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10 Minute Bodyweight Workout for Fat Loss

You can do a lot in ten minutes. Trust me. But for this workout, you really need to bring it. You need to push yourself to the max. You can’t take any rest periods. You just have to start, and don’t stop until the 10 minutes are up.

Are you ready?

Lets go:

Perform maximum rounds in 10 minutes of:

  • Pushups, 15 reps
  • Squat Jumps, 15 reps
  • Ab Roller, 10 reps
  • Chinups, 10 reps
  • Cross Body Mountain Climber, 15 reps
  • High Knees Jump Roping, 15 reps
  • Shuttle Sprints, 2 reps (you choose the distance)

Notice there’s nothing complicated in this workout. You just set a timer for 10 minutes, and go through the circuit for as many times as possible. You can modify this workout based on how much time you have.

A few tips on the movements:

Squat Jumps

Perform these as a continuous motion. Most people perform a squat jump, and then stop the movement when they land back on the ground. Instead, when you land, go straight down into a squat, and explode back up until you complete all your repetitions.


It’s really easy to cheat on pushups by performing them super fast, especially when you’re timing your workouts. Keep the pace steady and make sure you keep your body straight at all time. If regular pushups are too easy, then perform them on your knees.

High Knees Jump Roping

For this movement, bring one knee towards your chest with each pass of the jump rope. Perform 15 repetitions with each leg. If high knees jump roping is too easy for you, do high repetitions of regular jump roping.

Here is how you perform high knees with jump roping:

Ab Roller

I just started using the ab roller. They’re tough. You may need to break down your reps in the beginner. For example, you can perform 5 reps, take a 10 second break, then do 5 more reps. Or you can break them down further and do 4-3-3


Chinups are also quite tough for many people. You can break them up just like the ab roller by performing 5-5, or 4-3-3. Another option is to go down a pyramid of 4-3-2-1. If regular chinups are too hard for you, then you can go only half way.

Shuttle Sprints

Choose your own distance with these. I have a long drive way (can fit 5 cars). So I sprint from the back yard to the front, then back again. That’s one rep for me. I do that twice in this workout. Make your own distance, but keep it challenging.

Cross Body Mountain Climber

X-Body mountain climbers are another movement people cheat on. They 1) do it too fast, and 2) they don’t go full range of motion. This is just lifting up your feet across your body. You really nee to try and bring your knee to your elbows.

Lower the repetitions if you have to. This goes for all the movements.

For a more advanced workout, check out the Guantlet bodyweight workout put out by Craig Ballantyne. It’s free. Click here to download the Guantlet Workout.

Women: 6 Nutritional Tips to Help Boost your Metabolism for Fast Summer Fat Loss

The summer is….almost here. And you need officially declare war on that stubborn fat. One of the key ways or burning more calories throughout the day is to raise your metabolism. Lets look at some interesting ways of doing this:


Metabolism Tip #1: Eat More Spices

According to the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, eating certain spices leads to a temporary metabolism spike of about 23 percent. This doesn’t mean that you should go to your local Indian restaurant and eat extra spicy food.

Simply take your regular, healthy meals and turn them from bland to hot. Give them some flavor. You’ll not only enjoy your foods more, but you’ll also burn a few extra calories along the way (while you eat).

Metabolism Tip #2: Drink some Coffee

A study published in Physiology and Behavior found that individuals who drink caffeinated coffee increased their metabolism rate by 16 percent. So not only does coffee wake you up in the morning, it also boosts your metabolic rate.

The way this works is that coffee actually stimulates your central nervous system by increasing your heart rate and breathing. It’s almost like your working out! But don’t overdo coffee. There are also some down sides to excessive coffee consumption.

Metabolism Tip #3: Consume Iron

Iron is important. Iron helps carry oxygen to your muscles. If your muscles don’t get enough oxygen, your energy levels fall, and your workouts suffer. Your metabolic rate suffers as well. Women lose a lot of iron during their periods each month.

So eat iron. When you hit the grocery stores search for iron-fortified products. Eat more beans, spinach, and broccoli.

Metabolism Tip #4: Eat More Fat

I’m talking about Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These healthy fats tell your brain that you’re full, meaning you’ll feel fuller, longer. You can get healthy fats from a variety of sources including fish, nuts, and olive oil.

Metabolism Tip #5: Grab some Green Tea

A recent study showed that individuals who drank 3-5 cups of green tea per day for 12 weeks lost 4.6 percent of their bodyweight. Other studies indicated drinking two to four cups of green tea per day may help burn up to an extra 50 calories.

