New Years Eve Bodyweight Routine

Gorilla Chin, 10×5, 165 seconds rest Bodyweight Squat, 5×20, 45 seconds rest For more intense bodyweight workouts, check out Workout Without Weights. Click here for more Information

Best Bodyweight Training Exercises for Men

Everyone out there is talking about pullups, pushups, and squats when it comes to bodyweight training. However, what about some really unique exercises? The reason why people believe that bodyweight training alone can not help them achieve the kind of fitness they desire is because they do not take the time to seek out some…

Superset Workouts for More Muscle and Less Fat

Superset workouts are by far the easiest way to organize workouts that allow you to put on lean muscle mass and burn lots of fat. The following are some of my best articles about superset workouts: Use Supersets to Torch Those Love Handles For More Muscle and Less Fat, Try Escalating Density Training High Intensity…

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