Advanced Work Out

My favorite form of training is known as High Frequency Training (HFT). High Frequency Training is an advanced form of training which is often used to train multiple fitness qualities. These qualities include maximal strength, speed, cardiovascular endurance, strength endurance, and power. A fallacy that most trainees have is that they think they can just […]

The Biggest Flaw in Your Program: How to Choose the Right Training Frequency

Training frequency is probably one of the most talked, written, and blogged about topics out there. The main question is: How often should I train? There is no easy answer, and it’s tough shifting through all the various and conflicting information out there. Lets first define training frequency. According to Charles Poliquin, training frequency is […]

Three Steps to High Frequency Training (HFT)

High Frequency Training is a no-nonsense training method that works. I realized just how many people do not perform HFT after my cousin asked me, “How do I train my entire body multiply times a day?” The following are three steps to creating your own HFT training program: Step One: Make a grand list of […]