The Beauty of a Playful Run


In years gone by I have hit the road countless times just running for 30-45 minutes, although I found this fun I was always naturally inclined to throw in things like sprints and pushups but wouldn’t as I had been brainwashed into ‘Jogging’ which is slow monotonous and simply painful. As time went by I […]

How to Survive a real-life disaster with Intense Workouts

There’s a brand new show about to be launched in December on Discovery Health titled, “Could You Survive?” The show takes ordinary participants and puts them through a real-life disaster situation. Once the participants have “woken up” to the fact that their fitness levels are not enough to survive a natural disaster, they undergo a […]

Train Like the Military: Exercises, Workouts, and Principles You can Use for your Home Workouts


A few years ago, I bought a book about the Navy Seals and how they worked out. There were four main parts to the Navy Seals program: upper body training, core training, stretching, and cardio. For some reason, the book did not talk about lower body training. Either way, the workouts presented in the book […]

3 Advanced Bodyweight Workouts using the Basics

A while back at Tastefully Driven, I wrote a post where I claimed that all you need to get into great shape is running, push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Well, I’m going to back that claim up and design three intense workouts using only those four exercises. Each workout builds on the one before it. My […]