How to Build a Chest like Bruce Lee

If you’re serious about fitness, chances are you’ve come across a Bruce Lee based program. Magazines publish all sorts of things, but the source of Lee’s workouts are from John Little’s book on the legend, titled “The Art of Expressing the Human Body.”

The first routine in which he directly uses a weight-bearing movement to train his chest in chapter 4, titled The General (Overall) Development Routine. In the chapter he is quoted the following regarding his muscles: “My muscles are developed from my martial art training; it’s a different type of training that is performed simply for the sake of developing big, bodybuilder-type muscles.”

The following is a routine he used to build general strength:

  • Clean and Press 2×8-12
  • Barbell Curl 2×8-12
  • Press Behind Neck 2×8-12
  • Upright Rowing 2×8-12
  • Squat 2×12-20
  • Rowing 2×8-12
  • Bench Press 2×8-12
  • Pullover 2×8-12

Notice that the only two exercises he performed for chest was Bench Press and Pullover. The man certainly did not have a massive chest. He would have been a lot bigger if he simply at more and trained with higher volume.

Clearly getting bigger was not the purpose of his weight training.

In chapter 12 which dealt with his chest training, John Little reiterates that Lee did not want to build a big, bodybuilder chest. He understood that the chest was involved in moving your hand across your body for any strike or block.

bruce-lee-one-hand-finger-pushup Bruce Lee was interested in building strength that could be immediately converted into power. Dan Inosanto, one of Lee’s students, recounts a story:  “I remember once Bruce and I were walking along the beach in Santa Monica, out by where the ‘Dungeon’ (an old-time bodybuilding gym) used to be, when all of a sudden this big, huge bodybuilder came walking out of the Dungeon and I said to Bruce, ‘Man, look at the arms on that guy!’ I’ll never forget Bruce’s reaction, he said ‘Yeah, he’s big — but is he powerful? Can he use that extra muscle efficiently?”

Another guy interested in developing functional muscle and strength which can be easily converted into power for combat athletes, sports, and military personnel is Scott Sonnon. After years as a martial artist and working with firefighters, police officers, and soldiers Sonnon has taken typical one-dimensional movements and developed them into highly sophisticated multi dimensional exercises.

If Bruce Lee was alive today, he would have jumped at the chance to try Scott Sonnon’s exercises. Lee was an experimenter, constantly looking for the edge he needed to take his training to that next level.

If you’re ready to pack on functional muscle without adding fat, then check Scott Sonnon’s program today. Click here to learn more about TacFit Mass Assault.

The “Get Fat First” Myth

When Arnold Schwarzenegger came to this country, his nickname was “smooth” because he barely had any definition. Even if we don’t see any pictures of him during off-season, it was quite obvious that he spent time “bulking.” How else would you be able to get so massive, even with the right genetics plus steroids.

Unfortunately bulking is something used by the average joe looking to put on just 5-10 pounds of muscle mass. If your goal is to never step on the bodybuilding stage, then why follow a bodybuilding training and diet?

Here’s 5 reasons why bulking fails for typical gym goer:

#1 – Energy Needs Vary

Energy balance is achieved when the calories consumed match the amount of calories burned. When you eat more then you burn, you gain weight. Whether or not that weight gain is in the form of muscle or fat is based on an number of training, hormonal, and nutrient factors.

What’s important to understand is that there is no real way of absolutely knowing what your energy needs are. Online calculators and magazine recommendations are only that – recommendations. A myriad of factors including your activity level, hormonal state, metabolism, height, weight, and age are included in fully determining what your energy needs are.

This is why my approach as always been as follows:

  • Step one – eat normally for 3 days, recording your intake.
  • Step two – calculate the average calories consumed for the three days
  • Step three – use this as your maintenance amount and seek to add 100 calories to that number each week.

#2 – You THINK you need to build a lot of muscle

“67 pounds of muscle in 4 months”

“92 pounds of muscle in 6 months”

186808-16 “38 pounds of muscle 12 weeks”

Wild unsubstantiated claims made by make-believe bodybuilders make newbies (and veterans) believe that they need to put on an incredible amount of muscle to look good.


