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How to Design a Superset Training Program

Every few years we see a new training fad in the fitness space. Sometimes old school stuff resurfaces with a new label…such as Kettlebell training and bodyweight exercises. You also have a myriad of fitness sites out there that keeps coming out with a variation

Increase your Metabolism

I first realized how big a role metabolism played in fat loss when I read Alwyn Cosgrove’s article on T-mag, titled the Hierarchy of Fat Loss. Cosgrove stated that the most important factor in a fat loss routine is metabolic resistance training. This includes workouts

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Superset Workouts for More Muscle and Less Fat

Superset workouts are by far the easiest way to organize workouts that allow you to put on lean muscle mass and burn lots of fat. The following are some of my best articles about superset workouts: Use Supersets to Torch Those Love Handles For More

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Killer 4 Minute Abs Workout at Home

Last time, I brought you a great workout from Mike Chang of Six Pack Shortcuts. Here’s another great workout you do at home to train your abs: The Benefit of Supersetting Abs In this workout, Mike Chang does 5 rounds of Feet to Sky Corkscrews

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Circuits vs. Supersets for Fat Loss

A superset is where you perform two exercises back to back with little to no rest in between. The most popular version of the superset is to perform opposing muscle groups. For example, you can do a set of pullups followed by a set of


Supersets for Mass and Strength

Supersets are a great training method that can be used for building muscle, losing fat, and increasing strength. It is one of the more basic forms of training – a place to start before you start performing Trisets, Circuit Training, and Density Training. Supersets for

5 Research-Proven Belly Fat Burning Tips

5 Research-Proven Belly Fat Burning Tips By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS Today I’m going to give you five RESEARCH-PROVEN methods to help you lose fat 24/7/365. Alright, let’s do this. Proven Fact #1 – Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Subjects on a low-fat diet that

Interval Training with Kettlebells

So you’ve tried interval training with cardio movements. You’ve even tried bodyweight interval workouts and dumbbell interval workouts. It’s time to know experience Kettlebell intervals. Use one of the 4 interval workout schemes turn your normal Kettlebell workouts into high intensity, puke inducing workouts: Interval