How to Lose Belly Fat on the Treadmill

Treadmills are one of the easiest exercise equipment you’ll find. They fill most gyms, but they are also common in households for home-exercise. It uses a moving belt for a running surface and is either manual or motorized. One advantage of a treadmill is that it works for all fitness levels. Since you can adjust […]

Recovering from Intense Fitness Workouts

I know after a few weeks of intense fitness workouts, I tend to to feel tired. My body feels like it’s beat up and broken down, like I just fought a UFC match. Well, once again Craig Ballantyne delivers a program that’s designed to build up a broken body and help you lose fat and […]

What is the Total Body Extension Exercise?

The total body extension is a great basic calisthenic movement that gets your heart rate up and stretches your entire body. Here’s how to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands by your side. Sit into a squat position, but do not fall into a full squat while bringing your arms further […]

Medicine Ball Plyometrics: Take Your Workouts to the Next Level!

Free eBook: get in shape without doing boring cardio – click to learn more Need a different option to add to your home training? Why not grab a medicine ball, and do some plyometric drills! These athletic drills will not only bring you back to your high school and college sports days, but will also […]

New Turbulence Training Bonus!

Hey guys, I’m glad to announce a great, brand new Turbulence Training bonus workout created by me. One of my favorite training methods is Tabata, but there are very few Turbulence Training workouts that feature Tabata training. So I decided to create my own. This 4-week workout features some of the toughest TT exercises and […]

Insane Kettlebell Supersets You can Do at Home

Insane Kettlebell Supersets You can Do at Home

Here’s another great superset workout program from Craig Ballantyne using Kettlebell. It’s actually a combination program using Kettlebells, Bodyweight, and Dumbbells training: Workout 1 Pistol Squat 3 sets DB Incline Chest Press 3 sets KB One-Legged Romanian Deadlift, 3 sets KB Row, 3 sets DB Squat, 3 sets Decline Pushups, 3 sets Interval Training Workout […]

5 Ways to Get Faster Results with your Dumbbell and Bodyweight Training Routines

Two of my favorite methods of training include Dumbbells and Bodyweight Exercises. Dumbbells are great because I can lift weights through a full range of motion – the kind of natural movement I can not achieve with machines. Bodyweight training is great for the same exact reason – all the exercises can be performed through […]

The 15 Minute Home Dumbbell Workout

People always ask me – “How the hell do you finish up a workout in less then 15 minutes?” The answer is really simple – I go as hard as I can. I have a very simple rule that I use with my workouts, my business, and all other aspects in life: You can either […]

Explosive Free Weights Workouts for Power, Strength & Muscle

The majority of trainees change a variety of variables in their training – sets, reps, rest, exercises, etc. However, the one variable that trainees fail to look at is rep speed. There is “normal” rep speed – or the rep speed that you perform without even thinking about rep speed. And then there is slow […]