Most of the time you only need to put on 5-10 pounds of muscle to look good and lose up to 30 pounds of fat. Therefore, if you’re above 15% bodyfat and wondering why you don’t look like you have a lot of muscle on your frame..lose a few pounds and check in the mirror again.

Getting leaner will make you look bigger (and better).

#3 – There’s no such thing as a hard gainer

Worked out really hard for a month and only put on 2 pounds of muscle? Guess what! You’re on the right track!

In an article I wrote a long time ago, I stated that you can only put on 20-25 pounds of muscle per year, SAFELY, if you’re doing everything right. That’s an average of half a pound of muscle per week.

Even an “easy gainer” like myself can only expect to put on maybe 3-5 pounds of muscle per month. Anything more then that is fat, no matter how much wishful thinking I apply to the equation.

#4 – Protein isn’t the end-all, be-all

I went on a super high-protein, super low-carb diet for 2 months and all I got was 5 pounds of muscle, a good amount of fat, and a lot of trips to the bathroom. I was doing it wrong!

Your body needs carbs to help absorb the protein. I was also experiencing hunger pangs and low energy levels – typical of low carb diets. I ended up drinking copious amounts of the free coffee available in my former cushy corporate job.

I later found out that caffeine also prevents nutrient uptake. I was overdoing the protein, under doing the carbs, and going wild on the coffee. This was a recipe for failure. (Luckily I was consuming more then a gallon of water per day).

Don’t put protein on a pedestal. There are three macro nutrients, and their all important: protein, carbohydrates, and fat.

#5 – Your life doesn’t revolve around eating


Since you’re not a bodybuilder, there’s no reason you need to force feed yourself food all the time. It’s not necessary. Don’t let your desire to pack on 95 lbs in 6 weeks like you saw a guy do on X website get in the way of your social and work life.

Take a health-first, safe approach to putting on muscle.

Remember that you only have to eat slightly above your maintenance for a calorie surplus. So follow the recommendation in the first point to help you establish that calorie surplus.

That leaves the question of what muscle building plan you should follow. We’ve established the fact that you shouldn’t be following a bodybuilding diet.

You also shouldn’t be following a bodybuilding plan. Now, there’s nothing wrong with such a plan, as I’ve used bodybuilding to gain muscle and improve specific body parts in the past.

Notice that nearly all of the old-school bodybuilders used some sort of a full-body plan to put on muscle.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had his Golden 6 plan to help develop a base of muscle and strength.

The fastest way to put muscle on your frame is to train your entire body as often as possible. The more muscle you recruit within a workout, the better. One-dimensional bodybuilding movements are great, but we can do better.

screenshot_2013-09-30-21-53-25 Scott Sonnon implements multi-dimensional movements that engage a large amount of muscle at one time. This is more than just simple bench press, squats, and pullups. We’re talking about moving your body through multiple planes of motion to engage more then just one or two muscle groups at once.

The name of his plan is TacFit Mass Assault, and you can learn more about this dumbbell-based muscle building plan here.

The Pros and Cons of Over 55 Strength Training

Two of the most popular strength programs these days are StrongLifts and Starting Strength. Although they do a great job of introducing the beginner to the gym, they’re not the best program for those in the 55 and over crowd.

Here’s why:

Require Expensive Equipment

To execute a routine like StrongLifts, you will need a set of barbells, a weight bench, and a squat rack. In addition you will need a spotter. That spotter needs to be strong enough to be able to help you with the weight if you start to fail.

If you don’t have a spotter, then you need some sort of apparatus which allows you to lift safely. The best one is a smith machine, which is usually found in a gym.

Therefore, the barrier to entry is tremendous. Either you have to purchase your own equipment, or you have to join a gym. For some joining a gym isn’t as big of a deal as actually going to a gym. Personally for me, even when I did have a gym membership I would rarely go. I only went consistently for a short time because I had hired a personal trainer.

