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High Intensity Training Fat Loss

The summer of 2007 was a crazy time for me.  I was motivated to start Shah Training, become a Marketing Consultant, and finish up my Full-length Script. All my accomplishments so far are all a cause of one singular event.

But out of all those accomplishments, nothing is as great as losing the 15 lbs I did during that summer. Most people end up gaining an incredible amount of weight during the summer times. I lost weight. Looking back, I did a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t do now. Some of my ideas about weight loss have changed. I think there’s a better way. But when you’re 170lbs at 25% bodyfat, almost anything will work wonders on you.

Looking back, my weight loss can pretty much be split up into 2 large phases. I will illustrate these phases into a 12-week program which combines what I did to lose the weight and also a few tricks that I’ve learnt in the past four months since the weight loss.

Phase One: Weeks 1-6

What I did: I began running almost every morning, building my up to a 3-mile run that took me about 40 minutes.

What I would do now: Do a 2-mile run every other morning, focusing on speed. Greater emphasis on diet, and high-intensity workouts.

Phase Two: Weeks 6-12

What I did: Switched gears to intensify workouts and placed greater emphasis on diet.

What I would do now: Workouts would already be intense, and diet would already be clean, so just take it to the next level by dieting 6 days a week as opposed to 5 and increasing the frequency of intense weight training while decreasing the amount of steady state cardio performed.

There you have it. I’ve just created a rough out line of a really good weight loss program for people to follow. I think I might start this in mid-march or earlier, when the whether gets warm and I can run. Or maybe I can start this now by doing another form of cardio instead of running. We’ll see what happens.

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