50 calories may not seem like a lot, but when you’re trying to burn off stubborn fat, every little bit helps. You can drink your coffee in the morning, and green tea later in the day during lunch.

Metabolism Tip #6: Stay Away from Contaminated Foods

I’m talking about going organic. Now, in recent years, many companies have been putting “organic” labels on their products that aren’t really organic. That means you need to do your research. Stores such as Whole Foods are a good place to start.

You don’t need to make a full, 100% transition to organic food. Eating clean in general helps a lot. Think of your body as an engine. You don’t want to put junk oil into that engine. You want the best stuff to make it work as smoothly as possible.

Make these simply tips to your nutrition and you’ll start to notice some decent fat loss within a few weeks. Combine these tips with a solid training program, and you’re on your way to achieving your goals.

For women, the best workout out their is Booty for Wife, developed by Craig Ballantyne. Click here to learn more about Booty for Wife.

6 Upper Body Ab Exercises

By Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

The thought of having to do an additional 20-30 minutes of abdominal work after a regular workout can sometimes be enough for you to skip the ab training altogether. But, with these six upper body exercises, you’ll gain all the benefits and more of a regular ab workout, without the extra time.

This 15-minute upper body workout will not only build your arms, your chest, and your back, but every one of these exercises is also going to work your abdominals.

So this workout will include as I mentioned 6 exercises, but they will be broken down into 3 supersets at 5 minutes each.

So, the first superset will pair chin-ups with spiderman pushups.

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Now, just because these aren’t specific abdominal exercises don’t think your abs will walk away unscathed. I remember training a
client before and a couple of days after doing the chinup exercise she commented how shocked she was that her abs were so sore.

With proper form, the chin-up exercise can very powerfully target your abs.

For proper form, begin in the dead hang position. Now, keeping your body tight, brace your abs and pull your body up and chin over the bar, then in a controlled fashion, lower your body down. You will noticeably feel this exercise working your lats and your biceps.

Perform enough repetitions that take you until one short of failure. For example, if you can do 15 repetitions, then only do 14 and so on.

After the chin-up exercise, you will move into the spiderman pushup. In this exercise, you will get into a regular pushup position, and then as you come down bring your knee up to your elbow and back down. Alternate sides.

As previously noted, each superset pairing will be done in five minute intervals. Once finished with the first superset, move onto
the next upper body combination of one-arm standing dumbbell shoulder press and heavy weighted dumbbell rows.

For the one-armed shoulder press exercise, place the DB at shoulder height with your palm facing outward. Next, brace your abs and place your opposite hand on your side to ensure your obliques are working while pressing up with the DB. Do eight repetitions for one side, and then switch to the other side.

Immediately after completing your repetitions for the shoulder press, move to DB rows. This time you will choose a weight you can normally do 10 times, but now try to get 12 repetitions. However, be sure to use only good form.

By keeping your body and back in a straight position, you will end up working your abdominals very hard, especially as you get closer to failure and your obliques work against rotation. If you find that you need to take a 5-10 second rest after ten repetitions in order to use perfect form for the remaining two, then do that.

Again, you will do this superset for five minutes going back and forth between these two exercises.

To finish off the 15-minute workout, you’ll do two arm exercises that simultaneously work your abdominals. The first exercise is the lying dumbbell triceps extension. Now, in order to get a good ab workout from this exercise, when you’re at the bottom position, drop a little more and you stretch your abs. Then, bring the dumbbells back up overhead and repeat.

That little extra stretch at the bottom of the exercise will really work your abdominals to give you that six pack abs look, much like the stability ball rollout when you stretch out at the end of that exercise.

The final exercise is the one-armed standing dumbbell curl. For this exercise you want to begin in a braced position. Since you
will be using a heavy weight, your abs will have to work very hard throughout this exercise. To get in proper position, if your right arm is working, then your left leg will be in front. You can do this exercise for 6-8 repetitions per side.

That’s the 15-minute upper body workout that will work your abs just as hard if not harder than any ab crunching workout you could possibly do.

For DVD workouts using these exercises please visit:


The Truth About Fat Loss Nutrition

Do you feel like you are busting your butt in the gym and not getting the results you deserve?

Listen, we have to fix your nutrition. No more foods from a bag or a box. Switch over to more fruits and vegetables.

Now I know you’re not just going to wake up and eat 10 servings of vegetables tomorrow. Besides, your stomach and co-workers wouldn’t appreciate it.

But you have to make little changes every day, week, month & year. We can always get better. So this weekend, start with one new item from the produce aisle to help control your appetite, regulate your blood sugar, and burn body fat.

