The 4×4 Weight Training System for Muscle Mass

This is yet ANOTHER Meathead workout from Craig Ballantyne. A meathead is someone who is obsessed about gaining muscle. They are often seen as dumb and arrogant. Well, Craig Ballantyne isnt dumb and arrogant.

In fact, he’s smarter then most people, and super humble! He’s even nice enough to share his training methods with other people! All of his meatheads workouts take a typical 2-hour long mass building workout, and condense it into a workout that takes less than 45 minutes to perform.

So if you’re someone who wants to build muscle mass, but has very little time on their hands, you may want to look into grabbing one of Craig’s programs. You can actually grab all of his Meatheads workouts here.

However, his latest program, the 4×4 Training System is not included in the package. The 4×4 system is the one of shortest meatheads workouts of them all. It’s based on one of Craig’s clients who wanted an even shorter workout.

So, Craig gave him 4 of the best movements for each workout, plus an optional interval workout. So you’re going to see a lot of squatting, tough abdominal moves, lunging, pressing, rowing, pulling and raising.

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The optional intervals are really impressive. You have two 4×4 interval workouts, the 4×4 ab circuit, and the 4×40 bodyweight circuit. If you don’t have any time for additional cardio after your weight training, then these are all you need to keep the fat off!

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