idea to spend some time training a particular muscle group just to improve upon it.

Developing a basic dumbbell workout is quite easy. What you want to do is choose 3-10 exercises that train your entire body and organize them into a routine using a variety of training methods.

For beginners, a simple straight set method is sufficient. A straight set refers to the act of simply performing an a set of an exercise, resting, then performing another set for the desired number of total sets.

More information on how to develop your own dumbbell workout can be found in Coach Lomax’s Gladiator Body Workout program. Click here to learn more about this program.

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Home Fitness Review: The Ultimate Guide to Home Fitness Products


So you’ve decided to start training at home. Now what should you do? Spend a lot of money on equipment, or invest some money on eBooks? Well, before you can answer this question, you need to really think about why you’re working out at home.

Is it because….

– You can no longer afford your gym membership

– You like the convenience of working out at home

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How to Get a Six Pack with a Dumbbell

Let me tell you something that may shock you – those gadgets you see on TV don’t work. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those ab belts. Those abdominal contraptions.

They do nothing but waste your time and money. Here’s the truth that you don’t want to hear: you actually have to work hard in order to get your six pack. Losing weight isn’t easy.

There’s no short cut. But if you stick to a full body workout using a dumbbell, then you’ll be one step closer to achieving your ideal physique. This is because the dumbbell provides you with the stimulus you need to succeed with your goals.

There are three things you must do to achieve your six pack: 1) build muscle all over your body (have you ever seen a guy with a six pack, who wasn’t muscular?), 2) strengthen your core muscles, and 3) Lose fat.

The last one is a given, but the first three people usually ignore. This is why that doing excessive cardio, dieting, and doing lots of crunches doesn’t work in helping you achieve a lean physique.

You must make resistance training a part of your overall fitness plan. But why a dumbbell and not a barbell? Well, barbells are good to, but dumbbells are cheaper and easier to learn.

The other advantage of dumbbells is that it provides a greater range of motion. This means that it closely mimics the movements that you perform in work and daily life.

For more information on getting a six pack with a Dumbbell, check out Gladiator Body Workout. Click here for more information.

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Get Your 6 Pack with a Dumbbell Workout

In my opinion, a good, full body dumbbell workout is the best way to get your 6 pack. Most people perform tons of cardio and abdominal exercises when trying to get their 6 pack.

However, what people don’t understand is the role that your abdominals play in daily life. Contrary to popular belief, your abdominals are not there just to look good. They are their tostabilize the rest of your body.

In sort, it prevents your upper body from separating from your lower body. Imagine your body divided into different pieces. If you wanted to lift something, and your arms worked independently from the rest of your body, then your ability to lift an object would diminish.

Why? simply because there’s less muscle working to lift that object. However, if you were to use your arms, your legs, your back, and your abdominals to lift the object, you could lift a lot more.

That’s how power lifters lift heavy weights. It’s not just training their chest, or their triceps, or their back, or their legs. It’s about training the entire body, and working as a unit.

You must teach your body to work together. Athletes that have the best set of abdominals are usually ones that participate in spots that requires them to use their entire body at once.

Football, basketball, and tennis players all exhibit incredible bodies developed by spending time in the gym, training their abdominals and core region to allow them to move fast, tackle strong, and to handle the stress of the court.

There’s only one guy who’s teaching people how to train effectively with a dumbbells and bodyweight training to improve your sports, work, and daily life. CoachLomax’s workouts help you improve both your physique and your fitness.

Click here to learn more about Coach Lomax’s Gladiator Body Workout.

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Women’s Fitness: Dumbbell Exercise for Intense Workouts at Home

Due to responsibilities at home and the work place, most women prefer to workout in the comfort of their own homes. Hence, dumbbell training is the best option for women.

I want to show you one dumbbell movement that will help you create short, intense dumbbell workouts. Short workouts allow you to stay in shape without spending a lot of time working out.

Dumbbell Clean, Front Squat, Thruster

  • This exercise trains 80% of your body. It’s actually three movements in one: the clean, front squat, and shoulder press. For the first part of the movement, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and palms at your sides, holding a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Dip down by bend your knees slightly, then reverse the movement, shrugging your shoulders and using momentum to bring the dumbbells towards your head.
  • Flare out your elbows as the dumbbells move higher along your body. Bring your elbows out and under the dumbbells. The ending position should be with the dumbbells raised at shoulder level in front of your body with your elbows point out in front of you.
  • From this position, squat down as low as possible. Make sure to keep your back straight, chest out, and abs contracted. Front the squat position, stand up As you stand up, lift the dumbbells straight out over your head.
  • You should end the movement with the dumbbells pressed out over your head and standing straight up. Return to starting position and repeat. The front squat and press portion of the movement will be easier to master than the clean portion.
  • But with practice you will be able to master this part of the movement. The main idea is to explosively lift the dumbbells off the ground and up to shoulder position.

