• 5 Rules for Effective Female Fat Loss


    It seems that the fat loss cards are stacked against women. Not to worry, here are some key rules to follow to help you shed those stubborn pounds: #1 – Rotate Strategies One thing I hear from women is: “I first started jogging, and lost weight, but then after a month I stopped losing weight. […]

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  • Fast Fat Loss vs Efficient Fat Loss


      There is always more than one way to get from point A to point B. When selecting the right way, you need to decide what’s more important: getting to point B fast, or getting to point B efficiently. The difference between fast and efficient is the difference between being skinny fat and being jacked. […]

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  • Superset Workouts for More Muscle and Less Fat

    Superset workouts are by far the easiest way to organize workouts that allow you to put on lean muscle mass and burn lots of fat. The following are some of my best articles about superset workouts: Use Supersets to Torch Those Love Handles For More Muscle and Less Fat, Try Escalating Density Training High Intensity […]

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  • Four Fitness Facts you Need to Know

    Yesterday, I ran a short interview with my good friend and client, Dom K. Re-reading the interview made me realize four strong facts about fitness that he expressed through the short interview: 1) You can put on muscle and lose fat at the same time, it just takes longer. Dom stated that he was 170 […]

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  • An Analysis of Weight Loss methods and Training Program

    I’m five weeks away from my one-year anniversary of deciding to make changes in my training and diet. Since my first 13 pound weight loss, it’s been an uphill battle to lose those last 7 pounds that I wanted to. I’ve gotten considerably leaner in the mirror, however my scale hasn’t changed much. I’m unsure […]

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  • Build a Back Like Bruce Lee

    It’s pretty strange…isn’t it? To go to Bruce Lee for muscle building advice? I mean, the guy is known more for his strength, speed, flexibility, agility, power, explosiveness, and crazy leanness than for muscle.   However, Bruce Lee became stronger and faster due to weight training. And if your goal is pack on functional mass […]

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