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Last day to get TACFIT Commando at 51% off

NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

The incredible three-day launch of TACFIT Commando ends TONIGHT at midnight…

I absolutely love it when I find a program that leaves even my most health and fitness savvy readers gobsmacked.

My friends Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock have created exactly that.

TACFIT Commando is a comprehensive 3-month equipment-free,follow-along bodyweight exercise program that’s leaving even fitness professionals shaking their heads in amazement–and gym owners who stick their clients with high monthly fees quaking in fear.

Just check out what Gregory Zobel at Texas Tech had to say about this package:

“Are you guys insane? After the promo material and emails, I thought this program was going to be $399 and out of my grasp. When I saw it was only $97, I said, “They’re insane!” and then whipped
out my credit card. I can’t believe your price point! Also, the follow-along training vids are exactly what people like me need. I need to see someone do it and follow along. You guys keep putting out awesome material, and I like knowing you alwaysover-deliver on excellence.”

If you’re even slightly interested in the program that just raised the bar in the world of health and fitness by breaking all the rules, this is the one you need to check out (Click Here)

You have until midnight TONIGHT to grab the 6 Three-Day Launch bonuses along with the full TACFIT Commando Deluxe package for 51% off its full price:

  • Secrets Of The Flow State Performance Spiral – audio report
  • Deehani Endurance Breathing Techniques of the Soviet Special Forces  audio report
  • Breakthrough FlowFighting® Toughness Training audio report
  • Russian Marine Combat Engagement Prep Program video
  • Russian Special Operations Escape and Evasion video
  • Coach Murdock’s Secrets of Stick Fighting videos

These bonuses alone are enough to put the “special” in “special ops.” I told Scott and Ryan they’re crazy to give this stuff away for free. But freedom is at the core of their message.

One of the best things about TACFIT Commando is that you can train anywhere, any time–without equipment and without being a slave to someone else’s schedule.

Yes, you read that right. This program will actually save you money. And you’ll get better results on it than you ever have before.

So what are you waiting for? The lean, shredded, sexy body that you crave is just one click away…

P.S. Read the testimonials on Scott and Ryan’s page: (Click Here)

These guys are changing lives and saving lives!

P.P.S. Tonight at midnight is the last chance to get the 6 special
bonuses. After that they go back into the deepest recesses of the
RMAX vault, and you’ll never see them again.

Click here to Grab your Copy of TacFit Commando before the bonuses expire!

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Train without a Gym? Only if you hurry…

NOTE: TacFit Commando has launched. It is here. The discount is no longer available. The bonuses have been taken away. But you can still get this incredible program. Click Here to Read My Review and to Learn more about TacFit Commando.

Remember those two guys I told you about last week–Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock?

Well, they just released their new TACFIT Commando program this morning, and you’ve absolutely gotta check it out!

Click here to get in on the action

I hope you had a chance last week to download their “Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge.” I still can’t believe they were giving it away! Over 11,852 people took them up on it!

I’ve never seen that kind of response to a new workout product. And just yesterday the guys told me they had 896 comments on their blog contest–in a single day!!

If you’re one of the thousands who tried the free Challenge workout, you know this is the real deal. Well let me tell you, I also tried some of the exercises from the full TACFIT Commando program and I was totally floored.

I did the entire session right here in my basement. I didn’t need equipment, so I didn’t waste time with setup. Just straight to work and done in 20 minutes.

And you know what? I was totally smoked! I never imagined 20 minutes could be so tough. But strangely enough, I had more energy at the end of the session than I did going in. It felt like I was walking on air for the rest of the day.

The exercises were also seriously cool. It’ll be a while before I can even think about attempting the most advanced variations, but the basic versions were accessible. They challenged me but I could do them. And I can see how it’s possible to build up to the highest levels–and have a lot of fun getting there!

It’s no surprise that all these tactical teams trust Scott to prepare them for the dangerous work they do. And it’s so amazing that he’s making that same technology available to everyone. I for one can’t wait to get in “commando shape”!

The full TACFIT Commando program is available now, and Scott and Ryan just let me know that they’re doing a special 51% off sale to celebrate.

If you know anything about these guys, you know they’d never stop at 51% off. They’re so excited about this program that they’ve assembled a pile of rare bonus material to go along with it.