For a better explanation of this, and other dumbbell exercises you can do at home, check out the Gladiator Body Workout. Click here for more information.

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Is Coach Lomax’s Gladiator Body Workout Worth It?

If you haven’t heard of the program yet, Gladiator Body Workout is a home fitness program which combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises to create 6, 4-week programs. Gladiator Body Workout has a few competitors, however the one thing that separates Gladiator Body Workout from other programs are the unique exercises.

I personally love high intensity, power movements. I’m talking about movements such as a the snatch, swing, and clean. The snatch and clean are traditionally barbell movements, but CoachLomax, author of Gladiator Body Workout, shows you how to perform them with Dumbbells.

He also teaches you a number of other unique compound and hybrid movements such as the Turkish Get Up, which is proving to be one of the most challenging movements I’ve done with a Dumbbell.

8 Unique Movements I’ve Learned with Gladiator Body Workout:

I thought that I knew most of the exercises you could do with a dumbbell and your bodyweight. However, there were a number of movements that I had never seen anywhere. I would say 30-40% of the movements in this manual, I had never seen before.

And for the average person who’s been following magazine workouts for most of their life, at least 80% of the movements will be brand new. But, let me share with you 8 of these movements:

  1. Dumbbell Saxon Side Bend
  2. Dumbbell Alternating Floor Press
  3. Dumbbell Golf Squat
  4. Dumbbell Front Squat, See Saw Press
  5. Bodyweight Lying Hip Rollers
  6. Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift
  7. Dumbbell Bent Press
  8. Dumbbell Twisting Military Press

Coach Lomax’s Training Methods

The second thing I love about Coach Lomax is that he doesn’t stick to just one training method. Variety is the key to long term fitness. Just when your body adapts to a program, you gotta do something to switch it up and shock your body back into growth.

I’ve got a full, more detailed review of Coach Eddie Lomax’s workout. Click here to read the review.

This article links out to a product. If you purchase this product, I receive a percentage of the sale. Click here to read my disclaimer.
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Eddie Lomax’s “Gladiator Body Workout”

In these tough times, for most people one of the first things to go is a gym membership. You don’t need to sacrifice your health just because of the bad economy. A home gym can help you easily lose weight and increase lean muscle mass.

I actually got better results when I started training in my garage than when I was pounding away the weights at a gym. One of the reasons why I love training at home is privacy. You can yell and scream without anyone coming up to you and asking you to lower your voice.

That is why I recommend…Gladiator Body Workout

What is the Gladiator Body Workout?

The Gladiator Body Workout (GBW) is a home fitness program which combines dumbbell and bodyweight training into highly intense workouts. What separates GBW from other fitness eBooks is that it is one of the only programs which truly shows you how to workout with minimal equipment in the comfort of your own home. Whats more, the workouts are fast, intense, and very effective.

I enjoy Coach Lomax’s “Anti-Bodybuilding” approach to training. I personally worked out for 6 months using the workouts I found from bodybuilding magazines. I did get big, but I also became fatter.

Traditional bodybuilding workouts only work for bodybuilders. They make the rest of us fat and slow. On top of that, they are extremely boring. In my quest to become a better athlete, I decided to download Coach Lomax’s eBook and was absolutely impressed by the workouts (not to mention challenged)

GBW includes 27 different programs which last 4 weeks each. Each and every workout is unique and focuses on a different aspect to training. You have the basic general fitness, fat loss, and strength & size workouts.

Coach Lomax also incorporates 3 other high intensity workouts including “Rounds of Fury” “Juggernaut” and “Utterly Nasty Interval Training” workouts. I have never seen anyone give away so many workouts at such a low price.

On top of all this content, Coach Lomax also gives you a special “Build Your Own” Workout which shows you how to create your own high intensity in home workouts. I truly believe that this is one of the most unique, no-nonsense home fitness products on the market today.