But let’s suppose you actually do get a gym membership, start using one of these plans, and start to see results. Here’s the problem:

Muscle is not Functional

For something to be functional means that it is useful. The muscle you build with movements such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, and rows can be useful for the following purposes: bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, football, etc.

In other words, if your goal is to become a powerhouse, to build as much muscle as humanly possible – then both StrongLifts and Starting Strength will get you there.

But if you want to build functional muscle which will help you move better in daily life, feel younger, and perform better – then you need a different type of training plan. This plan will include movements that mimic the way your body moves in everyday life.

Building muscle for the sake of building muscle will make you slow and sluggish. Athletes will complement their gym workouts with on the grass athletic workouts. This way, they’re able to put into use the muscle they’ve built in the gym.

Us regular folk with regular lives don’t have such an option. Therefore, our regimens must already include an athletic component.

Typical Workouts do not Take into account Bone Density, Muscle Quality, etc.

As you age your body naturally starts to reduce muscle mass, and begins to decrease in bone density…unless you have a reason to keep it.

There are some individuals who have physically demanding jobs who are still incredible strong. These men and women would be able to jump right into a typical gym workout and excel.

However, for the large majority who are seeking to start a weight training program after the age of 55, you need a plan that is progressive. Instead of a plan that says “Do bench press” there should be beginner options available for you.

I’ve always learned to plan my workouts in 4 phases, learning from Coach Scott Sonnon. Each phase has a different level of sophistication – or difficulty. This way, I know exactly where my training is headed.

Another reason why this is important is that lifts such as the deadlift have a strong learning curve. There are many who lift heavy weights on the deadlift, but are still not doing it right.

If you’re part of an athletic program or have a strength coach, they will spend a lengthy time putting you through the basics before you start lifting heavy. In addition, if you start to slip on technique, they’ll stop the movement and have you reset.

Once again, unless you have a spotter or a coach, it is very difficult to perform Starting Strength style routines.

Keeping these points in mind, I believe that the best muscle building program for both men and women over the age of 55 is Scott Sonnon’s TacFit Mass Assault. The program doesn’t involve using barbells or complex equipment.

In reality this is a purely home-based dumbbell workout plan. You will only need a pair of dumbbells and a stopwatch. The entire plan moves through 4 levels of sophistication – from beginner level to advanced.

This will allow you to build lean, functional muscle despite your level of fitness. Click here to read our entire review of this plan.

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NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

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The exercises were also seriously cool. It’ll be a while before I can even think about attempting the most advanced variations, but the basic versions were accessible. They challenged me but I could do them. And I can see how it’s possible to build up to the highest levels–and have a lot of fun getting there!

It’s no surprise that all these tactical teams trust Scott to prepare them for the dangerous work they do. And it’s so amazing that he’s making that same technology available to everyone. I for one can’t wait to get in “commando shape”!

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Adam Steer Ryan Murdock

12 minutes. Do you have 12 minutes? I have 12 minutes, but how good of a workout can you really get in 12 minutes? From experience I know that you can get an incredible workout in a very short period of time.

I’ve done in the past workouts that last less than 2 minutes. But, I think that’s just a bit too intense for people aren’t in good condition already. If you’re looking for a quick workout that you can do, but are not in super condition to handle some of the tougher stuff, then I suggest you check out one of Adam Steer and RyanMurdocks’ workout.

Their 12 minute workout was featured a while back on a Canadian News Show. Check out this video:

12 Minute Stage Crazy on E-Talk from Ryan Murdock on Vimeo.


Ryan Murdock is actually a traveler. He’s gone around the world to dozens of countries. So, he uses his bodyweight workouts to stay in shape all the time. And as you can see, his workouts don’t even require apullup bar!

On the flip side, Adam Steer, the other half of the brains behind their intense workouts, was a chubby kid all his life. In fact, his college (kind of like me) days were his lowest point.

