Why Intense Kettlebell Training Programs Are Ideal For Fat Loss

Why Intense Kettlebell Training Programs Are Ideal For Fat Loss

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Kettlebell Training is the latest method of training that actually helps you burn fat all in the comfort of your own home. The reason why Kettlebell Training works is because it makes your body work hard. And when your body works harder, you effectively raise your metabolic rate.

Raising your metabolic rate is an important aspect to long term fat loss. Your metabolism is a measure of how fast your body burns calories. Hence, the faster your metabolic rate, the more calories and fat you burn. If you don’t think that Kettlebll training is hard, then you should do the same exact workout with a Kettlebell and a Dumbbell. Use the same weight – 35lbs for a dumbbell, and 35lbs for a Kettlebell. Do the following workout:

10 rounds of:

* Clean and Press, 15 seconds each hand
* Floor Press, 15 seconds each hand
* Front Squat, 15 seconds each hand

Train with one dumbbell or one kettlebell at a time. You can do the workouts a week apart if you’d like. Or, you can just take my word for it. I actually put my friends through this same exact workout, and they told me that the Kettlebell version was 10 times worse than the dumbbell version.

Even though they were using the same weight! So why is the Kettlebell so much more difficult to use and more effective than a dumbbell? It has to do with the unique shape of the Kettlebell. A dumbbell’s weight isbalanced on both sides. You’re not working anything more than the muscles you’re targeting. However, with a Kettlebell, almost every single muscle group is being activated to stabilize that Kettlebell. Hence, more muscle is being activated at once to move the same amount of weight.

Here’s another example: Have you ever wondered why it’s easy for you to move a lot of heavy weights in the gym, but then when it comes to helping your buddy move into his new apartment, you struggle to move his oddly shaped objects. It’s because both the shape and weight of the object impacts what muscles (or how much muscle) you activate to lift or move that object.

Back then Kettlebell Training wasn’t that popular. But nowadays everyone seems to be writing training guides and making videos to help people train with Kettlebells. One of the best ones is developed by Craig Ballantyne and Chris Lopez. It’s called Kettlebell Revolution for Fat Loss. Click here to learn more about this incredible program.

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