10-20-10-20: Short, Intense, and Satisfying

The following is a guest post from Josh Levine from FortisMag.

This is great for people who don’t have much time to train but want to get a great workout in. It doesn’t take long to complete, but when you are done you are completely spent. Here’s how it works:

First you do 10 Pull-ups, 20 Push-ups, 10 Body lifts, and then 20 on . After doing this you as little as possible. If you can go do 9 pull-ups right away, then go do that. If not, take a little rest until you think you can.

After you complete the first set you do 9 Pull-ups, 19 Push-ups, 9 Body lifts, and then 19 Dips on Bench. Once again rest as little as possible. You are going to continue this pattern until your last set which should consist of 1 Pull-up, 11 Push-ups, 1 Body , and then 11 Dips on Bench.

Some of you may not know what body lifts (also known as inverted rows) are so let me try to explain them. Basically, you lay flat on you back. You find a bar that about 2-3 feet in the air, and you use that bar to lift your body up. It’s a fairly simple .

Now, let’s say you want to modify this workout because you don’t have access to a bar of any sort. You can substitute pull-ups and body-lifts for sit-ups and squats. By doing this you will also get a full body workout in.

Additional that you may want to include are two-legged explosive jumps, burpees, , and reverse sit-ups.

You can take this workout and make it as hard as you would like. The concept for this workout is very open and thus can be modified easily. If you want to really yourself add two more exercises to the routine.

Train Hard. Eat Well. Live.

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