This was when he became extremely interested in metabolism, fat loss, and how the body works. In other words, movement. He realized that most training programs are really lacking in that they are very one-dimensional.

So, he set out on a journey to get himself into shape. Discovered the wonders of a unique training system developed by Coach ScottSonnon known as Circular Strength System, and used it on himself.

After he got himself in shape, he became a CST certified coach, put his ideas together with Ryan Murdock, and created an incredible, 3-month fat loss system known as the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Click here to learn more about the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

How to Build Muscle with Time Under Tension

“Increase reps!”

This is often the solution to make a workout harder, but this is not always the best solution. Here’s why:

If your goal is to build lean muscle mass, then you should stick to that goal without getting distracted by other endeavors.

High-rep training certainly is hard and it does build muscle, but low-rep, high tension work builds muscle at a faster rate.

Get this:

A study compared high rep vs low rep training. The high rep groups performed 10 sets of 36 repetitions at 15.5% of their 1RM. The low rep training group performed 10 sets of 8 repetitions at 70% of their 1RM.

After 12 weeks, the 8 reps group increased muscle mass by 7.6% while the 36 reps group increased muscle mass by 2.6%.

Certainly high-rep training does increase muscle mass. But the low-rep group increased muscle mass at a faster rate.

So then what do you do if you’re in a position where you cannot increase the weight?

Two things: TUT + Movement Sophistication

I go into movement sophistication in this article here.

So we’ll talk about Time Under Tension today.

Time Under Tension describes the length of time a muscle is under tension.

So, lets suppose you perform 10 pushups. You take 1 second to go up, and 1 second to go down. That’s 20 seconds that your chest is under tension.

Now, if you were to take 2 seconds to press up, then 1 second to go down, that’s 30 seconds that your chest is under tension…10 more seconds!

The problem with typical mass building workouts that recommend counting repetitions is that you focus so much on the repetition that you forget the tempo and the form.

So, you could end up doing 10 super-quick reps, perhaps lasting a total of 15 seconds!

According to Scott Sonnon’s TacFit Mass Assault manual, you want  your muscles to be under tension for approximately 30 seconds.

Here’s the complete breakdown from the program you can use based on your goal:

  • Strength: 1-5 repetitions X 4 seconds = approximately 15 seconds
  • Hypertrophy: 8-12 repetitions = approx. 30 seconds
  • Endurance: 25-50 repetitions = approx. 1-2 minutes
  • Cardio: 100+ repetitions = approx. 5-35 minutes

As you can see, those 100 rep pushups workouts are only increasing your local muscle endurance. Of course, there is some increase in size and strength, but you’re better off making that exercise harder and focusing tension, rather then trying to do blazing fast repetitions.

If you’re looking for a complete program that includes both TUT and movement sophistication (which makes an exercise tougher), then check out TacFit Mass Assault. All you need for the program are dumbbells. Click here for more info.

Dumbbell Side Press: Home Mass Builder

Scott Sonnon is a controversial figure. Some people love him, others hate him. Controversy often times is a good thing. Anytime someone goes against the status quo, there will always be some eyebrows raised.

What Scott Sonnon has done is take techniques from other countries and cultures – and brought them to the U.S.There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

One example is the side press. The side press is a traditional Kettlebell movement. It can also be done with a barbell, for those who truly want to test their strength.

While the side press is a popular lift amongst purely hardcore lifters, Scott Sonnon now recommends average folk (like you and me) to be do this movement in his TacFit Mass Assault program.

What’s so special about the Side Press?

Three key benefits of the side press include:

  • Build muscle in the shoulders and lats.
  • Strengthens your abs, lower back, and hips.
  • Increases flexibility in shoulders & hamstrings.

