4-Week Superset Abs Routine

People are always searching for the right workout that focuses on getting them their dream abs. Turbulence Training Abs Programs, instructed by Craig Ballantyne, are each, designed to give you ripped abs.

Doing hundreds of crunches are a waste of your time especially if your TBF (total body fat) is greater than 30%. Craig is not the kind of instructor that swears by hundreds of crunches. He has developed perfect, in-depth programs to provide you with the abs of that you have always dreamed of.

Turbulence Training workouts now include programs for extra abdominal work. Craig’s classic TT superset principles combined with his TT intervals, are the special blend of total body workouts and abs exercises to help transform your torso.

Traditional abs workouts cause too much impact on you lower back. Abs exercises, like the plank, are designed to work the stomach muscles without causing strain or damage to the back.

That is why the TT for Abs is the best program for safely getting results. The TT for Abs Program can give you the tools to sculpt your body, while strengthening your core.

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5 Steps to Losing More fat with Bodyweight Training

Are you struggling to burn fat with your bodyweight programs? Follow these five basic steps to get re-started on your fat loss goals:

Step #1: Simplicity is the Key

This is something that we all need to be reminded of. You need to approach your fitness plan in small, simple steps. If you suddenly sit down one night and create this amazing training program that has you training 3 times a day, with 10 different lifts per workout, then chances are you won’t do it.

Especially if you’ve been completely sedentary for most of your life. Instead, start off with 3, 10 minute workouts per week. Then expand to 4 workouts per week. Gradually learn new movements, but still keep it simple. Focus on developing a strong foundation and moving one step at a time.

Step #2: Build on that Foundation

As we get more and more serious about our training, we tend to “settle.” In the beginning, we all start off with baby steps, but only until we reach a certain goal. For example, lets say my goal was to be able to work out 5 days a week, 30 minutes at a time.

So I start off with 3 sessions of 10 minutes, and steadily build up to 5 sessions of 30 minutes. I feel better, I look good, and I’m excited that I hit my goal. I’ve formed a great habit. But what do I do now? The thing I shouldn’t do is just shrug my shoulders and say to myself, “Well, now I’ll just maintain this level of fitness.”

The truth is that people that try to maintain their level of fitness never do. This is because your body doesn’t like maintenance. It likes challenge. If you don’t challenge yourself with a new goal and build upon the foundation you’ve already got, then your body will have nowhere else to go but down.

Step #3: Challenge yourself with Interval Training

One of the best and easiest ways to challenge yourself is with interval training. Interval training is basically performing an exercise for a set period of time, then either resting or moving onto a different exercise. For example, a very simple interval workout would be to perform Spinal Rocks for 30 seconds, then rest for 30 seconds.

I’ve had the best results with interval workouts that last 10-20 minutes and feature just 2-4 exercises. I usually keep my rest periods extremely short, but beginners should start out with a minimum of 30 seconds rest. Once you get comfortable with interval workouts, you can start to employ more advanced interval techniques such as Tabata intervals.

One of the best ways to help you with your intervals is to use the GymBoss Interval Timer. It costs just $19.95, and you can program it to help you keep track of any sort of intervals you may use. Click here to grab yours today.

Step #4: Challenge yourself with Circuit Training

Another way to challenge yourself is with Circuit Training. Circuit training is where you perform 4 or more exercises back to back with little to no rest in between each exercise. A good circuit training workout would be to perform sets of leg swoops, ellipse, quad squat, and half spinal rocks right after each other.

Beginners should start off with 3 circuits of 4-6 exercises, and steadily build up to 5-6 circuits. I generally like to use more difficult movements in my circuits and keep the number of exercises capped at 6. But I’ve also designed some great workouts that use up to 10 exercises per workout.

Step #5: Take a Break

At some point, you need to take a break from your training. I honestly don’t suggest a complete break from working out. Instead, do some other lower intensity activity for about a week, just to rest your mind and body. Some great ideas include yoga and mobility drills.