For a better understanding of the Gladiator Body Workout, Coach Lomax has Put together this video, which is also featured on his website:

Coach Lomax has an Amazing Training Package for You. Click here to Purchase Today and Experience the Benefits of the Gladiator Body Workout!

Gladiator Body Workout – List of all Exercises:

Here’s the list of all of the exercises Eddie Lomax uses in his workouts:

  1. BW Decline Push Up
  2. DB Bent Over Row
  3. BW Sumo Squats
  4. DB Floor Press
  5. BW Chin Up
  6. DB Romanian Deadlift
  7. BW Pull Up
  8. DB Push Press
  9. BW Rear Lunge
  10. DB Hanging High Pull
  11. BW Pike Push Up
  12. DB 1 Leg Deadlift
  13. BW Hindu Push Up
  14. BW Over Under
  15. DB Front Squat
  16. DB Split Jerk
  17. DB Renegade Row
  18. BW Boot Strappers
  19. BW Dips
  20. DB Hanging Power Clean
  21. DB Diagonal Squat
  22. DB See Saw Press
  23. BW Commando Pull Up
  24. BW Hindu Squats
  25. BW Pull Up
  26. DB Side Press
  27. DB 1 Arm Swing
  28. DB 1 Arm Row
  29. BW Rotating “T” Push Up
  30. BW Jump Squats
  31. BW Ankle Wiggles
  32. DB Roll Ups
  33. DB Wind Mill
  34. BW Chinnies
  35. BW Lying Hip Rollers
  36. DB Good Morning
  37. DB Alternating Ab Swings
  38. BW Flutter Kicks
  39. BW Seated Abdominal Tucks
  40. DB Saxon Side Bend
  41. BW Squat Thrust
  42. DB Two Handed Swing
  43. BW Burpees
  44. DB Thrusters
  45. BW Mountain Climbers
  46. Jumping Jacks
  47. DB Clean-Front Squat-Thruster
  48. BW Squat and Twisting Press
  49. DB 1-Arm Military Press
  50. BW One Legged Deadlifts
  51. DB Push Up Row
  52. BW 6 Inch Crunch
  53. BW Mountain Jumpers
  54. DB Sumo Deadlift
  55. BW Walk Out Push Up
  56. DB Split Squat
  57. DB Turkish Get Up
  58. DB Front Squat – See Saw Press
  59. DB Bent Press
  60. BW Butt Lift Leg Raise
  61. DB Alternating Hanging High Pull
  62. BW Plank
  63. BW Steam Engine
  64. DB Bulgarian Squat
  65. DB 1 Arm Floor Press
  66. BW Reverse Squat
  67. DB Clean & Front Squat
  68. BW Squat with Leg Lifts
  69. BW Knuckle Push Up
  70. DB Split Squat
  71. DB 1 Arm Hanging Snatch
  72. BW V-Ups
  73. DB Front Squat
  74. DB Hip Raise Alternating Floor Press
  75. BW Knee Tucks
  76. BW Chin Up
  77. Cobra Push Up
  78. Jiu Jitsu Sit Up
  79. BW 8 Count Body Builders
  80. DB Military Press
  81. DB Golf Squat
  82. BW Lunge
  83. DB Crunch
  84. BW Knee Hugs
  85. BW Burpees Plus
  86. DB Twisting Military Press
  87. BW Split Squat & Trunk Rotation
  88. DB Curls
  89. BW Calf Raises
  90. DB Triceps Extensions
  91. DB Clean & Press
  92. BW Dive Bomber Push Up
  93. BW Leg Scissors
  94. DB Jump Shrug
  95. BW One Leg Push Up
  96. DB Squat Clean
  97. DB Deadlift
  98. BW Classic Push Up
  99. BW Boot Slappers
  100. BW Combination Crunch
  101. BW Incline Push Up
  102. DB Hanging High Pull
  103. BW Free Squat
  104. DB Step Ups
  105. The Rower
  106. DB Alternating Floor Press
  107. DB Hanging Jump Shrug
  108. BW Superman
  109. BW Ab Infinities
  110. BW 10 Second Crunch
  111. BW Side Plank ups
  112. BW Flying Acuaman
  113. BW Reverse Cunch
  114. BW Bow Glute Hold
  115. BW Ankle Grabbers
  116. BW Twisters
  117. DB Thruster
  118. BW Rear Lunge & Reach
  119. DB Split Jerk
  120. BW Step Ups
  121. DB Two Handed Swing
  122. BW Knee Raise to Side Push Up
  123. BW Butt Raises
  124. BW Ice Skater Hops
  125. BW Rest Pause Pull Ups
  126. BW Jump Squats
  127. BW Split Jump
  128. BW Standing Twist
  129. DB Squats
  130. BW Leg Raising Pull Up
  131. DB Push Up
  132. BW Seated Abdominal Tucks

That’s more or less all the exercises Coach Lomax uses in the 6 Gladiator Body Workout Programs featured in the product.