Some of these bonus items were buried so deep in Scott’s RMAX International vault that his coauthor Ryan hadn’t even heard of them. He’s been in the vault, and he thought he’d seen it all!

It’s going to be huge, and it’s going to shake the foundations of the fitness industry.

But take note: These bonuses will ONLY be offered during the first three days of sale. After midnight on Friday, February 12th, they’ll go back into the vault forever.

Don’t miss this!

Pop by their site to grab your copy today!

And be sure to tell Scott and Ryan I sent you.

P.S. Hurry to claim your Fast Action bonuses before they’re locked away forever. And remember, you’ll also get everything in the TACFIT Commando package–an unbelievable value all on it’s own!

If you haven’t checked this out, you really should right now (Click Here)

P.P.S The guys had an enormous influx of requests from those who missed Scott’s live Ustream conference last week–and even more requests from those who caught it and are desperate for more! Scott is making one more appearance and taking your questions. Mark Wednesday February 10th at 5pm EST on your calendar. That’s tonight!! Don’t miss this!

Click here for the Ustream Conference

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Adam Steer Ryan Murdock

12 minutes. Do you have 12 minutes? I have 12 minutes, but how good of a workout can you really get in 12 minutes? From experience I know that you can get an incredible workout in a very short period of time.

I’ve done in the past workouts that last less than 2 minutes. But, I think that’s just a bit too intense for people aren’t in good condition already. If you’re looking for a quick workout that you can do, but are not in super condition to handle some of the tougher stuff, then I suggest you check out one of Adam Steer and RyanMurdocks’ workout.

Their 12 minute workout was featured a while back on a Canadian News Show. Check out this video:

12 Minute Stage Crazy on E-Talk from Ryan Murdock on Vimeo.


Ryan Murdock is actually a traveler. He’s gone around the world to dozens of countries. So, he uses his bodyweight workouts to stay in shape all the time. And as you can see, his workouts don’t even require apullup bar!

On the flip side, Adam Steer, the other half of the brains behind their intense workouts, was a chubby kid all his life. In fact, his college (kind of like me) days were his lowest point.

This was when he became extremely interested in metabolism, fat loss, and how the body works. In other words, movement. He realized that most training programs are really lacking in that they are very one-dimensional.

So, he set out on a journey to get himself into shape. Discovered the wonders of a unique training system developed by Coach ScottSonnon known as Circular Strength System, and used it on himself.

After he got himself in shape, he became a CST certified coach, put his ideas together with Ryan Murdock, and created an incredible, 3-month fat loss system known as the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Click here to learn more about the Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

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Are Fitness eBooks REALLY Worth your Cash?

So I’m standing behind the counter, scratching my head. An extremely overweight man has just left my father’s convenience store after winning $25 dollars in one of those instant scratch games. However, to win that $25, he ha to spent $115.

Hence, this man just lost $90 within thirty minutes. And he didn’t even seem depressed about it. After working in my father’s store for over four years, I’m still unable to understand thepsychology of some individuals. People would rather invest in junk rather than in something that may actually help them improve their standard of living.

Another man comes in. Obese. He spend around the same amount daily on lottery tickets. He rarely ever wins. He has a job, but no apartment. His credit is destroyed. He has health problems and sits in the back of the store, going over his lottery tickets, trying to “figure out” what he’s doing wrong.

As he wonders why he can’t win, he jugging down a can of soda, after a can of soda, after a can of soda, which he uses to wash down 3-4 bags of chips. That’s his lunch, and dinner. The way some individuals live just makes me wonder: what the hell is going on with people?

There are people in the world he don’t even make $90 in a month, and these people are wasting their cash on an addiction and ruining their lives. Food, gambling, and who knows what else. But if there were to just better invest that money, they could literally, transform their lives.

All it takes is one investment. One investment in the right product or service, and a commitment to improve your health and wellness. That’s all it takes.

Bodyweight Exercise: A Commitment to your Health

Now, if you’re reading this, I’m sure from some standpoint your ready, willing, or have already purchased a fitness ebook. Frankly speaking, most fitness eBook are pure crap. But a handful of them are really great. The eBooks I promote on this site, are all great.

In terms of price range, they fall between $6 to $77. And if you don’t particularly spend $90 per day on lottery tickets, just think about all the junk your wasting money on on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A small investment of $50 is nothing for a full fitness program that you can do in the comfort of your own home without spending any money on extra equipment, gym memberships,or personal trainers.

