• 4-Week Superset Abs Routine

    People are always searching for the right workout that focuses on getting them their dream abs. Turbulence Training Abs Programs, instructed by Craig Ballantyne, are each, designed to give you ripped abs. Doing hundreds of crunches are a waste of your time especially if your TBF (total body fat) is greater than 30%. Craig is […]

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  • 5 Steps to Losing More fat with Bodyweight Training

    Are you struggling to burn fat with your bodyweight programs? Follow these five basic steps to get re-started on your fat loss goals: Step #1: Simplicity is the Key This is something that we all need to be reminded of. You need to approach your fitness plan in small, simple steps. If you suddenly sit […]

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  • Two Elements to Help You Lose Weight Without Lifting Weights

    We’ve been brainwashed to believe we need expensive gym memberships or fancy equipment to improve our health and physique. Nine months ago, I launched my site ShahTraining.com to debunk this myth. I’m going to take everything that I’ve been talking about in the past few months and let it all loose right here. In this […]

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  • Four Fitness Facts you Need to Know

    Yesterday, I ran a short interview with my good friend and client, Dom K. Re-reading the interview made me realize four strong facts about fitness that he expressed through the short interview: 1) You can put on muscle and lose fat at the same time, it just takes longer. Dom stated that he was 170 […]

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  • Bodyweight Burn


    You CAN drop a ton of weight in record time. But should you? Is it safe? A long term approach to diet and training is obviously your best choice. But let’s face it, there are LEGITIMATE times in your life when you need to make rapid body changes: * an upcoming special occasion when to want to look your best […]

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  • Why Spot Reduction for Women does not Work

    The big trend amongst women is “spot reducing.” Spot reducing is when you choose one bodypart, and perform every known exercise to target that region in an attempt to “reduce” or lose fat specifically in that region. Doesn’t work. There are many studies which refute the concept of spot reduction: In one study, the arm […]

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  • Bodyweight Training: How To Burn Fat And Build Muscle Without A Gym

    Bodyweight training is one of the best ways to burn fat and build muscle.  Unfortunately, most people believe (or are led to believe) they need a room full of equipment or an expensive gym membership in order to improve their physique.  They completely overlook the fat burning and muscle building potential of bodyweight exercise.  I […]

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  • Core Abdominal Workouts

    Ab Exercises: General Info Author: Jason Taylor Few bodybuilders would argue against the importance of abdominal exercises in order to look good. But ab exercises are also important to enabling a person to feel good and perform well. Your body’s core, the area around your trunk and pelvis, is related to every physical action you […]

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  • Women: How to Lose Fat in the Right Places!

    Finding the right workout program is like finding the right guy. You might have gone through a lot of losers, but eventually you find a guy, or in this case a workout, that works. If you are with a guy who does not understand you and your needs, then you’d just be wasting your time […]

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  • Get Stronger with the Decline Pushup

    Whats a super easy way to double or triple your pushup strength? Do decline pushups! This pushups variation is actually the back bone of the Ultimate Fat Loss Warrior programs. Why? Well…first lets go over what Decline Pushups are: How to Get Stronger with Decline Pushups If you can do 10-20-30 regular pushups and want […]

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3 unique veggies that FIGHT abdominal fat? (surprising fat-fighters)

We have a great article for you today from one of our trusted nutrition experts… this article details how some of the chemicals (such as xenoestrogens) that we are being exposed to (from pesticides, herbicides, plastics, our water supply, etc) have been linked to what’s been termed “stubborn abdominal fat”, and how a specific class of veggies helps to combat this problem.

Read the article below to find out an interesting way to protect yourself from “xenoestrogens” and help you get a flatter stomach:

>> 3 Unique veggies that FIGHT Abdominal Fat (surprising fat-fighters that help to counteract “xenoestrogens”)

Get your abs now: Click HERE to learn 3 exercises that are BETTER then 22,000 crunches!