Coach Lomax has an Amazing Training Package for You. Click here to Purchase Today and Experience the Benefits of the Gladiator Body Workout!

5 Reasons Why I Love Gladiator Body Workout:

  1. All the workouts are high-intensity, which means you’re guaranteed to boost your metabolic rate and in turn burn a lot of fat. There’s no room for boring strength workouts or cardio with this program. In fact, CoachLomax is somewhat “Anti-Bodybuilding.”
  2. As mentioned in the first point, there’s no boring, steady state cardio to perform. When you combine bodyweight and dumbbell training, you get the effect of cardiovascular training. These workouts will really make your heart rate go crazy.
  3. All the workouts can be performed with only your bodyweight and a dumbbell. Dumbbells can be purchased for cheap from Craigslist or eBay. The average price of dumbbells at your local sports equipment store is about .50 cents per pound.
  4. High intensity workouts means that you can perform them within a short period of time. I love short, intense workouts. Short workouts will save you a lot of time and you’ll find yourself spending less time working out, but getting better results than if you were to go to the gym and follow a typical bodybuilding workout.
  5. Finally, the workouts are fun and challenging. The key to really taking your training to the next level is keep using different intensity techniques, and that is exactly what Coach Lomax does with this program.

Coach Lomax has an Amazing Training Package for You. Click here to Purchase Today and Experience the Benefits of the Gladiator Body Workout!

7 Reasons Why You Should Perform Intense Dumbbell and Bodyweight Training

So, I went over the benefits of the Gladiator Body Workout. I even tried to bribe you with a bonus (which I’m still willing to give you).

But you’re still reading this page, which means you’re not yet convinced why you should even combine dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

Well, I’ll give you 7 really good reasons why:

Reason #1: Save Time

By combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises into high intensity superset, circuit training, and interval workouts, I save a lot of time. I’m getting the strength and size benefits of dumbbells, plus the fat burning and athletic fitness benefits of dumbbell training within an extremely short period of time.

Reason #2: Build Functional Strength

Functional strength is all about improving your ability to move. This is by far the most important thing to me because the last thing I want is to be 70 years old and unable to move. Train your muscles through their natural range of motion and you’ll be fit for the rest of your life.

Reason #3: No More need for Endless Situps

Because I focus on multi joint, compound movements that stress the core with every workout, I no longer need to do endless situps, crunches and back extensions. Instead, high power moves such as dumbbell windmills and swings are more that enough to build a strong core region.

Reason #4: Train Anywhere!

I have a home gym which consists of bodyweight training and free weights. That’s all I need to get a great workout. My gym is also portable. I usually take one to two road trips per year. All I need to do is place a pair of adjustable dumbbells in my trunk and I can have a great workout anywhere. Don’t forget the fact that pushups and squat variations can be performed anywhere as well.

Reason #5: Forces you to Work Hard

In order to achieve your goals, you need to work hard. Most people just go into a gym, hit up a few machines, talk to their friends, and pretend like they’re working hard. Combine Bodyweight and Dumbbell exercises into high intensity workouts and you won’t have time to talk to your friends.

Reason #6: Saves Money

Gym memberships will cost you over $400 per year. On top of that, they charge you for times when you don’t even go to a gym (say you took a break or went on vacation). Instead, start building your own home gym with cheap adjustable dumbbells and a pullup bar.

Reason #7: Convenience

Imagine getting up in the morning, and getting a great workout right there in your own bedroom. Or what about coming home from work and getting in a great workout right before dinner.  When you have your own home gym, you can train at your own time and convenience.

Click here to Grab Coach Lomax’s Program Today!

If you’re tired of ineffective training programs and are looking for a new and fun challenge to spice up your training, then Gladiator Body Workout is Clearly the choice for You.  You will not regret it.

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How to Set Up an Upper Body Workout Plan

Most guys are only concerned with their upper body. In actuality, you should be training your entire body. Training your legs is very important, since you release lots of human growth hormone and testosterone when training large muscle groups.

