Trying To Cut Carbs!!! Opt The Best Way Out

Even though the carbs are addictive, they are one of the main sources of energy for the body in a healthy balanced diet. Thus, trying to cut them is a task that one struggles with a lot. Reason being they are everywhere, especially in the food we love to have most of the time. Though […]

How to Eat for Fat Loss

In the past few months, my diet has gone through an immense amount of changes. I’ve moved towards eating more natural foods, and have dramatically reduced my consumption of dairy and wheat. My body has responded very well. I have more energy then ever. I weigh less. My workouts are better…and I think my testosterone […]

Fix your Nutrition: Basic tips and techniques you can use NOW

A big part of performing well with high intensity workout routines is nutrition. Many people are warriors when it comes to working out, but still eat anything they can get their hands on. This may work when you’re younger, but as you get older, these bad nutritional habits can come back to bite you. The […]

An Alternative to the USDA Food Pyramid

If you haven’t figured it out already, the USDA Food Pyramid will not help you achieve your goals. As health enthusiasts we know that the amount of carbs (6-11 servings of grains) that they recommend are just too many. If you are not convinced that the USDA food pyramid is unhealthy, then please take some […]