Kettlebell Revolution Bonus

Just finished developing the bonus workouts for Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution. I decided to use the same movements and training style Chris Lopez teaches in his product, and combine them with my own unique high intensity style. I came up with 4 unique training programs that are guaranteed to kick your butt. I’ve also included […]

Don’t Hurt Yourself! Top 2 Ways to Improve your Kettlebell Technique

Everyone knows that Kettlebell training is tough, exciting, and produces incredible results. However, if you don’t perform the exercises properly, you can hurt yourself. This is why learning proper technique is absolutely crucial to Kettlebell training. There are two ways to improve your Kettlebell technique. The first method is free, but it has its limitations. […]

Why Intense Kettlebell Training Programs Are Ideal For Fat Loss

Kettlebell Training is the latest method of training that actually helps you burn fat all in the comfort of your own home. The reason why Kettlebell Training works is because it makes your body work hard. And when your body works harder, you effectively raise your metabolic rate. Raising your metabolic rate is an important […]

Use this Method to Make Your Kettlebell Training More Intense


The same old set and rep schemes can get boring….fast. Here’s a simple template you can use to make your kettlebell workouts more intense: Peripheral Heart Action – Ascending Repetitions Peripheral Heart Actions (PHA) is a system of training where you alternate between an upper body exercise, and a lower body exercise. Ascending repetitions is […]

Kettlebell Work Out: The Complete Guide to Kettlebell Training


Kettlebells are a unique training implement originated in Russia. They look like a cannonball with a handle, and are currently used by many world class athletes to improve their speed, strength and endurance. However, many individuals with busy schedules and hectic jobs are purchasing Kettlebells as a way to get an effective workout in the […]

Intense Kettlebell Abdominal Workout for Ripped Abdominals

Want an Intense Kettlebel Abdominal Workout that will help you get RIPPED Abdominals? Well, the beauty of kettlebell training is that almost every single movement that you perform target the abdominals. The abdominals and lower back are the key muscles used in every single Kettlebell movement. Every time you swing, snatch, squat, or press, you […]

7 Cool Kettlebell Squat Variations

kettlebell squat

Squats are awesome! When people come to workout with me, they’re surprised at how many squats I make them do. I love them because they work for fat loss and muscle building. Here are 7 cool kettlebell squat variations: The Kettlebell Front Squat Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab the Kettlebell and clean […]

Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution System for Women

According to Chris Lopez, creator of the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution System, Kettlebells are great for everyday people who wants an effective workout. But they’re also great for women. Women using Kettlebells would develop a sexy lean, look. They would get a dancers body, as opposed to an overly muscular physique. Chris Lopez says that […]

Kettlebell Circuit Workout with Two Kettlebells

The reason I love Kettlebell training is because you can get a great workout super fast. Chris Lopez, who’s the guy I go to for all my Kettlebell workouts just came out with a new workout video using two kettlebells: Now,you can do this workout with one Kettlebell. I just find the concept really great! […]