How to Perform the Side Press

Here’s the description straight from the Mass Assault manual:

  • Stand with feet turned out at a 45 degree angle. Hold one dumbbell in rack position with the elbow resting on your hip.
  • Your free arm is held behind your back. Squat slightly to stabilize your hips. Contract your glutes and quads hard and exhale to activate your core.
  • Hinge at the floating ribs as you bend to the side opposite your weighted arm. The lead leg bends and back knee locks as you squeeze the quad of the back leg and lift the hip.
  • Drive off mid foot of the lead leg as you bend toward that leg and allow the elbow of the arm holding the dumbbell to drift behind your rib cage.
  • Once you’ve established the bend, exhale, look up at the weight and press the dumbbell overhead.
  • Exhale hard and drive off mid foot of the lead (bent) leg to return to top position. The shoulder of the dumbbell arm is packed down, and the arm remains locked overhead until you straighten.
  • When you reach the top, yield the dumbbell back down to start position and repeat. Change sides on the next round.

I’ve done the side press with a Kettlebell, and it’s an exhilarating challenge of both core and shoulder strength. You can learn even more interesting dumbbell drills in the TacFit Mass Assault program. Click here for more info. 

Are Fitness eBooks REALLY Worth your Cash?

So I’m standing behind the counter, scratching my head. An extremely overweight man has just left my father’s convenience store after winning $25 dollars in one of those instant scratch games. However, to win that $25, he ha to spent $115.

Hence, this man just lost $90 within thirty minutes. And he didn’t even seem depressed about it. After working in my father’s store for over four years, I’m still unable to understand thepsychology of some individuals. People would rather invest in junk rather than in something that may actually help them improve their standard of living.

Another man comes in. Obese. He spend around the same amount daily on lottery tickets. He rarely ever wins. He has a job, but no apartment. His credit is destroyed. He has health problems and sits in the back of the store, going over his lottery tickets, trying to “figure out” what he’s doing wrong.

As he wonders why he can’t win, he jugging down a can of soda, after a can of soda, after a can of soda, which he uses to wash down 3-4 bags of chips. That’s his lunch, and dinner. The way some individuals live just makes me wonder: what the hell is going on with people?

There are people in the world he don’t even make $90 in a month, and these people are wasting their cash on an addiction and ruining their lives. Food, gambling, and who knows what else. But if there were to just better invest that money, they could literally, transform their lives.

All it takes is one investment. One investment in the right product or service, and a commitment to improve your health and wellness. That’s all it takes.

Bodyweight Exercise: A Commitment to your Health

Now, if you’re reading this, I’m sure from some standpoint your ready, willing, or have already purchased a fitness ebook. Frankly speaking, most fitness eBook are pure crap. But a handful of them are really great. The eBooks I promote on this site, are all great.

In terms of price range, they fall between $6 to $77. And if you don’t particularly spend $90 per day on lottery tickets, just think about all the junk your wasting money on on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A small investment of $50 is nothing for a full fitness program that you can do in the comfort of your own home without spending any money on extra equipment, gym memberships,or personal trainers.

All you need is commitment, and the right product. But lets just assume you don’t find the right product. What if you just downloaded aneBook, tried the program for 2 weeks, and it doesn’t work. Well, then just return it. But honestly speaking, out of all the products I’ve sold, my refund rate is less than 1%.

And this 1% usually consists of what I like to call “bad customers.” A bad customer is like the same guy orders food from a restaurant, then refuses to pay for it, or asks for some sort of coupon just because there was something wrong with the food, even if their wasn’t.

There are certainly people out there that buy products, then ask and receive a refund the moment the acquire the product. And unfortunately, they get away with it. I’m hoping you’re much more honest than that, and are sincerely looking to improve your health and fitness.

The perfect Bodyweight Program for You

Right now the top selling eBook (in terms of volume) on my site is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. This eBook is priced at $47 and is a unique approach to bodyweight training. When I first downloaded this eBookto review for my site, I honestly thought that it was just going to be another eBook that regurgitates what everyone is saying.

At that time, I had no idea what Circular Strength Training (CST) was. But once I downloaded the eBook I realized that this was a completely new approach to bodyweight exercise. For one thing, their exercises are completely different from anything else.