And legs are the biggest muscle group in your body! So, don’t ignore your legs. But, you did come here for an Upper Body Workout Plan, so I’ll give you an upper body workout plan.

Lets go over some exercises that you can perform with a pair of dumbbells:

DB 1-Arm Military Press

Here’s the best video I’ve found showing this movement done properly. The only difference is that it’s done with a Kettlebell. But follow the same technique:

DB Push Up Row

This exercise has numerous names including Man Makers and Renegade Rows. But once again, the idea is the same:

That’s it! That’s all you need. These two movements are enough to target your shoulders, back, chest, arms, and abs. Throw in a dumbbell squat and you’ve got a full body workout.

Now, there are many ways you can organize these exercises into a workout. You can do a basic super set, where you alternate between the two movements with little to no rest in between each set.

Or you can alternate the movement with a cardio movement. For example, you can do 10 rounds of 5 repetitions on each side of the one-arm press, and alternate that with 30 seconds of jump roping.

There are actually dozens of ways you can set up a training program. One of the best sources for high intensity dumbbell and bodyweight programs is the Gladiator Body Workout.

Click here for more information about this incredible Training Program

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Ab Workouts for Women you can Do at Home

Strong abs are extremely important for daily life and sports, especially for women. However, much about what is written about abdominal training is misleading or completely false.
First of all there needs to be a distinction made between getting strong abs and revealing your abdominals. Getting stronger abs is very important if you wish to improve your daily life functions.
Everything from shoveling the snow, carrying the groceries, lifting a baby, or lugging luggage up the steps stress the abdominal region. The stronger your abs, the better you’ll be able to perform these movements.
Aesthetic abs, or a stomach that looks good isn’t as important (in my view). I personally feel that it is important to be efficient in life, then it is to look good.
However, training at a high intensity level will certainly help you drop fat and build lean muscle mass. Depending on your goal, you can take your fat loss further by implementing sound nutritional strategies.
Regardless of your goals, you can easily train your abdominals in the comfort of your own home. Most abdominal movements can be performed with just your bodyweight.
But for more options, you can also use dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, barbells, and…the list can go on and on. But, your home gym should at least have a pair of adjustable dumbbells.
Sample Abdominal Strength Workout for Women
Bodyweight Squat - As mentioned earlier, to develop stronger abdominals, you want to perform lots of exercises that indirectly stress the region. The bodyweight squat is one such movement.
Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Almost any standing movement will stress your abdominals. Most people don’t realize how much abdominal strength is required to push something over their heads.
Dumbbell Bent Over Row – To place greater stress on the abdominal region, perform the movement with a dumbbell in each hand, with your body bent forwards at 45 degrees.
  • Bodyweight Squat – 3×10, 60 seconds rest between each set – work up to 50 total repetitions per set
  • Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press, 3×10, 60 seconds rest between each set – add weight to make the movement more difficult
  • Dumbbell Bent Over Row, 3×10, 60 seconds rest between each set – add weight to make the movement more difficult
Sample Abdominal Aesthetic Workout for Women
The workout above will help you develop a stronger core region. Once you’ve built up your strength and developed some muscle mass, you can start to reveal your abs.
My suggestion is to perform interval training. And interval workout is where you perform an activity at a high intensity level for a short period of time, and follow up with a period of low intensity training.
One of the best ways to help you with your intervals is to use the GymBoss Interval Timer. It costs just $19.95, and you can program it to help you keep track of any sort of intervals you may use. Click here to grab yours today.
My favorite activities include shadowboxing, jump roping, and sledge hammer swings. But you can also do sprints and cycle sprints. Choose an exercise and use the following interval workout:
Perform 5 rounds of:
  • 30 Seconds High Intensity Training
  • 90 Seconds Low Intensity Training
- Start off with a 2 minute warmup and end with a 2 minute cooldown. Work up to 10 rounds, then reduce the low intensity training portion to 75 seconds.
- Continue in this manner, reducing the low intensity portion by 15 seconds until you are able to perform 30 seconds of high intensity training followed by 30 seconds of low intensity training.
I’m just giving you a sample workout here, and leaving a lot of planning for you. If you want a full training plan, then you should check out the Gladiator Body Workout.

Click here for more information

This post contains a link to a product. If you purchase the product, I get a percentage of the sales. Click here to read my disclaimer.
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