Speaking of yoga and mobility drills, Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock include Prasara Yoga and Intu Flow mobility training along with high intensity bodyweight training with unique exercises as part of a complete bodyweight training system.

The name of their program is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. Coach’s Steer and Murdock show you how to use unique bodyweight movements to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, improve athletic fitness, and enhance longevity.

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Two Elements to Help You Lose Weight Without Lifting Weights

We’ve been brainwashed to believe we need expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment to improve our health and physique. Nine months ago, I launched my site ShahTraining.com to debunk this myth. I’m going to take everything that I’ve been talking about in the past few months and let it all loose right here. In this post, you’ll learn how to lose fat without needing to go to a gym. Read more.

Four Fitness Facts you Need to Know

Yesterday, I ran a short interview with my good friend and client, Dom K. Re-reading the interview made me realize four strong facts about fitness that he expressed through the short interview:

1) You can put on muscle and lose fat at the same time, it just takes longer.

Dom stated that he was 170 lbs when he first started, and he’s still a 170 pounds. However, his arms, legs and chest are much leaner. He’s also starting to see some signs of a six pack, whereas before, you could see that this guy was on a “bulking” phase. Everyone around him’s telling him he looks a lot “smaller.” Smaller while maintaining the same weight only means one thing: he’s put on muscle, while losing fat.

2) You can’t do everything in one day.

When Dom started out, he was hitting the gym 3 days a week, training with me 5 days a week, and playing basketball 5 days a week. I suddenly saw a decline in his performance in my workouts and he constantly complained of feeling tired. I knew he’d been over training. I told him he had two choices: eat more, or cut down on training. He decided to cut back on basketball at first. But when school started for him, he dropped our sessions to two days a week. Since then, his performance has gone up.

Image by phoneyman
3) Train fast and explosive for a higher vertical jump.

When I asked Dom what results he’s seen in basketball game, he said “I don’t know how, but I can jump higher.” Our training involves a lot of explosive moves such as the kettlebell swing, a variety of cleans, and sprinting. We also train as fast as humanely possible as we’re constantly pushing ourselves against the clock. This style of training is what helps with your explosive power.

4) It takes time, consistency, and proper form.

Dom said that he’d wasted three years before he got it right. I gave him his first gym workout a little more than a year ago and I trained him for a few days with a free one week pass to LA Fitness. In that time I basically taught him the big lifts he wasn’t doing: push press, deadlift, power clean, and bent over row. He has been following my advice ever since and the amount of time he spends on bicep curls has dramatically decreased. Everything takes time and consistency, but only if you’re doing things the right way.

Bodyweight Burn

You CAN drop a ton of weight in record time.

But should you? Is it safe?

A long term approach to diet and training is obviously your best choice. But let’s face it, there are LEGITIMATE times in your life when you need to make rapid body changes:

* an upcoming special occasion when to want to look your best

* to kick off a fat loss goal

* to put the finishing touches on a transformation

* to bust through a stubborn platea

Maybe you and your spouse just booked a romantic last minute vacation deal, and you want to look your best for the beach. Or maybe you’ve got a high school reunion on the horizon, and you want the entire room to watch with envy when you walk in the door.

Whatever your personal situation may be, those “special moments” call for more aggressive fatloss methods.

But it has to be SAFE, effective, and without the risk of “inevitable” rebound weight gain.

And that’s exactly what I’ve found. My buddy and international fatloss expert Adam Steer just put the finishing touches on a brand new diet that’ll strip 10 lbs from your body in the next 12 days.

It contains the most powerful fatloss diet tactics Adam has learned in his 20 years as a coach, trainer and instructor. And today he’s GIVING AWAY his brand new 10-in-12 Diet for free.

Yeah, you read that right. It’s 100% *free* for anyone who grabs his groundbreaking new Bodyweight Burn program at $50 OFF the regular price:

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Adam is a coach, and he does this stuff all the time. But he STILL got choked up telling me the stories of folks who couldn’t believe how different their body felt and looked in the mirror in LESS than two weeks.

I really want that for you too. That incredible sense of freedom you feel when life opens up. The sensation of your new slim body responding like it hasn’t since you were a teenager.

