Fat Loss is 80% Nutrition or 100% Training?

by Craig Ballantyne author of Turbulence Training Here’s a question I get a lot… “Craig, when fat loss is your goal, many trainers will say that nutrition is 80% of the battle. What’s your opinion?” My answer? Absolutely, I agree that nutrition is more important than training for fat loss, although it’s impossible to put […]

19 Foods to Help You Lose Fat Fast

Vegetables, vegetables, vegetables. THAT’S the KEY to losing body fat! Seriously. I’m not joking around with you. Yeah, I know it sucks. No one likes vegetables. But they really are the key to losing body fat! So let me give you a super simple diet that will help you lose fat REALLY fast. For the […]

Losing Weight and The Power of Overeating

Did you know that you can actually lose weight by overeating? That’s right, you can actually take a day in your week, and eat anything you want…and lose weight. How does this work? Well, the concept of cheating isn’t new. In fact, many top trainers and fitness professionals recommend having a few cheat meals per […]

Can You Lose Weight If You Are Over 50 Years Old? (Find Out!)

Time really flies and before you know it, your age is not the only thing catching up with you. Your weight too is close behind. Maybe amid the demanding career and family obligations, you lost track of your weight and health. Or maybe, your metabolism is to blame. Whatever it is, you are now beyond […]

6 Reasons You can NOT Out-Train a Bad Diet

For the past few weeks, I’ve been training a new guy named Derrek. Before each workout, I ask him about his diet. Why? Because I want him to think about what he’s eating. Food intake is SUPER important! However, there are still people who feel they can out-train a bad diet. Perhaps if you’re a […]

Lose Fat: Nutrition Tips to Lose Fat Now!

Nutrition is one of the those things that we don’t want to think about. We all want to think that “it’ll happen if we just workout.” Well, I found out the hard way that nutrition is MORE important then training when it comes fat loss. (It’s even MORE important for muscle mass) So, where do […]

It’s official, Metabolic Cooking is FINALLY HERE!

We’ve been talking about it for MONTHS, and it’s finally official: Metabolic Cooking is here! Meta-what? Metabolic Cooking!!! It’s the highly anticipated NEW collection by kitchen fat loss experts Dave Ruel & Karine Losier. You asked for a way to make losing weight fun, easy, and full on gourmet. Well, Dave and Karine went into […]

Dave Ruel: 8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with!

Think you’re cooking with healthy foods? Better think again. If you’re following mainstream eating advice, many of the so called “healthy foods” the magazines recommend actually encourage fat accumulation. 8 ingredients you should NEVER cook with! <== and more in their free report I just read this new free report from my friends and fat […]

5 Reasons You’re Losing Strength

Question: I want to have a six pack for the summer, so I went to a nutritionist and had her design a fat loss meal plan for myself. She calculated my calorie burn to 3056 per day and designed a meal plan of 2000 calories per day to lose 1 kg (2 lbs) per week. […]

Joel Marion Shows you How to Cheat your Way through the Holidays

What if I told you that you could actually LOSE up to 21 lbs of fat this holiday season without giving up a single holiday meal, party, or dessert? Is that something you might be interested in? Of course it is, and believe it or not, that’s EXACTLY the topic of today’s newsletter. You see, […]