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  • How to Make Kettlebell Pyramid Swings Work for You

    We know that high-rep Kettlebell swings WORKS for fat loss. The biggest problem is that performing 500 – 1000 swings within a single workout can be a DAUNTING task mentally and physically. To ease things up, we can organize our workouts in much more manageable sets while still achieving the benefit of high-volume training. Before […]

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  • Exercises Build Chest

    How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home How to Perform the Best Chest Exercises at Home By Wayne Hopkins When most people think of building up their chest, they think of exercises that include weight machines and a series of weights which they do have at their own home. However, if you want […]

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  • #1 TOUGHEST kettlebell workout method? (not what you think)

    These new kettlebell workouts could be the hardest thing you’ve EVER done. But if you want serious results, they NEED to be a staple in your long-term workout plan. They even helped an ex-pro football player friend of mine lose 64 pounds in 7 months, and keep it off for good … => See this crazy new […]

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  • When You experience Training Burnout, switch to Kettlebells!

    The advanced trainee needs to be constantly challenged in order to see results. When I feel bored with my training and nothing seems to get me excited – not interval training, not bodyweight cardio – then I break out the secret weapon. This method of training is not my own. It’s developed by Kettlebell Coach […]

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  • 4 Steps to Get Started with Kettlebells

    Kettlebell training is all the rage these days. However, Kettlebell training is not like most fads. In fact, it’s not a fad at all. It’s more of a revival. You see, Kettlebell training started out many years ago in Russia. It’s actually one of the oldest forms of training. Kettlebells were first introduced in the […]

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  • Kettlebells 101: The Definitive Guide to Building the Ideal Body with Kettlebells

    This Kettlebells guide will show you how to achieve your ideal body with Kettlebells with safe and proper technique if you’re a beginner. You will also discover strategies for experienced Kettlebell lifters to bust through any plateau, get ripped, boost your strength, eliminate lower back pain, and much more. Kettlebells are the most versatile training […]

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  • The Kettlebell Body

    When you think of Bodybuilders, you think of big, bulky athletes with low body fats. When you think of basketball players, you think of tall and lean athletes with functional muscles. But what about Kettlebell athletes? Many people wonder what a traditional “kettlebell body” looks like. Well, a lot of that depends on how you […]

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  • Kettlebell Workout Routines for Fast, Effective Training

    Kettlebell Workout Routines were first originally used by Soviet Soldiers to get into incredible condition. Some time in the past decade, American soldiers began to implement Kettlebell workout routines into their regular training. Since then, Kettlebells have begun to spring up in commercial and private gyms across the country. And now, fitness enthusiasts are starting […]

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  • The Benefits of Kettlebell Programs for Busy People

    People are busier than ever, and they’re also fatter than ever. Lack of time and obesity seems to go hand in hand. But this does not have to be the case. The Kettlebell, a unique training implement which originated in Russia, can help you lose fat and build muscle mass while keeping your workouts short […]

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  • Best Kettlebell/Dumbbell Workouts You can Do in your Home

    I’ve decided that for the rest of the year, and for most of 2010, I’m going to be sticking to combination Kettlebell and Bodyweight workouts. Take a look at this workout I just completed today, then I’m going to show you where you can get the best Kettlebell/Dumbbell Workouts you can do at home. Remember, […]

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