Stretches for Knees

If you’re working a 9-5 job, you’ll see pain in various parts of your body. Your knees are one of them.  This occurs because you’re sitting in a chair all day. Your knees get used to staying in a 90 degree position for 8 hours per day. So what do you do about this pain? […]

3 Bodyweight Training Programs that will Leave you Breathless!

Ryan Murdock travels to some exotic locations, and is still able to stay in incredible shape. That’s because he sticks to no-equipment, bodyweight training that is designed not only to keep him lean and trim, but also to help him with his travel adventures. He is a adventure travel writer, and Faculty Coach for the […]

Customer Reviews of TacFit Commando

    Dwight – 35 Year Old Entrepreneur Credits TACFIT With The Strength, Energy, And Pain-Free Movement To Be A Great Husband And Father Of Three Thanks again coach, for providing a well balanced program. Today is day 73 of the recruit program and I’ve never felt better. I’m going to do a Mass Assault […]

Tacfit Package – What Are You Waiting For?

I worked out in the park today. I did a funky warm-up that my friend Scott Sonnon showed me, and then I jumped right into his Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge. It’s the one I told you about the other day. Holy Smokes! It was only 20 minutes, but I was completely drenched in sweat […]

Tacfit Commando – Download Free Workout Before it Disappears

Do you want to power up your training with elite secrets being used right now by some of the world’s top fighters, law enforcement agents and special ops personnel? I’m talking about the good stuff… The REAL stuff. But tweaked to fit the lifestyle of people like you and me.   Then you need to […]

CLASSIFIED… F.REE Tacfit Commando Challenge Workout

TOP SECRET – For Your Eyes Only! I feel like I’m giving away my new secret weapon. But hey, you guys are my allies, right? You’d never use it against me… Before I give away the goods, I have to give you a full briefing. It’s summer, and that means two things. First off, I […]

TacFit – There Are No Free Rides

I was just tipped off about an exciting event, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Okay, “tipped off” isn’t exactly the right term… I was sitting down to dinner when this guy sorta materialized from behind my sofa. He must have been a secret agent or something. He knew everything about my […]

Tacfit Commando Exclusive Sneak Peak

I’ve been given express permission to post 2 videos from the actual TacFit Commando package. The first one is an instructional exercise demonstration video. mp4 version <= Right click (Ctrl-click Mac) and save to disk m4v version <= Right click (Ctrl-click Mac) and save to disk The second on is a follow-along video. In the […]

Full Body Workouts with One Bodyweight Exercise

Full Body Workouts with One Bodyweight Exercise

This is a really cool and unique bodyweight movement that trains your entire body: The guys from CST – Scott Sonnon, Adam Steer, and Ryan Murdock – always put on the best stuff. They’ve got three unique bodyweight only programs with incredibly unique bodyweight workouts. Get started on one of these programs today: Bodyweight Blueprint […]

What is TacFit?

TacFit Commando is a brand new bodyweight program being released by Coach Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock. Well, it’s not “brand new.” It may be brand new to the public. But certainly not to the Former Soviet Armed Forces, or elite MMA fighters, Law Enforcement officials, and firefighters. Any athlete or professional that faces tough […]