All you need is commitment, and the right product. But lets just assume you don’t find the right product. What if you just downloaded aneBook, tried the program for 2 weeks, and it doesn’t work. Well, then just return it. But honestly speaking, out of all the products I’ve sold, my refund rate is less than 1%.

And this 1% usually consists of what I like to call “bad customers.” A bad customer is like the same guy orders food from a restaurant, then refuses to pay for it, or asks for some sort of coupon just because there was something wrong with the food, even if their wasn’t.

There are certainly people out there that buy products, then ask and receive a refund the moment the acquire the product. And unfortunately, they get away with it. I’m hoping you’re much more honest than that, and are sincerely looking to improve your health and fitness.

The perfect Bodyweight Program for You

Right now the top selling eBook (in terms of volume) on my site is Bodyweight Exercise Revolution. This eBook is priced at $47 and is a unique approach to bodyweight training. When I first downloaded this eBookto review for my site, I honestly thought that it was just going to be another eBook that regurgitates what everyone is saying.

At that time, I had no idea what Circular Strength Training (CST) was. But once I downloaded the eBook I realized that this was a completely new approach to bodyweight exercise. For one thing, their exercises are completely different from anything else.

The movements are combination of dance, gymnastics, and yoga. In fact, a huge part of all ther programs is something known as Prasara Yoga. They include Prasara Yoga and Joint Moblity Drills in their programs as a video. Before purchasing Bodyweight Exercise Revolution (BER), I did some very basic stretches, which were certainly not enough to help me recover from my intense workouts.

Look for the “Hook.”

After downloading and reading so many fitness eBooks, I’m looking for two things: completeness and the “hook.” The hook describes that one thing that separates the product from anything else on the market. Bodyweight exercise revolution has many things that separate it from any other product:

  1. Video descriptions for each of their workouts
  2. Intu-Flow joint mobility drills in video format
  3. Prasara Yoga routine in video format
  4. Unique exercises never seen before

The second thing I look for is completeness. There are some really bad eBooks out there where you feel like the author just slapped together a bunch of content, then hired a professional copywriter to make your buy the product. I don’t sell products like that on this site.

What I want is that if a complete beginner were to download the product, they need to understand everything from beginning to end: how to perform the movement, how to progress with their training, the philosophy behind the workouts, and who the author is and why you should listen to him.

There needs to be a level of credibility.

Who are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock?

The two brains behind Bodyweight Exercise Revolution are Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock. Both of them are Head Certified Coaches of Scott Sonnon’s unique style of fitness known as Circular Strength Training. Both of them are ripped and clearly follow what they preach.

You can lean more about Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, and their authors by visiting the Bodyweight Revolution Website. Click here for more information.

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TacFit Rope Workout Wrap-Up


When the dust settles and all the TacFit Rope secrets have been revealed, you realize that TacFit Rope truly is a remarkable system of training. Not only are you saving lots of money on your own home suspension system, but you’re being given a series of progressive bodyweight movements that pales in comparison to what is currently being taught out there in the market.

TacFit Rope was designed with the soldier in mind. A soldier must be able to train anywhere and at anytime using the equipment he has available to him. Being in the military, a soldier may not always have access to a gym, but he will always have access to a piece of sturdy rope. Rope is used for a lot of different tasks.

It’s an important piece of survival equipment. But who thought you could get a complete workout using only a piece of rope? Scott Sonnon, creator of the TacFit Rope system, has decided to bring this system to our living rooms. It’s time to stop making excuses for lack of equipment. If you have $5, then you have a complete training system at your fingertips!

Lets take a look at the introductory video for TacFit Rope:

That was an intense presentation! And the workouts are even more intense! I’m sure you could clearly see the benefits of TacFit Rope. However, lets review a few KEY points that TacFit Rope helps you out with:

TacFit Rope is Portable

Bodyweight training is supposed to be portable. However. you can’t exactly carry around a pullup bar with you. If you’re on vacation, then you may or may not have access to a pullup bar, much less a gym. TacFit Rope is your no-cost gym in a bag. Take it anywhere with you. You don’t even have to take anything. Just find a piece of sturdy rope, and you’re good to go!

