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Wanna be super ripped so that your veins are popping out of your arms? (Kinda like Wolverine) You CAN do hours of cardio every day. It’ll work. But, it’s boring and takes a lot of time out of your schedule. Instead, perform higher intensity resistance training workouts.

These vein-popping workouts have become extremely popular in the past few years. One of the reasons why is because of EPOC, or Excess Post Oxygen Consumption. EPOC relates to the fact that our bodies requires energy to recover after intense training.

Hence, you not only burn energy (calories) DURING the workout, but also after the workout during you recovery phase. This is why personal trainers who need to get Movie and TV stars into shape super fast focus on high intensity training methods such as Super Sets.

Super Sets are where you perform two movements back to back with no rest in between each set. 15-25 minute super set workouts will ignite your metabolism by challenging both your muscular and cardiovascular system.

And because of EPOC, you’ll be burning calories for up to 24 hours after your workout. That’s an entire day of fat burning! And your time commitment? Less than 30 minutes. In the following Super Set workout developed by Craig Ballantyne, you’ll be alternating between a lower body exercise and an abdominal workout.

This way, while your legs recover, you train your abs, and vice versa. But your heart rate will be elevated at all times! Here’s the workout:

Craig Ballantyne has lots of great intense workouts for you to choose from:

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