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Forget Aerobics at Home: Make your Cardio Workout Hard

  If you thought that long distance cardio and aerobic exercise was the way to go for improved health – you’re wrong. Here are 3 quick reasons why excessive aerobic exercise is not a good idea: Reason #1: You’ll Hurt Yourself Typical distance cardio and aerobic routines put you at risk for repetitive motion injuries. Ask […]

3 High Intensity Dumbbell and Bodyweight Interval Training Schemes you can Perform at Home

Interval Training is a great intensity technique which helps you blur the lines between cardio and strength training. I personally love combining cardio and strength training because it saves me time. I no longer have to perform separate cardio and strength training workouts. Actually, I need to stop using the word cardio. It’s not cardio, […]

The Definitive Guide to Working out at Home: List of Shah Training Bodyweight Workouts

I’ve posted lots of bodyweight workouts on this website over the past two years. Instead of using the search feature, you can now grab all the workouts through just one post. The following is a list of all the bodyweight workouts I’ve published on this site: Beginner Workouts – Can’t do Pushups, Pullups, and Squats […]

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution: First Bodyweight Exercise Workout Completed

NOTE: If you’re Looking for my Bodyweight Exercise Revolution Review, Click Here. Just completed my first workout using the exercises I learned from Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. My first reaction was that I was surprised by how inflexible I was. I’ve been relying too much on pushups, pullups, and squats to get the job done. (more…)


3 Reasons why You should Perform Bodyweight and Dumbbell Cardio instead of Boring Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is boring. Boring things don’t interest me (because they’re boring). You might come across the best training program in the history of fitness programs, but if it’s boring, then it’s not going to work for you. You need a workout that gets you excited and keeps you challenged so that you can actually […]

3 Simple Steps to Ignite your Bodyweight and Dumbbell Training

Imagine workouts that are so intense that you feel like you’ve been hit by a storm after completing them. You feel like your insides are about to land on the ground beneath you. No matter how much water you drink, it’s just doesn’t seem be enough. And the scariest part – your heart rate just […]