TacFit Rope is Fun

The exercises you learn with TacFit Rope are fun and exciting! You will never see movements like these done anywhere! The best part of TacFit Rope is that the movement are organized into 3-4 levels. So, you start off with the easiest level (which in itself is hard), and you can add sophistication to the movements to make your workouts harder!

TacFit Rope is Challenging

As I mentioned, with TacFit Rope, you will have a great arsenal of movements that become more and more challenging as you modify them. However, don’t forget that just the fact that you are using a suspension training system is going to make your workouts challenging. For example, there’s a big difference between doing pushups off the floor and doing pushups on a suspension training device.

TacFit Rope Builds Muscle

Bodyweight movements help you build muscle because you are performing compound movements. Compound movements recruit a lot of muscle mass, helping you build solid muscle mass. Now, add in a suspension training device, and you’re recruiting a whole lot more muscle mass, which means you’ll be gaining a lot of lean muscle as well!

TacFit Rope is Fast and Intense

All the workouts in TacFit Rope are based on 8 cycles of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off per exercise. This is known as the Tabata Protocol, a system of interval training that has been proven to burn fat, and enhance your athletic conditioning, speed and power! But, most of all the workouts are super fast, so you’re not spending hours per day working out.

TacFit Rope Gets you Flexible

It’s not going to be like Yoga type flexibility, but it will keep your muscles nice and lean. With suspension training, you get a nice stretch at certain spots of the movement, so you stretch while you build strength and muscle. Most people, especially me, forget to stretch before and after exercise, so we get tight. With TacFit Rope you don’t have to worry about losing your flexibility!

TacFit Rope Get you Strong

I’m a guy who can do 30-40 pushups EASILY. However, doing pushups on a suspension training system is HARD. My first time I was only able to manage 5 pushups. So now building up to doing 30 pushups with a suspension system is going to be hard, but it’s going to make me stronger and bigger!

Make your OWN Suspension Trainer!

Now, I’m sure you’re excited about TacFit Rope and suspension training. However, you’re wondering…how do you make a suspension trainer with a piece of rope?

Well, here is Scott Sonnon to show you how to create your own Suspension Trainer:

That is quite an ingenious way to use the rope! I know you’re dying to try a sample workout. So lets go over one. In the following workout, you will do each movement for 8 rounds. Each round will consist of a 20 second work interval, followed by a 10 second rest interval.

  • Double Row
  • Squat Fly
  • Press Up
  • Single Row
  • Dip-Feet
  • Knee-In Push Up

You start the workout with the Double Row. Grab two ends of the rope, plant your feet on the ground, and tilt back until your body is parallel to the floor, but not touching the ground.

Now pull your body up towards the ceiling as far as it will go. Squeeze your lats to feel your back muscles working. Next we have the Squat Fly. Grab either end of the rope, and stand on your two feet. Lean back and squat down. From the squat position, use your back muscles to pull your self back up to starting position, but keep your arms straight.

You are making a “fly” motion with your arms. A press up is basically a pushup. Grab the rope handles on either end, get into a pushup position, and do a pushup. Get ready to see your entire body shake as you perform the movement. Most likely you will only be able to perform 3-5 repetitions on your first go.

For detailed video descriptions PLUS a follow along video describing the workout, I recommend grabbing the TacFit Rope program. Click here to get started today!

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TacFit Rope: 5 Facts about Suspension Training


If you want to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time using just your bodyweight then you need to try suspension training. Suspension training involves using a device to literally suspend your entire, or a part of your body, off the floor. This technique will make all of your typical bodyweight movements 10 times harder!

With suspension training, you REALLY can workout anywhere and at anytime! All you need is a piece of rope! With most bodyweight training programs, you still need a pull-up bar. But you can’t take a pullup bar with you everywhere. That’s where TacFit Rope comes in.

But first things first: you want to have a sexy body. Convenience is #1 to getting you your dream body. The second thing is to have a challenging workout. And once you incorporate suspension training into your regimens, you will be challenged beyond belief! Even a basic pushup will turn into the most challenging exercise you’ve ever done!

Lets go over the 5 Facts that makes TacFit Rope so awesome:

Fact #1: TacFit Rope Does not require A lot of Equipment or Space, but…

TacFit Rope is a lot more fun then going to the gym and lifting weights. It’s a lot faster too. You have 6 exercises in a sequence, you spend for 4 minutes on each. So that’s a quick, intense, 24 minute workout that does not require expensive equipment or a lot of space. All you need is a piece of rope!