If you want to lose fat, live longer & healthier, and have more mental and physical energy to get through your day, you need to put
premium fuel in your body’s engine.

Not grease. Not sugar. Not quick fixes. You have to plan ahead. But don’t worry, it doesn’t take much time.

Start by eating several small meals each day, focusing on protein and fiber-rich foods.

Combine that with the short, convenient Turbulence Training workouts and you’ll feel like a million bucks.

We are all a work in progress, so never give up on your ability to change your body at any age. Nutrition & exercise are as powerful as
the drugs your doctors are handing out.

So fight back against aging and body fat naturally.

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Craig Ballantyne 3 Minute Pushups Challenge

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Here’s a quick challenge workout you can do at home. It only takes 3 minutes!

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Turbulence Training Body Transformation Contest and Free Bodyweight Workout

Alright, so there’s a few new things going on with Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training. First, the new transformation contest is about to start. You can learn all the details by click HERE.

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7 Ways to Set up a Beach Body 10 Minute Workout

You’re less than 90 days away from the summer. But you’ve got work or school (or both). You just don’t have the time to spend 30-40 minutes on a quick workout.

Well, I’m going to show you a way to… no, I’m going to show you 7 ways to set up a really super quick 10-minute workout you can do to drop weight and reveal a great beach body.

Method #1

  • Step One: Choose one upper body exercise and one lower body exercise
  • Step Two: Perform the first movement for 60 seconds, rest 15 seconds. Perform the second movement for 60 seconds, rest 15 seconds.
  • Step Three: Repeat this cycle 3 more times for a total of 4 rounds.

Method #2:

  • Step One: Choose one upper body and one lower body exercise
  • Step Two: Choose repetitions where the two number add up to 30 total repetitions. For example, you can do 15 reps for each movement. Or 10 repetitions for one movement and 20 repetitions for the other movement.
  • Step Three: Perform each exercise back to back with no rest. Then rest 60 seconds.
  • Step Four: Repeat this cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds. You are doing a total of 90 repetitions. I have found that 120 repetitions, depending on the movement, takes around 10 minutes to complete, without rest periods. So for a beginners with rest periods, you should shoot for 90 to 100 total repetitions for your 10 minute workout.

Method #3:

  • Step One: Choose one upper body pushing exercise (such as pushups), one upper body pulling exercise (such as pullups) and one lower body movement.
  • Step Two: Perform each movement for 30 seconds, followed by a 10 second rest. Move through each repetitions one after the other.
  • Step Three: Perform 5 total rounds.

Method #4:

  • Step One: Choose 10 exercises – 3 upper body push, 3 upper body pull, and 4 lower body
  • Step Two: Perform 10 repetitions of each movement
  • Step Three: Go through each exercise in a row, without rest. This should take you less than 10 minutes sinces it’s only 100 repetitions total.

Method #5:

  • Step One: Choose 1 upper body and 1 lower body exercise
  • Step Two: Perform each movement for 45 seconds, followed by a 15 second rest.
  • Step Three: Perform 5 total rounds.

Method #6:

  • Step One: Choose 1 cardio movement such as jump roping, shadowboxing, or sledgehammer swings. Choose 5 additional movements – 2 upper body push, 2 upper body pull, and 1 lower body
  • Step Two: Perform 1 minute of the cardio movement, followed by 1 minute of an additional movement. Follow up with another 1 minute of the cardio movement, and perform 1 minute of the other movement.
    • Here’s a sample:
      • 1 minute Cardio
      • 1 minute Upper Body Push
      • 1 minute Cardio
      • 1 minute Upper Body Pull
      • 1 minute Cardio
      • 1 minute Lower Body
      • 1 minute Cardio
      • 1 minute Upper Body Push
      • 1 minute Cardio
      • 1 minute Upper body Pull

Method #7:

  • Step One: Choose 1 upper body exercise and 1 lower body exercise
  • Step Two: Perform 50 repetitions of each movement, back to back

Choose one of these methods and get started on creating your own 10 – minute workout. If you want to save even more time, then I suggest you grab one of the following short, intense 4-week workout plans created by Craig Ballantyne:

Best Way to Build Muscle Mass and Lose Fat Without Going to the Gym

I really don’t believe that you need to go to a gym to increase your lean muscle mass. You can easily add muscle on your frame by training at home using just your bodyweight, a pair of dumbbells, a kettlebell, or a barbell.

My home gym consists of the following equipment:

  • Jump Rope ($15)
  • Sledgehammer ($35)
  • Tire ($0)
  • 2 Kettlebells ($85 and $120)
  • Pullup Bar ($20)
  • Bench ($0)
  • Medicine Ball ($35)
  • Resistance bands ($15)
  • Barbell Set ($160)

So my entire home gym costs only $485. Average gym memberships cost $50, or $600. So I’m actually saving $115 per year on gym memberships, and still getting the results I desire. Actually, the home gym equipment is only a one-time cost.

