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  • Discover How To Lose Fat And Build Stamina With Almost ANY Equipment – Even Your Own Bodyweight – Using The Legendary Metabolic Resistance Training System


    By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS, CTT What the heck is this new style of workout that fitness experts are calling “Metabolic Resistance Training”? Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts are advanced fat burning sessions that are a hybrid-fusion of bodybuilding  set and rep schemes with an interval training twist all in a  total body workout system. […]

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  • Metabolic Resistance Training: Stronger Core and Spine for Fat Loss


    Fitness these days is all about core training. For many years, core training was all about doing crunches and situps. However, Dr. Stuart McGill has completely changed the game when it comes to core training. Through his research, Dr. McGill taught us that the ability to brace the core improves back health and performance. “Bracing” […]

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  • Top 7 Metabolic Training Exercises for Fat Loss


    Metabolic training is a new training method that is all the rage. The key to this training method lies in the exercises that you choose. So, lets go over the top 7 metabolic training exercises for fat loss: Exercise #1 and #2: Clap Pushups and Pullups Basic pushups and pullups train a large part of […]

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  • Metabolic Training: Tips for Maximum Fat Loss


    You want to lose a lot of fat really fast? Well here are 5 metabolic training tips for maximum fat loss: #1 – Use the most CHALLENGING weight When most people perform circuit training, they use light to moderate weights. No, you must use a challenging weight! This is because building strength is super important […]

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  • Metabolic Training for All Fitness Levels

    First, lets talk about what Metabolic Training is. It’s just a fancy word that refers to workouts that improve or enhance your body’s energy systems. There are three energy systems: 1 aerobic system and 2 anaerobic system. Aerobic means “in the presence of oxygen” and involve low intensity exercises performed for 15 minutes or more. […]

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  • Metabolic Training – Stop Doing Ineffective Cardio

    Metabolic Training – Stop Doing Ineffective Cardio Metabolic Training – Stop Doing Ineffective Cardio By William Coulter Metabolic training has been making waves with fitness pros for a few years now and with good reason; it works. Yet it still hasn’t become mainstream. A quick look around a commercial gym will prove that most people […]

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