Workout Without Weights


Finally! Lose Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass in the Comfort of your Own Home with Just your Bodyweight

Workout Without Weights is a bodyweight training manual written by Coach Eddie Lomax. It’s a step-by-step plan that features exercises, workouts, and intensity techniques to help you improve your body with bodyweight training alone.

The most interesting aspect about Workout Without Weights (WWW) is that it’s a blueprint to help you improve your fitness level, not just a handful of done-for-your workouts.


This means that if you effectively implement the techniques taught to you in the eBook, you can literally develop intense workouts for the rest of your life. Hence, it’s a complete resource.

Here is what People are Saying about this manual:

“I just want to touch base with you. I started the program in January and it is GREAT!!! I have really made significant changes in my body by using your program and a healthy diet. I was pretty out of shape (which was confirmed during the first workout) but I get more reps and/or sets with every workout. If I get bored with an exercise, there are so many others to choose from and substitute for the one the isn’t working anymore. I also like that I can do it on my schedule at home. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this program together!!”

Unsolicited Feedback

“I did some of the drills this morning. I am impressed with the broad range of bodyweight drills and the varying levels you included in the book. I am now a huge fan of the book. The book is so good in that it has something to offer fighters and the general workout population. For someone teaching class’s your book would be a goldmine of information.”

Unsolicited Feedback

“Dear Coach Lomax, I purchased your product in early February of this year. My wife started a diet last Thanksgiving and has lost 35-40 pounds since then. I “tagged along” (started at 6’3″, 215 lbs) with her and lost about 10 pounds by the time I purchased your program.

Since then I’ve lost an additional 5 pounds (I now hover in the 199-202 range) but more importantly I’ve gone from a 36 inch waist to a 34. Also, co-workers and people at church have made many comments about how much trimmer I look.

Your program is doing what many years of weight lifting was supposed to do for me and didn’t, namely rearranging my body. I look forward to trimming down even more!

The money I spent on your program has by far given me the “best bang for the buck” of any fitness program or equipment in my 53 years.”

Unsolicited Feedback

“I have been exercising at a moderate level for years now, but needed a change, some additional motivation, and more of an overall fitness plan. Your system appears to be the answer for which I was searching. I’m anxious to begin a new chapter in my personal fitness.”

Unsolicited Feedback

“You have truly revolutionized working out with bodyweight exercises.”

Unsolicited Feedback

Coach Lomax’s Alternative Options

If you don’t want to learn about intensity techniques and movements, but instead just want a handful of workouts already done for you and organized into a program, then I’d suggest UltimateGymless Workout.

Ultimate Gymless Workout is another Coach Lomax eBook which features 6, 4-Week bodyweight only programs designed to help you drop fat, build lean muscle mass and increase strength.

The workouts are titled as General Fitness Workout, Fat Loss Workout, Strength & Size Workout, Juggernaut Workout, Rounds of Fury Workout, and Utterly Nasty Interval Training Workouts.

Best Option: Combo Package


Coach Lomax also gives you the option of purchasing both the Ultimate Gymles Workout and Workout Without Weights eBook together for a lower price.

His combo Package also includes Commando Calisthencis, which is a set of 3 audio workouts valued at $27. All three products would cost you $73.95.

But Coach is giving it all to you for just $47. That’s over 6 dozen workouts for just a fraction of what it would cost you if you hired a personal trainer or joined a gym.

But Wait! There’s More!

If you want to make sure that you are maximizing the results of bodyweight training or get on the right track from day one, then Coach Lomax’s Bodyweight manual is for you. This manual is for all levels. The manual costs just $19.95!. Click below to order and you will receive the download link immediately.

Click here to Grab your Copy of Workout Without Weights today for just $19.95!

Look I could go on and on with some elaborate ad copy to convince you to buy the ebook. However, Coach Eddie Lomax already has a solid reputation as a fitness professional and all of his products have been received with overwhelming success in the marketplace. I know you are going to love his ebook. If for some inexplicable reason you do not love the book, simply ask Coach for a full refund.

Bottom line is I now you are going to love the e-book and benefit from it tremendously. Make 2010 your fittest year!

Get the ebook now for only $19.95 and rest assured that you are making a great investment in your health goals.

Click here to Grab your Copy of Workout Without Weights today for just $19.95!

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