The Beauty of a Playful Run

In years gone by I have hit the road countless times just running for 30-45 minutes, although I found this fun I was always naturally inclined to throw in things like sprints and pushups but wouldn’t as I had been brainwashed into ‘Jogging’ which is slow monotonous and simply painful. As time went by I […]

Marine Training Program

The other day my friend said he wants to join the military to pay for Law School. He then asked me if my workouts would be able to prepare him for military. I did some research and found out that basic training for all branches of the military focuses on four exercises: Pushups Pullups Situps […]

How to Survive a real-life disaster with Intense Workouts

There’s a brand new show about to be launched in December on Discovery Health titled, “Could You Survive?” The show takes ordinary participants and puts them through a real-life disaster situation. Once the participants have “woken up” to the fact that their fitness levels are not enough to survive a natural disaster, they undergo a […]

3 Advanced Bodyweight Workouts using the Basics

A while back at Tastefully Driven, I wrote a post where I claimed that all you need to get into great shape is running, push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Well, I’m going to back that claim up and design three intense workouts using only those four exercises. Each workout builds on the one before it. My […]

High Intensity Training Fat Loss

The summer of 2007 was a crazy time for me.  I was motivated to start Shah Training, become a Marketing Consultant, and finish up my Full-length Script. All my accomplishments so far are all a cause of one singular event. But out of all those accomplishments, nothing is as great as losing the 15 lbs […]