And who says you have to build up your home gym all at once? I’ve made all these additions slowly, and steadily.

So where do you get started? How do you steadily build up your home gym over time? Well, that’s why I created this guide.

First 6-8 Months

For the first 6-8 months of your fitness plan (I’m talking to complete beginners), I think it’s important to work on your cardio endurance and basic strength. So grab yourself a decent jump rope to work on your cardio.

My favorite cardio methods are jump roping, shadowboxing, sprinting, and sledgehammer swings. The sledgehammer is optional. I showed the movement to my friends, and they didn’t like it. But I just love the idea of hitting a tire with all your force.

It’s also a great way to let out some steam.

Combine these cardio exercises with intense bodyweight workouts and you’ve got yourself a recipe for incredible results. If your goal is to add lean muscle mass with bodyweight training, then you want to grab a copy of Craig Ballantyne’s Bodyweight Bodybuilding 2.0

For a more general approach to bodyweight training, check out some more of Craig Ballantyne’s Bodyweight Workouts.

Here’s a sample Jump Rope and Bodyweight circuit we did about 2 years ago: (Sorry for the grainy video)

Oh yea, you might also need a pullup bar to do pullups and chinups. Or you can just do them at the park.

Next 6-8 Months

At this point, it’s time for you to pick up some weights. Dumbbells are best. If you’re a bit more adventurous and wish to shell out some more money, then I’d suggest grabbing an olympic barbell set.

My mom bought me a dumbbell when I was 8 years old. My father bought me a barbell set when I was around 15-16. Then, one of my college friends was going back to India. I’d helped him out a lot with rent and other things while he was in the U.S.

He wanted to pay me back (with a grand!) but I just told him to buy me a Kettlebell. So that’s how I got my first Kettlebell. The last Kettlebell (50lbs) was the first one I bought with my own money.

And it feels good!

The point is that you want to start playing around with some weights. Dumbbells are the cheapest. Barbells are in the middle, and Kettlebells are expensive, but effective. The best dumbbell workouts come from Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training.

For Kettlebell workouts you want to check out Chris Lopez’s Kettlebell Revolution.

Here’s another video from 2 years ago:

The Next 6 Months and Beyond…

You have the basics – everything you’ll ever need. Anything else from here on – medicine balls, resistance bands, benches, cardio equipment, boxing gloves, pullup/dip station, focus mitts, heavy bag – are just additions.

So if you feel you can’t afford $400 to $600 per year to join a gym. Or, if it’s to inconvenient for you to drive down to a gym, then use this guide to create your own home gym. There are no excuses when it comes to your health.

If you’re looking for a full bodyweight program, then you should check out my brand new Shah Training Playground Workout Program. It’s available as a free download:

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How to Eat Carbs and Lose Fat

If you’re sick & tired of confusing carb-restriction diet programs that leave you starving and stuck with stubborn belly fat, then I have great news for you.

Get ready for Craig Ballantyne’s Simple Nutrition System that guarantees you’ll be able to eat a lot of carbs and still lose fat.

Plus, you’ll get over 31 blender drink, smoothie, and post-workout shake recipes to help you add the fuel to your metabolism fire.

This program is not…

– “low carb”
– confusing or complex
– restrictive (you’ll actually be full & satisfied!)

Listen, it’s not your fault that you’re confused about this whole fat loss diet thing…the so-called experts are making big bucks with their special shakes and diet pills and protein bars that they sell to you.

But Craig Ballantyne doesn’t have any supplements to sell you, or any hidden agenda. Instead, he’s dedicated to helping you simplify your nutrition program so that it is easy (and delicious) to follow for fat loss.

Heck, he stays at 9-10% fat all year round while eating tons of carbs and loving every meal he eats – rather than following a diet plan that is so restrictive it causes binges.

So not only will you get proven fat loss advice (his recommendations are backed by clinical scientific research) but this program will also take the stress out of eating.

It’s so simple…even his puppy dog uses the plan to get his six pack abs (and yes, a vet even told Craig that his dog has six pack abs). Funny, huh?

So get ready to discover…

– The Simple Nutrition Rules for fat loss
– The top 3 food myths that everyone gets wrong in their diet
– The 7-step detox diet plan (that doesn’t require zany detox diets)
– Craig’s grocery list and meal plan
– 43 blender drink, smoothie, and post-workout recipes

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