The movements are combination of dance, gymnastics, and yoga. In fact, a huge part of all ther programs is something known as Prasara Yoga. They include Prasara Yoga and Joint Moblity Drills in their programs as a video. Before purchasing Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER), I did some very basic stretches, which were certainly not enough to help me recover from my intense workouts.

Look for the “Hook.”

After downloading and reading so many fitness eBooks, I’m looking for two things: completeness and the “hook.” The hook describes that one thing that separates the product from anything else on the market. Bodyweight exercise revolution has many things that separate it from any other product:

  1. Video descriptions for each of their workouts
  2. Intu-Flow joint mobility drills in video format
  3. Prasara Yoga routine in video format
  4. Unique exercises never seen before

The second thing I look for is completeness. There are some really bad eBooks out there where you feel like the author just slapped together a bunch of content, then hired a professional copywriter to make your buy the product. I don’t sell products like that on this site.

What I want is that if a complete beginner were to download the product, they need to understand everything from beginning to end: how to perform the movement, how to progress with their training, the philosophy behind the workouts, and who the author is and why you should listen to him.

There needs to be a level of credibility.

Who are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock?

The two brains behind Bodyweight Exercise Revolution are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Both of them are Head Certified Coaches of Scott Sonnon’s unique style of fitness known as Circular Strength Training. Both of them are ripped and clearly follow what they preach.

You can lean more about Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, and their authors by visiting the Bodyweight Revolution Website. Click here for more information.

CrossFit Muscle: Improve your Bodyweight Workouts

One thing I’ve learned from Crossfit is that the more often you workout, the better. Now I know a whole bunch of people are going to start talking about over training and potential over use injuries.

The reason why most Crossfitters do not burn out is simply because they train in a different manner each day. For example, one day they’ll do a high intensity metabolic circuit. The next day they’ll do steady state cardio, and on a third day, they might do heavy strength training.

Now, in the last post about bodyweight training for strength increases, I mentioned that steady state cardio is one of the worst things you can do during a strength cycle. This is true, and I for one have not noticed any benefit from incorporating any form low intensity cardio in my training programs (with the exception of fat loss, but even then it’s not very efficient).

Secret #1: Use a Variety of Training Methods

Crossft strives on being very general. I personally feel that training needs to be more specific to achieve tangible goals. You can’t just keep performing random workouts to just “see what happens.”

So with the goal of specificity, we can still take this all-important Crossfit concept of high frequency training by simply hitting a muscle group in a different manner each day. The key to doing this is, of course, using a variety of training methods.

For example, if you’re training 5 days per week, then you want to use 5 different training methods. You need to really start thinking outside the box here. This is where tip # 6 in my article “15 Crossfit Tips to to Help Improve your Bodyweight Workouts,” comes into play.

Literally, collect training methods. Make a long list of them, and choose which methods suit with your goals. For example, if your goal is fat loss, then anything related to high intensity circuit or interval training will aid you in your progress.

Here is what a sample 5-day fat loss schedule may look like:

  • Monday – Intervals
  • Tuesday – Supersets
  • Wednesday – Circuit Training
  • Thursday – Ascending PHA Reps (ascending repetitions alternating between upper and lower body movements)
  • Friday – Interval Circuits (Interval training alternating between 4 or more exercises)

So as you can see with this program, each day I’m doing something different. That’s just the first aspect of training at a high frequency. The second aspect is to use different exercises each day.

Secret #2: Switch it up with Exercise Variations

This tip I just learned on my own. After a while, it didn’t make any sense for me to do the same pushups every single day. So, lets assume you’re doing pushups 5 days a week, here is what a schedule may look like if you focus on doing a different variation of the pushup every day.

  • Monday – Uneven Pushups
  • Tuesday – Dive Bombers
  • Wednesday – Hindu Pushups
  • Thursday – Burpees
  • Friday – T-Pushups

All these movements are variations of the pushups, but train the same muscle groups in a slightly different manner. It’s these slight changes that make a huge difference in your training.

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