Wait Less and Weigh Less

‘How much of human life is lost in waiting?’ ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We wait for the perfect person to come into our lives. We wait for the perfect job offer. We wait for the perfect to help us achieve the body of our dreams.

The more we wait, the more we lose out on the opportunities that we can create ourselves. This blog is my opportunity to create my own income, to set myself a little free from the bondage of a full time job, and money problems.

You going to your home gym and working out is your opportunity to free yourself from bad and future health problems. The more we wait, the more our health will deteriorate.

If someone you truly love wants something, do you wait around to get it for them? No, you sit there, think about how to get it – whether it be driving to the store or getting another job to pay for it – and you get it done. You don’t wait for the product or service to come to you.

Now, for certain things, you need to wait. It’s not good to be impulsive either. But that’s not what I’m talking about, especially with and .

With regards to diet and exercise, we tend to wait for the perfect program, and when we feel we have the perfect program, we wait for “Monday” because everything has to start on Monday. It’s a Law that some exercise guru wrote back in the day, and so that’s when you have to start.


Start today. Right now. Go outside and do a couple hundred jumping jacks, a couple dozen , and until you get tired.

The less you wait, the more weight you will lose.

Or, if your goal is to put on , the less you wait, the more muscle you will put on.

Now, the great thing is that there are already so many done-for-you out there for you to choose from. All you have to do is pick one and do it.

I’ll choose one for you: The Pull-up Program. Click here to learn about this amazingly simple done-for-you which helps increase your pull-up numbers and burns fat.