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Intermediate Strength-Training Plan

Are your strength gains declining? Don’t worry. It’s normal. As you progress, your body will adapt to what you put it through. This means that you’ll become more efficient at the lifts you perform. To get past the sticking point, change the lifts you do,

Beginner Strength-Training Plan

Strength is the backbone of every goal. Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, improve your health, or become a superior athlete, strength is where it all starts. I have created a 12-week program to help you improve your strength levels. This workout is

How Effective is Bodyweight Training?

You ever watch that show “Ninja Warrior?” Ninja Warrior is a tournament held in Japan that has individuals try to get through a nearly impossible obstacle course. These obstacle courses don’t require brute strength and incredible endurance. What they require is the ability to move

Getting Strong with a Bodyweight Program

Getting strong with a bodyweight program can be very simple. You just need to follow some very basic principles: Your body does not know how much weight is being lifted. You and your mind quantify the amount of weight by pounds or kilos. It’s a

Workout Compound Exercises

If you have very little time in your schedule to weight train, then you should try to maximize your time in the gym. Maximizing your time means sticking to compound exercises and picking a set/rep scheme based on your goals. Compound Exercise per Bodypart: Chest

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Am I a Bodybuilder or a Crossfit Athlete?

Image by Nadeem I’m not a bodybuilder! I’m not a Crossfit athlete! No matter how many times I try to tell people that I do not belong to a particular category of fitness, people still tend to categorize me! “Oh but you’re a bodybuilder,” says