Now, why not just stick to regular bodyweight training? Well, you can, but how would you train your back? Like I mentioned before, you can’t walk around with a pullup bar. But, you CAN carry a piece of rope with you. That’s really all the equipment you will need. With this simple piece of equipment, you can train your back, chest, shoulders, legs, and abs!

Fact #2: Gym Machines and Traditional Barbell Movements can cause Injury, but…

With TacFit Rope, you will not experience the sore shoulders, achy back, and pain in your joints that you normally experiences with gym machines and barbell movements. So ditch running on your treadmill like a hamster and going through the motions at the gym and experience something truly safe and exciting!

I’ve done it all – heavy weight training, gym machines, lots of running, etc. Excessive running has caused bad knees. However, once I switched over to bodyweight training, all my aches and pains went away. So, we already know that bodyweight training is the safer alternative! You just need to use suspension training to make your workouts harder.

Fact #3: Cardio doesn’t work, but…

Short, burst workouts work! There was a study that proved that even if you did 1 hour of cardio every day for a year, you’d only burn 5 pounds of fat! Very bad results. Let fast, intense workouts help you burn of all your stubborn fat for you. Combine that with a solid diet, and you’ll have your dream body in no time!

What people don’t realize is that weight loss is a function of a calorie deficit. So you need to burn more calories then you consume. However, cardio is NOT the most efficient way to burn calories. The key to burning lots of calories is to boost your metabolic rate, and you can do that with short, burst workouts.

Also, cardio doesn’t differentiate between fat and muscle. So, a great way to lose muscle is to do lots of cardio. Look at the difference between a distance runner and a sprinter. Sprinters are lean and muscular. Runners are lean, but they’re not very muscular. Most distance runners look like they’re anorexic.

Another problem with cardio is that people get hungry, and they eat. Now, lets say a session of cardio burns 200 calories. Now, your meal will probably 200 calories. Now you’ve just gotten rid of any benefit of the cardio you performed. A better option is to increase your metabolic rate, so that the calories you eat are used right away and burnt off.

Fact #4: You Can’t Turn Fat into Muscle, but…

You can build muscle TO burn fat. The way it works is like this: you do challenging movements that stress your body and build down muscle mass. Eat right. Eat a lot. Eat protein. And you re-build that muscle bigger and stronger. With big muscles comes a faster metabolic rate, because now your body needs more calories to maintain that muscle. Keep your caloric intake the same, and your body uses the fat calories to support new muscle growth!

How is TacFit Rope challenging? Well, bodyweight training in itself is pretty tough. But when you add in suspension training, each and every exercise you do gets tougher. For example, I can do 30-40 pushups easily. But when I did pushups using the TacFit Rope system, I could barely pump out 3 reps my first time!

Fact #5: Crunches won’t help you Lose Fat, but…

According to Mens Health magazine, you need to do 22,000 crunches to burn off 1 pound of fat. Do you have time to do that many crunches? Besides, crunches cause you to have a bad back. I won’t get into it, but if you want a solid midsection, then you need to do movements that stabilize your core. And TacFit rope has the movements that you’re looking for!

Lets go into what a stabilization exercise is all about. Do this: get down into pushup position. Notice how your abs get tightened up. Do a few pushups, and you will see just how much your abdominals are working. Pushups train your abdominals more effectively then situps and crunches!

TacFit Rope has a lot of great ab-specific movements. However, as a mentioned before, even doing pushups on the suspension training system is going to be tough. So, you’ll actually get an abdominal workout with EVERY single movement you perform! All you have to do is take care of your diet, and you’ll see your abs!

What we’re talking about here is a mind-set change. You’re used to going into the gym and training each body part at a time. Now, get used to training your ENTIRE body in one session. 24 minutes, 6 exercises, and your abs are going to be SCREAMING in pain. TacFit rope is the only workout you need for your abs.

It’s time to change the way you workout! Take on the challenge that is TacFit Rope today! Click here to order now!

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Suspension Training Exercises Video


Suspension training is a lot of fun! Its a great new method of training which involves suspending part of your body, or your entire body, off the ground to add difficulty to any bodyweight exercise. You can train your chest, legs, back, abs, shoulders, and every little muscle group in between with suspension training.

