What are some tips for getting over a weight loss plateau?

Do you STILL perform cardio?

Learn how to lose fat by ENDING  your cardio:

In my last article about diet pills, I talked about how it was my desperation to lose stubborn fat that led me to try diet pills.

So, instead of using diet pills or any other dangerous supplements, how do we get through a weight loss plateau and burn stubborn belly fat?

Here are some options:

Step #1: Increase Caloric Intake

In my article, I wrote that I was under eating, and over training. This is a common theme amongst exercisers struggling with stubborn fat – they increase their activity level without increasing their caloric intake, resulting in a hijacked metabolic rate. Instead, increase your caloric intake. Don’t be afraid. Start gradually – 100 calories at a time. You will notice that you feel much better, are able to push harder with your workouts, and will jump start your metabolic rate, resulting in fat loss.

Step #2: Stop Doing Cardio

“But I need to burn calories!”

You just increased your caloric intake so that you could reset your metabolic rate, and push harder with your workouts. Now, we’re going to stick to that same theme, and focus on taking your metabolic rate to the next level. We must perform activities that promote a healthy metabolic rate. Long distance cardio is not the answer. You’ve been doing enough of that. It’s time to switch it up and do intervals, or any form of high intensity “cardio” training. I prefer 6 sets of 50 meter sprints to start off.

Step #3: Stop Going to the Gym

What I mean by this is cut down on your training frequency. What I am trying to make you do is recognize that more is not better. More INTENSE is better. So, we’re going to cut your weight training sessions in HALF. If you’ve been training 4 days a week, now you’ll do 2 days of weight training with 1 or 2 days of interval cardio. You’re going to approach each session well-rested, and properly fed (you must feed your muscles!) Then, you’re going to push it to the max in each training session.

These three tips will carry you a long way. Guaranteed you’ll see an extra 5-6 pounds of fat loss by resetting your metabolic rate, and focusing on intensity over time spent exercising.

More Metabolic Boosting Ideas

If you hit another fat loss plateau, then perhaps these ideas will help:

#1 – Kettlebells – Kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories per minute! So, a 20 minute kettlebell workout will help you burn off twice the amount of calories then a 20 minute weight training workout! Check out this great fat loss interview to learn more about Kettlebells.

#2 – Cycle Carbs – Carb cycling is a technique many bodybuilders use to get ready for competition. The problem with a low carb diet is that you lose energy to fuel your workouts. Carb cycling matches up your carb intake with your activity level and preserves your metabolic rate. Joel Marion uses this approach in his Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. Click here to learn more.

#3 – Bodyweight Circuits – If you haven’t been performing bodyweight circuits, then it’s time to try them. Replace all your weight training with bodyweight movements, and notice the difference. Click here to read this great interview with bodyweight coach Adam Steer to learn how bodyweight circuits can transform your physique.

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