The Age when Men Start Losing Muscle Mass

The Age when Men Start Losing Muscle Mass

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It’s been stated that 25 is the age when men start to lose muscle mass. However, until NOW it didn’t seem to effect my father, who is 52 (I think). The nature of his work allows him to be active enough to be in decent shape.

He’s not in the best shape, of course, but he’s not taking any pills and his blood reports each year come out quite healthy. There was a point where his Triglycerides were super high, but we were able to get that under control with a simple workout and changes in his nutrition.

However, a few days back he told me about his body fat percentage. We have a Tanita scale – the ones where you stand on it, and it tells you your bodyfat percentage. He said he weighs the same, but had a higher bodyfat percentage then usual.

You know what that means…he’s starting to lose muscle mass. He’s also complaining that he gets out of breath faster. He will soon notice a decrease in strength. I wish I had the time to train him, but he works 16 hour days.

I’m determined to get him on some sort of program, even if it’s just some dumbbell work in his convenience store. He has two pairs of dumbbells that some customers gave to him.

Either way, I don’t think anyone should worry about losing muscle mass. That’s because you should always focus on building lean muscle mass. Even if it’s not your primary objective, there should be a period in your overall fitness plan where you focus on packing on 5-10 lbs of lean muscle mass.

To accomplish this task, I suggest on of Craig Ballantyne’s workouts from his Meathead’s series. The following is a sample workout fromTT Meatheads 2.0:

1A) Medium Grip Bench – 3×5
1B) DB Row – 3×5

2A) Weighted Pullup – 2×6
2B) DB Chest Press – 2×8

3A) BB Shrug – 2×12
3B) DB Incline – 2×12

To get started on your Muscle Building plan, check out the full TT Meatheads 20 program. Click here for more information.

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