THIS is the fresh start that’ll motivate you to finally win the body of your dreams.

And you can have all that in less than 2 weeks — if you begin the plan today.

Here’s the thing…

The 10-in-12 Diet is NOT a get-slim-quick starvation diet. It’s designed to keep you healthy and energetic as you quickly drop the most fat possible without losing precious calorie-burning lean muscle in the process.

Adam uses two strategic — and little known — nutritional tactics to make this magic happen.

The first is his unique variation on the “Protein Sparing Modified Fast.” It’s basically a way to reduce calories without putting ANY of your valuable, calorie-burning lean muscle mass in jeopardy.

The second method is a fat cycling technique that Adam developed. Training your body to be “fat adapted” shifts it to burning fat as its preferential source of fuel. That part is well known. But here’s the twist. By strategically depriving your body of fat for short periods of time, you can trigger a powerful surge in fatloss as your body basically eats its own fat for fuel.

You’ve probably heard of carb cycling before. But Adam’s fat cycling, when done right, is even more powerful when it comes to pulling fat off your frame. Unfortunately, very few people are using it correctly.

By coaxing your body into this fat adapted state as you protect your precious calorie-burning lean muscle mass, you’ll actually see your belly get flatter in the mirror each morning. YouR clothes will feel looser by day 4. And by day 12 you’ll need to pull out some of your “skinny” clothes — or just go shopping for new ones!

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Why Spot Reduction for Women does not Work

The big trend amongst women is “spot reducing.” Spot reducing is when you choose one bodypart, and perform every known exercise to target that region in an attempt to “reduce” or lose fat specifically in that region.

Doesn’t work.

There are many studies which refute the concept of spot reduction:

In one study, the arm circumferences of high level tennis players were taken. Then fat deposits were measured on each arm. Researchers came to the conclusion that if spot reduction worked, the playing arm of a tennis player should have less fat than the arm. However, it was seen that both arms had equal deposits of fat.

Another study comes from the University of Massachusetts in the mid-1980s. 13 male subjects were chosen to perform 5,000 situps over the course of 27 days. Fat biopsies were taken from the subjects abdominals, buttocks, and upper back.

Fat similarly decreased on all three areas, meaning that if the calorie expenditure is high enough, a trainee will lose fat, however, the fat will be reduced evenly across the body. This study does explain why spot reduction APPEARS to work. It is not the spot reduction that’s working. What’s working is the fact that the trainee is exercising hard and expending enough calories to result in weight loss.

So if spot reduction doesn’t work, then what do you do?

You must perform compound, multi-joint movement which stress the entire body. These movements help you lose weight while burning fat all over your body. So, you’ll get the ideal body you desire much faster.

Here’s a great video showing some multi-joint movements for women:

Check out Flavia Del Monte’s workout program here!

Core Abdominal Workouts

Ab Exercises: General Info

Author: Jason Taylor

Few bodybuilders would argue against the importance of abdominal exercises in order to look good. But ab exercises are also important to enabling a person to feel good and perform well. Your body’s core, the area around your trunk and pelvis, is related to every physical action you perform. It is also the location of your center of gravity. By doing upper and lower ab exercises and having strong abdominal muscles, you also strengthen the support system for the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, and hips. This provides increased protection for people with lower back problems and injuries. Strengthened ab muscles also allow for greater controlled movement, and a more stable center of gravity. While this is important to increasing performance and guarding against injury in any athletic endeavor, it is also important for nearly any physical activity, including sitting. Strong ab muscles help you to sit properly without slouching; this supports the lower back and is important for people sitting at a desk for long hours.

The frequency of abdominal exercises

Ab exercises should be done at least three times a week. Select exercises that workall of your core muscles simultaneously. Rather than concentrating on the number of repetitions, your goal should be to exercise with proper form. Make sure to breathe, with full inhalations and exhalations, throughout each movement.