Suspension training, specifically TacFit Rope style suspension training, is taking the world by storm.

However, TacFit Rope WILL work for you! First, read these 5 reasons why TacFit Rope will work for you, and then we’ll go into some suspension training exercises!

Reason #1 – Choosing the Right Exercises Leads to Rapid Results

The right exercises are those that work as many muscle groups as possible, and save your joints. So many weight lifters choose the bench press as their primary lift. Even if the bench press does work a lot of muscle groups, many trainees experience joint injuries.

The right exercise is also something that is fun, something you enjoy doing, something that is challenging, and something that gives you results. The last part is important, because there are so many people who keep doing the same workouts over and over again.

Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So, once you stop seeing results, you MUST change up your exercise regimen.

With suspension training, you will make every single bodyweight exercise that you are performing right now, at least 10 times harder. Try it out right now. Perform a pushup using a suspension trainer.

Even Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser loves Suspension Training, “…I got some really great workouts with my contestants this season. Watching them be challenged by working on something that requires such core strength, as well as sheer FULL body strength, I knew I had a great piece of equipment on my hands. I really LOVE this piece of equipment!”

As you can see, world class trainers are using suspension training to train their clients. For you, however, TacFit Rope is the answer. There are 2 reasons for this: 1) You save money on expensive suspension trainers because all you need for TacFit Rope is a $5 piece of rope.

And 2), you save money on expensive personal trainers because TacFit Rope features follow-along videos. So you are taught how to perform each exercise, and then the entire workout is demonstrated to you!

Whether you are an athlete or an average joe, you can use bodyweight training to improve your health and fitness. Contestants on the Biggest Loser, along with triathletes, fire fighters, police officers, and military commando’s all use a form of bodyweight training to achieve their goals.

Scott Sonnon’s brand of bodyweight training is used primarily by martial artists, police officers, fire fighters, and military personnel. In fact, his methods originated while he was training with the Russian military!

You’re probably wondering who this Scott Sonnon character is. Well, he’s the creator of TacFit Rope and Tacfit Commando, along with numerous other fitness products. He was actually voted one of the 6 most influential martial artists by Black Belt magazine!

Reason #2 – Advanced Workout Fixes

You will be shown an advanced training technique that will help you lose fat fast! This training method will also help keep your workouts short and sweet. 24 minutes, to be exact! 24 minutes, that’s all you need to lose fat and build lean muscle mass!

The name of the technique is called Tabata. Tabata Intervals were developed by a Japanese researcher, Izumi Tabata. He conducted an experiment on speed skaters using a unique 20/10 interval scheme.

So the athletes performed a high intensity exercise for 20 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. The result was a dramatic improvement in their athletic abilities. However, other studies have been conducted to show that this is an incredible technique for fat loss!

In general, intervals are the way to go for fat burning. But when you perform interval training using strength movements, you also increase the potential to build lean muscle mass. So, with TacFit rope workouts, you perform 6 movements using Tabata intervals for each.

You will perform each movement for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for a total of 8 intervals, or 4 minutes of exercise. So 6 movements for 4 minutes each is equal to 24 minutes of exercise! That is an efficient workout!

Reason #3 – Research Shows Short, Burst workouts Work better than Cardio

Go to any gym and you will see the bodies of the people on the cardio machines. Slow, boring cardio does NOT work if you want a lean, sexy and muscular body. Research has shown that interval-style, intense workouts are BETTER for fat loss then steady state cardio.

Reason #4 – Add-ons

You can use suspension training along with any other type of training including kettlebells, regular bodyweight training, dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands. Suspension training coupled with weight bearing movements gives you a great, well-rounded physique!

TacFit Rope will help you increase your strength and help build lean muscle mass at the same time. However, it will also help you become more flexible and balanced. You will build incredible core strength!

So, why do you need weights?

The truth is, you don’t need weights. But, if you’re someone who wants bulging biceps, then adding in weights after your suspension training workout will help you achieve your goals. However, the truth is that bodyweight training ALONE will not give you a bodybuilder physique. So, if you want the best of both worlds, you can add in some isolation weight training movements.

Another great option to add to the mix is kettlebell training. If you add in movements such as the Kettlebell swing, it will only speed up the fat loss process.

