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7 Important Benefits of a Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Here are 7 reasons why I love bodyweight exercise routines: Organize bodyweight exercises into high intensity circuits, and you’ll drop fat like magic. Gymnasts train with bodyweight exercise workouts, exclusively. Yet they’re stronger than most bodybuilders. They have a nice, lean physique to compliment their athletic skills, because body control is an important aspect of […]

Workout Without Weights: Use The Gym You Were Born With

We all know how much I love bodyweight training. When I first began this blog, I was going to focus my training specifically on portable equipment such as dumbbell, kettlebells, and resistance bands.¬†Over time, questions such as, “What kind of workouts can I design for people who are unable to perform a single push up?” […]

The Ultimate Solution for Obese People: Daily Workout Without Weights for Fat Loss and Better Mobility

When most people try to lose weight, they pop in some sort of aerobics tape such Tae Bo or one of those dancing tapes. That’s not too bad. I mean, at least you’re moving your body. But what you really need to be doing is strength training. You don’t need to go out to a […]

Lower Body and Cardio Bodyweight Workout You can Do in your Backyard (or at Home)

Here’s a great workout you can do just with your own bodyweight. This workout revolves around calisthenic and animal movements and is a great alternative to your regular bodyweight squat lower body workouts. It’s also a great fat burning cardio movement. If you’re following an upper body/lower body training split, then this is a perfect […]

Home Fitness Review: The Ultimate Guide to Home Fitness Products

  So you’ve decided to start training at home. Now what should you do? Spend a lot of money on equipment, or invest some money on eBooks? Well, before you can answer this question, you need to really think about why you’re working out at home. Is it because…. – You can no longer afford […]

Best Bodyweight Training Exercises for Men

Everyone out there is talking about pullups, pushups, and squats when it comes to bodyweight training. However, what about some really unique exercises? The reason why people believe that bodyweight training alone can not help them achieve the kind of fitness they desire is because they do not take the time to seek out some […]

Fat Loss Workout Without Using Weights For the Busy Traveler

Losing fat while you’re constantly going from one business trip to the next is tough. Especially in this economy where you need to work harder and longer to make the same amount of money as you did before, and don’t have the time and money to get in a great, fat burning workout. Well, that’s […]


What’s Your Biggest Obstacle to Achieving your Fitness Goals?

Image by Rickydavid We all have obstacles in our lives that prevent us from doing certain things. What I want to know is, what is your biggest obstacle when it comes to improving your health and fitness. What’s really keeping you from achieving your goals? I would love to hear your responses. Please post your […]