You can even perform abdominal exercises whilst at home

There are numerous ab exercises that you can perform in your home, even while watching television. The simplest is the regular sit-up, or ab crunch, that everyone knows how to do. In this exercise, lay with your back on the floor, and bend your knees to allow your feet to lay flat on the floor; your arms can be crossed in front of your chest, or to add more resistance and to support the neck, they can be locked behind your neck or the back of the head. Using your ab muscles, slowly lift your shoulder blades off the mat. After completing a full slow exhalation, slowly return your back down to the floor. Do not use your arms to pull upwards on your head or neck. Your abs should do the work, and your hands are only there to support your neck muscles. Try this exercise on a stability ball in order to engage more of your core muscles and create an additional challenge. Using a stability ball for ab exercises is an excellent way to strengthen your core, as well as to add variety in doing regular ab exercises like the plank. If you tire of doing isolated ab exercises, try yoga or Pilates, which are both great for strengthening your ab and core muscles.

If you’re looking for a solid core workout that will help you get solid six pack abs, then I recommend checking out TT for Abs 2K11. Click here to learn more!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/fitness-articles/ab-exercises-general-info-5481050.html

About the Author

Jason is a good health and fitness enthusiast. Visit the health care, sport authority site for more informations.

Women: How to Lose Fat in the Right Places!

Finding the right workout program is like finding the right guy. You might have gone through a lot of losers, but eventually you find a guy, or in this case a workout, that works. If you are with a guy who does not understand you and your needs, then you’d just be wasting your time and energy. You need a guy (er…a workout program) that fits you like a puzzle piece.

The goal is to lose fat, without losing your curves. You need a program that understands YOU and is specifically designed to meet your needs. Unlike most other programs, this program needs to be designed by a woman, not a man. A system designed by a woman, for women.

Well, I have found such a program for you!

Introducing: Flavia Del Monte! Flavia is the future of fitness. She is one of the few female trainers out there approaching female fitness in a way that I agree with.

Flavia Del Monte is the wife of Vince Del Monte, who I must say, is a huge fan of ShahTraining.com. I’ve been posting his videos for quite a while now, and have watched all of his wedding videos (though I couldn’t make it to the wedding. Bummer!)

Most trainers recommend hours upon hours of cardiovascular exercise. Sure, you will lose weight, but you will also lose your curves! Most women don’t want to be stick-thin because as they already know,  guys love women with curves (I know I do!).

With that said, Flavia’s approach is different. She recommends that women build muscle in the areas of their body that they want to accentuate. In other words, its not really about losing fat in random places, but instead gaining muscle in all the right places!

As a woman, you probably think,”Building muscle? That’s for guys!” Building muscle is NOT just for guys. That myth holds women back from doing many exercises because they fear that it would make them look manly. Such fears are NOT based on fact. It WON’T make you big and bulky, and there are many reasons why. The main reason is that women simply do not have the same amount of testosterone that a man does, so they cannot build the same amount of muscle that a man does. It is a physical impossibility for a woman to build the type of muscle a man does naturally. Most women that you see with such muscles use different methods and substances to build such muscles.

Women who incorporate muscle building exercises into their programs will be able to target all the trouble spots including thighs, butt, stomach, and arms. On top of that, with Flavia’s program, you will be able to drop fat super fast!

Okay, so you might want proof that Flavia’s workouts work, right? Well then, let’s take a look at a sample Chest, Triceps, and Biceps workout that Flavia performs in the gym:

Pretty tough, eh?

Flavia’s program is actually a set of DVDs.

Disc one focuses on your hips.
Disc two is abdominal workout and will help you get a lean, sexy stomach.
Disc three is all about the booty.
Disc four targets the shoulders, a muscle group most women do not place enough emphasis on. This will help your arms, shoulders and back look super sexy.
Disc five includes a back workout that will help you reduce back fat.
Finally, disc six gives you a blueprint of the entire program.

With Flavia Del Monte’s new training regiment, you will be able to pack on muscle and lose fat in all the right places so that you could have the body that you have always dreamed of! Her system ensures that age and metabolism should never hold you back from getting the body that you are destined to have.