Suspension training is one of the most easily adaptable pieces of equipment. But, it is also a great stand-alone workout. In the next section, you will see a sample workout. Try it at home, and see how you feel.

Guaranteed you will feel refreshed and energized. Bodyweight training makes you feel like you can conquer the world. But, beyond that, you will also realize just how difficult TacFit Rope is, and the potential to build true world class muscle mass on your body.

Tacfit Rope was originally devised as a “plug in” to Scott Sonnon’s TacFit Commando program. This was because a lot of individuals were asking about a back workout. So Scott Sonnon delivered.

Both TacFit Rope and TacFit Commando are bodyweight programs designed to help move your body in unique dimensions. Both are an ideal fitness solution for your home gym, office, hotel room, backyard or living room.

Take a look at how easy it is to set up TacFit Rope:

There are actually many different ways to set up your suspension training system, but Scott Sonnon’s method is the best.

Reason #5: Increasing the Intensity

You will never get results if you keep doing the same boring exercises and never challenge your body. Choosing the right exercises is the first step. The second step is to make them harder. You can do this immediately by choosing suspension training.

Here is a sample workout from TacFit Rope. It will show you some great unique movements to help you increase the intensity of your current suspension training programs:

Pretty intense, right? Increasing the intensity of your bodyweight training workouts will also help you burn more fat. When you increase your heart rate, you actually end up burning more calories then if you were to stay in the “fat burning zone.”

The fat burning zone is a myth. I just don’t understand the concept of moving slowly in order to burn fat. Lets move beyond the idea that it’s boring to perform, and look at this from a mathematical point of view:

Lets say you burn 300 calories in an hour of jogging in your fat burning zone. Then you go home and eat a 300 calorie meal. Wow, now you are back to square one! Of course, you’re thinking “well, I’m controlling my dietary intake.” Ok, I’ll give you that.

But, here’s the clincher. Something people don’t realize is that your body is an efficient machine! It adapts to the stimulus you place on it! What happens is that your body become efficient at burning fat, so you burn less fat calories during your hour-long session.

Lets say you burn 250 calories. You go home and eat a 300 calorie meal. Uh oh, now you’re at a calorie surplus. This is why many people end up GAINING weight when all they do is steady state cardio!

Instead, choose to do Tabata Intervals with TacFit Rope. Click here to order your TacFit Rope workout today!

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Should I Buy Bodyweight Exercise Revolution or TacFit Commando?

Bodyweight Exercise Revolution came to the market about two years ago, and was an introduction to brand new bodyweight training movements that most people were not exposed to.

It was the brainchild of Coaches Adam Steer and Ryan Murdock, which the goal of introducing the world to their unique CST philosophy. CST quickly caught on, and so they developed a full, 3-month fat loss program called Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss.

Earlier this year, they, along with Coach Scott Sonnon, launched TacFit Commando. TacFit Commando is based on the fitness regimen that Coach Scott Sonnon uses to train top military personnel.

The program was a huge success with individuals who wanted to improve their level of fitness through bodyweight exercise alone. Now they are re-releasing the program with even more goodies….

So the question remains: Should I Buy Bodyweight Exercise Revolution or TacFit Commando?

Lets go over some features of both programs to better answer this question:

Training Level

If you have never been exposed to any one Scott Sonnon, Adam Steer, or Ryan Murdock’s training programs, then it does not really matter which one you choose. Both programs have beginner level movements that you can perform to help you ease into the new training methodology.

CST uses an impressive training philosophy which incorporates the use of “exercise sophistication.” All this means is that each exercise starts from the most basic, and gradually becomes more difficult.

Hence, you can take a movement and modify it for a complete beginner. You can take that same movement and modify it for a more difficult trainee. This is a valuable training tool to have with bodyweight training, where you can not make a movement difficult simply by adding weight.

That’s 1 point for Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, and 1 point for TacFit Commando


If price is a huge concern for you, then you’re better off going with Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, which is a fraction of the cost of TacFit Commando. However, on July 20th, they are re-releasing the program at 51% off. So the price of the Deluxe package will be just $97 (down from $197).

So if you’re set on grabbing TacFit commando, then you want to grab it on the 20th. Otherwise, just get a copy of Bodyweight Exercise Revolution.

