Workout Compound Exercises

If you have very little time in your schedule to weight train, then you should try to maximize your time in the gym. Maximizing your time means sticking to compound exercises and picking a set/rep scheme based on your goals. Compound Exercise per Bodypart: Chest – Bench Press (Barbell, Dumbbell, Flat, Incline), Arm Pull-overs (Barbell, […]

Make your Quick Workout even Quicker by Setting up an Obstacle Course

Image by The Bunny Ears Network The Japanese show on the channel G4 titled “Ninja Warrior” is the perfect example of setting up obstacle courses to test strength, speed, and endurance. You don’t need complicated equipment to set up your own obstacle course. What I’ve done in the past is to take all the equipment […]

Am I a Bodybuilder or a Crossfit Athlete?


Image by Nadeem I’m not a bodybuilder! I’m not a Crossfit athlete! No matter how many times I try to tell people that I do not belong to a particular category of fitness, people still tend to categorize me! “Oh but you’re a bodybuilder,” says a customer at my Dad’s store while we’re talking about […]

3 Key Points to Help you Develop Strength-Focused Fitness Programs without Weights

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting lots of requests from readers who need some help developing a strength-focused bodyweight fitness program. I decided to organize some of my best tips into a post… Intensity and Strength The word intensity requires a different definition for each goal that you choose. The only, generally accepted, […]

Maximum Motor Recruitment with Bodyweight Training


Motor units are the functional units of a muscle. The percentage of motor units activated at a given time will determine the amount of force (power) that muscle produces. The force generated by a muscle needs to match the needs of the activity. For example, you do not want to recruit maximum motor units while […]

How to Train for Strength

Dave Tate. Photo by Elite Fitness Systems. Most trainees believe that training for muscle mass is the same as training for strength. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is some correlation between the two. If you train for strength, you will put on a little bit of muscle mass, and if you train […]

How to Design an Effective Quick Workout


Image by Somewhat Frank I spend a lot of time on this website talking about quick workouts. It’s time to give you guys a primer on how to design such a workout: Step One: How long will the workout last? Determine how long you want the workout to last and make that your time period […]