Now is your time! Take the leap that could change your life for good. Click here to learn more!

Get Stronger with the Decline Pushup

Whats a super easy way to double or triple your pushup strength? Do decline pushups! This pushups variation is actually the back bone of the Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior programs. Why? Well…first lets go over what Decline Pushups are:

How to Get Stronger with Decline Pushups

If you can do 10-20-30 regular pushups and want to increase your pushup numbers, then the easiest way is to perform more difficult variations! Decline pushups are the ideal answer because when your legs are elevated, stress is transferred onto your arms, chest, shoulders, and abs.

A lot of people fail with pushups because their core is too weak. So a great way to force your abdominals to work harder is to perfor Decline Pushups. Once you get strong with this variation, place your feet on a stability ball as shown in the video to get your abs even stronger.

Yet another reason why people fail at pushups is because their shoulders are too weak.Again, the answer is to use the Decline Pushups to strengthen the shoulders.

After these variations, go back to doing pushups and notice how easy they are!

Recruit More Muscle with the Decline Pushup

As shown in the video, performing deeper pushups using pushup handles will help recruit more muscle fiber. Recruiting more muscle fibers will result in strength and muscle gain. And we know what happens when you gain muscle!

You increase your daily calorie needs, boost your metabolic rate, and in turn burn more calories and fat. In short: build muscle and lose fat.

All of the exercises we choose in Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior workouts are designed to help you pack on muscle and lose fat. If you haven’t done so already, join the members section today! ===> UltimateFatLossWarrior.com/Members

Lose Fat: Nutrition Tips to Lose Fat Now!

Nutrition is one of the those things that we don’t want to think about. We all want to think that “it’ll happen if we just workout.” Well, I found out the hard way that nutrition is MORE important then training when it comes fat loss.

(It’s even MORE important for muscle mass)

So, where do we get started? Well, I don’t want you to get started on some crazy calorie-counting dieting plan. Of course, you’ll lose fat with those plans, but is it sustainable? Can you do it for the rest of your life?

Nope, you can’t. So lets focus on slowly and steadily cleaning up your diet. Here are a few tips:

Look at the Labels

Well…duh! But just don’t look at the calories and fat content. Look at the ingredients. If there are a whole bunch of ingredients in there, that you don’t recognize, then don’t buy it! Do your research first!

You’re better off sticking to more natural foods – foods that don’t require labels. These include eggs, fruits, and vegetables. Of course, it’s really hard to go 100% natural, especially in today’s society.

Drink Water, Tea and Coffee

People don’t drink enough water. Instead, they fill their stomachs with sugar drinks like soda and sugar-laden lattes. Gatorade, all the ready-made protein shakes, and even ready-made fruit juices are all bad for you.

Start drinking more water. And if you need a pick me up, then skip the Red Bull and stick to Tea and Coffee. And when I say Coffee, stick to plan coffee. Skip the Starbucks lattes, and just go for plain, simple, coffee.

Eat more Nuts

Raw nuts are a great way to stave off hunger, and get a lot of healthy fat and protein. Now, by raw nuts, I mean nuts in their natural state. Don’t get anything that’s been roasted or salted, or anything like that.

Snack Wisely

This is actually where people make a HUGE mistake! They may eat healthy, but then mess things up when it comes to snack time. Look, you’re GOING to get hungry throughout the day. Especially if you workout on a daily basis.

Instead of panicking and grabbing for the nearest thing to you, you need to plan ahead. So what are the best snack options? Nuts, as I mentioned before a great snack options. Sunflower seeds are another great option.

Fruits are also a great snack option. In fact, I love fruits. I eat at least 5 servings per day! Grapes, bananas, apples, grapefruit, and oranges are my favorite. Another great snack option is Greek Yogurt!

Start off implementing these 4 basic tips and I guarantee you’ll start to see some positive changes in your diet, and in turn your health and physique. If you’re looking for a complete guide to a better diet, then I recommend Craig Ballantyne’s TT Simple Nutrition.

Click here to Learn more about TT Simple Nutrition.