25 Tips for an effective Weight Loss Training Program

Ok, this is going to be a MEGA article – 25 of my BEST tips relating to developing an effective weight loss .

1 – Fat Loss is all about pushing yourself with your workouts. Gradually make your workouts more and more intense. The moment your training regimen gets too easy, find a way to make it better.

2 – Learn to think outside the box and try different methods of training. Use a sledgehammer, tires, Kettlebells, bands, clubbels, etc. Go to the park and workout with the monkey bars. Do something different.

3 – Speaking of Kettlebells…try them. Or atleast try Kettlebell exercises with dumbbells. I’m talking about clean and presses, snatches, swings, goblet squats, windmills, and floor presses. Break out of the rut!

4 – Stop doing crunches and situps, and start using a stability ball to perform your abdominal workouts. Another good tool to use is the pullup bar. Do hanging knee raises, straight leg raises, and corkscrews.

5 – Keep your workouts short and intense. Time and intensity are inversely related. The longer your workouts, the less intense they will be. Which is why a 12 minute workout is so much more intense then a 21 minute workout!

6 – Another great way to make your workouts harder is to combine dumbbells and bodyweight movements. The combination is great, and allows you to set up exercise pairings for supersets in an easy fashion.

7 – Perform challenge workouts. Remember the 300 workout? That workout was popular because it forced people to rest less because the workout was based on how fast you could complete it.

8 – Try tough movements. If you’re training with just your bodyweight, then move beyond basic pushups and try something harder – like handstand pushups. They key to being successful with is to constantly make your  movements harder.

9 – Stay in shape even when you’re on vacation. You can do a total body movement such as a burpee, and be able to burn off all your holiday calories within a short workout. But make sure this workout is really hard!

10 – Combine with for a fast and effective program. You can even use burpees, and perform them as intervals for when you go on vacation. What a great way to get an in a short period of time!

11 – Another great combination workout is to perform a along with a cardio movement. For example, you can do a set of burpees, pushups, and squat jumps, followed by a run around the block.

12 – Stop making excuses for a lack equipment. There are alternatives to alternatives, you just need to use your brain and figure them out. Now I have a nice home gym, but it didn’t always start out that way.

13 – Wait, this should have been the first tip. I hope you’re doing majority full body workouts. Because if you’re not then you should be. You only need 2-4 movements per workout to train your entire body.

14 – If you’re a complete beginner, then you should start with . Learn to control your own bodyweight before you start lifting weights. In fact, bodyweight training is probably safer for a beginner then trying to lift weights.

15 – Summer is coming up, and it’s time to train outside. Get together with your friends, and start performing some intense workouts. You’ll motivate each other and be able to keep on track with your workouts.

16 – Don’t over do it. Because sometimes I’ve pushed too hard, and have almost blacked out during a workout. In fact, I actually did faint during a workout. That was really scary. Luckily my friends are studying in the medical profession so they knew what to do.

17 – One of the most unique workouts I’ve seen is TacFit Commando. This is bodyweight training taken to a new level. It combines traditional movements with break dancing and yoga to create a new breed of bodyweight movements.

18 – Nutrition is obviously important with your weight loss plan. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting rid of a few bad habits can make a huge impact on your fat loss. Start off by cutting out fast food.

19 – As you learn more and more about nutrition, you wil realise that many things that you thought were healthy for you, aren’t really healthy at all! Your goal should be to move more and more towards a natural eating plan.

20 – I’m not a huge fan of restricted calorie eating plans. In fact, I’m eatin now more then I used to eat when I weighed more (how is that possible). The key is to eat natural and keep your metabolism elevated.

21 – Stay away from the energy drinks. Please! They’re so bad for you. First of all, they’re full of high fructose corn syrup, or some other form of sugar. Next, all that Vitamin B in energy drinks pass right through your body and into the toilet….

22 – Women lose fat slower then men. That’s just the way it works. Sorry. So men, consider yourself lucky. However, women can see abs at a bodyfat of 16%, while men need to get much lower!

23 – Replace all your steady state cardio with intervals, and you’ll burn fat at a faster rate. There are so many different ways to perform interval cardio, that you’ll never be bored! You can do it with jump roping, bodyweight training, kettlebells, etc.

24 – Tabata training is an intense form of interval training almost everyone loves, but hates to do it. The results are incredible, but only for fat loss. You can not, and should not, use to try to put on muscle mass or increase strength!

25 – Burning stubborn fat is the exact same thing as burning fat. Except you need to go a lot harder. So whether it’s about getting rid of man boobs, back fat, love handles, or leg fat, combine interval training with , and a natural diet.

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