2 UNUSUAL bodyweight BACK exercises

Now when I first tried this, I was shocked at how well it worked…
Why did Adele cross the road?…
… To say hello from the other side.
I know right? It’s so bad, that it works. You hate yourself for smiling. You’re welcome. Now for the OTHER thing that shocked me.
1) Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, abs braced
2) With your thumbs up, extend your arms out to your sides at shoulder , bringing your back.
3) Squeeze your shoulder blades together HARD and hold this position for 20 seconds.
Here’s what it looks like:
It’s harder than it sounds – believe me. This works wonders for your posture, especially if you do a lot of sitting during the day.
I have another one for you…
Here’s what it looks like (and instructions):
I had a sore back for 2 days from doing these. These are the two I used to my back during my trip to India in October!
Here’s some more trickery…
Researchers in France discovered a NEW way of bodyweight training that boosts your PLUS increases your by 54%.

You know that when you’re , it’s easier to become .

It’s something that you more than likely haven’t tried before and get this – you can do it and it saves your joints.

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