Dips and Pullups for Mass

Question: Need to simplify things to its core due to time constraints (working 12 hours a day, 13 hrs if including travelling time). Been doing weighted dips, weighted pushups, and weighted pull ups 3x per week on alternate days. I run 5 km on rest days for legs and to shave off bodyfat (I’m obsessed

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Best Way to Prepare for a PT Test

The following is a plan to help an individual train for the military PT consisting of training for pushups, pullups, situps, and running. The program includes the Armstrong Plan, along with other techniques and strategies.

Navy Seal Exercises

If you’ve ever seen a Discovery channel or Military channel special on Navy Seal training, then you know that Navy seals are TOUGH. They’re not only physically tough, but also mentally stuff. A good program must prepare you physically, and mentally, for the challenges that life has for you. If you’re looking to get both

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Marine Training Program

The other day my friend said he wants to join the military to pay for Law School. He then asked me if my workouts would be able to prepare him for military. I did some research and found out that basic training for all branches of the military focuses on four exercises: Pushups Pullups Situps

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At Home Push-up Workout Plan

Exercise is an excellent way by which to maintain an individual’s general health. However, the trip to the gym, the exorbitant equipment prices and lack of technical know-how are major obstacles to exercise. What people do not realize is that they need nothing else but themselves to exercise. There are numerous exercises that do not

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15 Minute Bodyweight Workout

Image by abbyjane Here is a really great bodyweight workout using simple, basic movements that’ll take just 15 minutes of your time: Perform 5 rounds of: 2 minute interval: Pullups, 5 reps Pushups, 10 reps Bodyweight Squat, 20 reps 1 minute rest Here’s how to do it: Set the timer for 2 minutes, and perform

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Forget Isolation Movements: Three Bodyweight Movements that work 80% of your Body

Note, this is the second installment of the article “How to Design a Perfectly Balanced Full Body Bodyweight Workout.” I just didn’t feel like using the same title. I hope you understand. In part one of this article, the goal was to get someone who’s used to bodybuilding, isolation-type training to recognize and understand the

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