That’s 2 points for Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and 1 point for TacFit Commando


When it comes to sheer content, TacFit Commando delivers. Bodyweight Exercise Revolution features 5 different training regimens which last 28 days each. TacFit Commando has 9 training programs.

Here is a summary of everything you will get for TacFit Commando:

-> 4 distinct types of training days performed cyclically (mobility, flexibility, strength, conditioning)
-> Choice of a rotating 4 day or 7 day cycle OR…
-> Integration of specific components into your existing workouts (cardio, flexibility, etc)
-> 9 28-day “Missions”
-> Instructional videos for each Mission
-> Follow along videos for each Recovery session
-> Follow along videos for each Mission (Deluxe Deployment Kit)
-> eBook manual and pdf Mission Guides

That’s 2 points for Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and 2 Points for TacFit Commando

Video Quality

We have a tie: 2 points for each program. Here’s the deal maker: video quality. TacFit Commando certainly has better quality videos. And not just that. TacFit Commando also has FOLLOW ALONG videos.

Follow Along means that Coach Sonnon is literally training with you on screen as you workout. So it’s like one of those aerobic type DVDs. And along with the sets and the music selection, you really feel like you’re some top commando training for battle.

The entire program is designed to get you pumped up and ready to go. This is literally the first program that actually does a great job of getting you motivated.

That’s 2 points for Bodyweight Exercise Revolution and 3 points for TacFit Commando.

So, which one are you going to buy?

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Kettlebell Strength Training Work Out with Scott Sonnon

Without a doubt , Scott Sonnon has the strangest workouts in the world. But they’re hard, and they work. That’s really all that matters here. Each workout he does has a specific purpose. Check out the following workout:

So, as Scott Sonnon said, you need to keep 2-3 repetitions in the bank. The goal is to go all the way down the rack. Many bodybuilders use this rack technique to build muscle mass and to save time in the gym.

However, Coach Sonnon is starting off with a heavy weight 32kg (70.4lbs), a weight that most bodybuilders can’t even press over head for one repetition. So, this workout combines strength, power, and strength endurance.

Check out the second sequence:

Most people do not have all these Kettlebells at their disposal. I only have one 50lb Kettlebell, and one 32lb Kettlebell. You can use this concept, and simply use similar movements to sub in for the weights.

For example, you can start off with Chest Press with 50lbs, followed by Chair Dips, followed by Decline pushups, followed by Chest press with 32lbs, and finish off with regular pushups. Get creative when constructing your own workout.

The rows are usually easier then pressing movements. Hence, you can use more difficult variations when performing rows. For those that do not have all the Kettlebell sizes, you can also sub these variations into the program as I mentioned earlier. Click here to learn about some back training variations with a Kettlebell.

For Christmas, I am planning to purchase an adjustable Kettlebell. Adjustable Kettlebells will save you a lot of money, and allow you to quickly change the weights in between the repetitions. I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

For more workouts and unique Kettlebell exercises, I urge you to check out Scott Sonnon’s Kettlebell Spetsnaz program. Click here for more information.

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At Home Kettlebell Workout Routines for MMA

When it comes to training for MMA, it’s all about the perfect blend of power and technique.

If you’ve ever done a YouTube search MMA workouts, you probably see athletes performing explosive drills with a Kettlebell. You’ve got your usual Swings, Cleans, and Snatches, which can get you extremely far.

However, these movements work just the Sagittal plane, or movements involving moving your body back and forth. For a complete program, you must also incorporate exercises that train your frontal and transverse planes.

MMA trainer Eric Wong explains what these planes of movements are and how best to train them:

Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz

2 sample Kettlebell Movements for MMA

Eric Wong also shows you two of the movement from Scott Sonnon’s program. Check this video out, and then I’m going to show you how to set up basic program with the movements:

Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz

The Spetsnaz program is set up in a very simple way: 8 movements, 30 seconds each, one after the other.

So for these two movements, you can perform 8 rounds of each, for 30 seconds per exercise, 30-60 seconds rest between each round.

Here’s what a sample routine would look like:

8 rounds of:

  • Dragon Press x 30 seconds
  • Goblet Drop x 30 seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds

Now these movements are quite advanced. Scott Sonnon’s program steadily builds you up so you can perform the advanced movements. Click here to learn more about Kettlebell Spetsnaz.

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